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Yang Safia On Monday, February 23, 2009
Sometimes I shock myself on how much of an anime buff I can be. Honestly I dont show this side of me very often and usually, the one who can really see my extreme anime-fangirl+nerdiness side is Shira. She's the only one aside from my siblings. I am terribly ashamed of this infatuation.

I'm a fashion buff and I'm into the whole mainstreaming thang but still, I have my nerd side. I loooooooooooooooooooooooove watching anime skits on youtube. They made me laugh so friggin hard. Again, you must get the jokes or most things wont just make any sense to yeh.

What makes the whole skit thang so friggin addictive?

Innuendoes and YAOI!!!!!!

Oh well, this is juz a comingoutofthecloset and totally random post. It's totally uninterestin and im so bored really.

*Goes off to find more skits on youtube*

PS: Commentary on the family day I went to yesterday with pics!! Coming Soon!!!
Yang Safia On Sunday, February 15, 2009

disclaimer: picture not mine!
The thing being big-sized, 5ft 7 and Asian(!), shopping can be really frustrating. Especially if you're on a budget, you just cant simply go in some store and pick a cute top and buy it. More often you might find youself shopping with your sisters but you pick all the cute outfits for your sisters not you. Honey I can tell ya, dream on on wearing that cute skinny shirt that always ended up on your friend/sister's torso. Well, at least thats what happened to me.
Asians being asians, you cant help but be a bit short. No. The right word is petite. Sorry to all petite people out there. I have long legs. It might sound oh-so awesome but if you have huge chunks of fat around it, the situation just gets worse.
That is until I lost a lot of weight last year....
...and gained some this year...
...I discovered designer jeans....with really great prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so great that I dragged my besties to buy the exact same ones and made it into our sisterhood of MICHAEL KORS pants!! YES!! MICHAEL KORS BABY!!!!!
It fits me so well that I practically wear that only with all my tops. Since I lost a significant amount of weight, I cant fit into my old jeans anymore and I still cant fit into my older ones since Im still too fat.
But one pair of jeans is kinda depressing after a long period of time...
But today I found another one at a great price and it's designed by this french designer (who is supposed to be really great bt nvr heard of her) NINA!!!!
I cant help but tear up a bit when I got my hands on it...It matches the length of my legs and the width!!!! Oh so awesome!!! And its not one of those mom pants....I dun care about the whole high-waisted trend thing (look at what happened to Jessica Simpson!!), LOWRISERS ALL THE WAY~!
Thus, to all my kind out there. Never lose hope. Until we can get ourselves overseas, we just have to make do with the oh-so-small sizes that we have here in Malaysia.
Why do Malaysian girls have to be so skinny?
I have a word to describe those kind of girls...

Yang Safia On Saturday, February 14, 2009
Hello world. It's Yang reporting live from her bedroom and must I say it is very HOT today. Well, considering it is Valentines Day today...I guess people are getting hot and heavy today for the occasion. *shrugs*

It's been a long time since I updated. I think. =_=

Anyways, this week was very bad for me and soo much tiring. Work just kept coming and I'm not doing too great in CommTech class. *sigh*

And I feel heavier and heavier by the day (in terms of kg).

Well, I don't want to complain but the weekend is here and I know Im supposed to make that Youtube potential vid with Sha and Shira but dunno tired. =_=
I guess it's hectic oso because I've been running around looking for potential hosts for my Host Club Cafe for this upcoming Sun-U AnimeGaki Festival (idk if I got the name right...) and so far I got the guys I wanted.

People out there, if you want to sponsor me with pastries or stuff that ppl drink at cafes pls drop a comment with your email. Maybe we could work out something from there. Cant really rely on the sponsor team for this anime fest. (T_T)

I dont really have anything to say or complain about since telling them over again is soooo tiring (note how much I've said tired ordy)!

But I do have some pics I took for my photography assignments and I AM VERY SAD IT IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR I HATE YOU~!

Personally I think these pics are fab so if you dun think so...STFU.

The people (+ animal) in these pics are just about the ones that play huge roles in my life. Sometimes I can just sit back and look at these pics and realized that I'm so blessed that I'm surrounded by these phenomenal people (even if they tend to annoy the hell out of me sometimes).

SO my week sucked. But I know it wont suck forever. Maybe you're just like had a rough week. Why not put a smile and lay back. It's the weekend!!!!