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Yang Safia On Friday, October 4, 2013
There are two reasons why I wanted to visit London. Wait...make that three. First off, Shira is there. Second I wanted to see what life would be like in London. I wanted to see whether I could actually live there and see my university of course. Third would be...the shopping.

I feel there are four reasons there but who's counting eh?

Considering that I really wanted to see how life is like here. I skipped most of the tourist attractions and went about with what I wanted to see.

Outside Shira's apartment in Stratford where you can see Westfield, the mall that has EVERYTHING!

My daily haunt. But I can do without the people. 

I had almost a week of exploring London but I had two problems. I was about to become sick and cash was running real low. So the first thing in my to-do list was to catch a play. I spent a whole day at Holborn, just discovering its nooks and crannies. Two days later though, I found out that is where my campus will be! 

This is the high court I think. I'm sure all Law students just go here to um, practice and stuff. God I'm such a bad travel reporter.

Holborn turns out to be a theatre district with playhouses lined the streets wherever you go.

I decided to watch Mamma Mia. It was alright.

The show started at 3 so I had hours to kill. I decided my to make my cafe rounds and this was my first choice. Reason I chose it? The name sounded pretty.

Coffee Review: (First off, I need to let you guys know that I take my mocha without sugar.)
The mocha is bland and I didn't taste the coffee. A style I noticed here is that they put a chocolate bar to melt in the mocha which is interesting but in this case, the chocolate proved to be overpowering the coffee taste. It can almost be hot chocolate rather than what I ordered.

I wandered some more and somehow reached Convent Garden. It was the weekend and I was lucky enough to catch the market! Assuming that the market only happens during the weekends. =_=

This Opera singer is amazing! She gave me goosebumps!

I didn't go in here because a) too many people and b) I just had coffee.

This lady wasn't any good as whatever she was doing but I'm glad that she seemed happy to do what she did.

I've never seen funeral homes before but this one is pretty!

My crayfish sandwich for lunch!

We can't take pictures inside the theatre but I managed to sneak one before the show started.

Fast forward to about 2 days later, I was on my way back from Westfield when I saw some Bollywood (?) film being filmed. It was really funny because this actor down here was acting out a scene with two British "cops". 

I'm pretty sure he's playing some god who entered the human world and got confused. There was a crowd forming around the filming area and that's my conclusion to the whole experience? I sound very unsure in this post. Hish...

The next day, I found myself making a quick stop at Holborn to look for this cafe that I MUST drop by (according to TimeOut) and King's College. 

Salt is actually on the list of recommended cafes in Time Out so I went out on a hunt for it. It was quite difficult to locate due to it being under renovation at the time. 

Time Out actually mentioned which cafes that have the friendlist baristas and true enough, Salt has one of them. The guy above proved to have the passion for coffee and it is actually his lifelong dream to be a professional barista. I found it hard to believe that Australia and NZ offer the best coffees in the world but he went on to say that it is actually true! I didn't realize that I was so spoiled for the past 3 years!

The mocha has a strong taste of dark chocolate. It's not very smooth because the overpowering taste of chocolate kind of sticks to your tongue. I definitely had to wash it down with a glass of water afterwards.

For some this may come off as slightly controversial but I accidentally came upon a free exhibition on Freemasons. I felt like I had nothing to lose and I was kind of intrigued so I went for it.

My excited but slightly creeped out face.

I can't take pictures once I started on the exhibition so that's all I have on Freemasons. =_=

Then I went to check out King's College of London's Strand Campus which happened to be nearby!

The Strand Campus is quite small but right next to it is this place called Somerset House, I think. I'm guessing this is where film festivals take place. 

After spending half the day at Holborn, I hopped on the tube to go Oxford Circus. Aside from satisfying my cravings to shop on Oxford St, I was on a mission to hit up one last cafe. Kaffeine is locate on Great Titchfield St. It was quite confusing to find it because it's quite ways away from the bustling tourist area but I'm glad I finally found it!

I was told that the place is usually packed and it didn't help that I came at lunchtime. Thankfully I got meself a nice place

My lunch: Sautéed Aubergine with goat cheese sandwich! Yummerssssssss! 

Then I hit up Oxford St. Love all the shops but I can't stand the crowds! D:

Urban Outfitters sells the weirdest and quirkiest books. I managed to snap up some cheeky books for the camera! Hehe.

Mothership. *drools*

On my last full day in London, I decided to pay a visit to The Globe Theatre! So, so excited!

It was actually located near London's business district. It was quite...intimidating really. So fancy.


Made my way back to Stratford and paid a last visit to Westfield. Stopped by their Urban Outfitters and peruse over its quirky books again.

Then I went back home and chilled out with Shira. Gotta maximize the quality time spent with this buddy before I leave for Malaysia. Pictures below are taken at Heathrow Airport before I catch my flight back. By the end of this trip, I was left with 50 cents and as a goodbye gift (?), Shira belanja me for some Nero nummies.

That's a wrap! This wraps up my overseas adventure for 2013! Now I'm saving up my trip next year. Where should I go next? I'm thinking Asia. #globetrotter