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Yang Safia On Monday, August 27, 2012
I've always passed by this shop so many times (on so many nights) and it's always closed. That's because I tend to miss its operating hours. It's a bit outside of my usual "prowling" area but every single time I pass by, I can't help but be intrigued. And by intrigued I mean by gushing over how cool the shop looked to my friends. And make funny faces in front of the windows as I try to peek of what's inside. So one day I woke up early just to visit this shop!

I fell in love immediately! I took these pictures on my second visit after I talked to the owner and he let me review his shop!

Heaven!!!! Walls of books! 

One thing I start to notice with these second-hand bookshops is that they have such unique sections for their books. Like this Military section below.

As much as I love Scribes for its craziness and clutter, Galaxy Books really sets itself apart from its counterparts. The shop is super organized and clean. The books are in AMAZING condition. For the same price as the books in Scribes, you can get better quality books. And that's saying a lot because these second-hand books are cheap. I really give props to the owner for being so meticulous in choosing the books. To a certain extent, it is like his private library only that we get to buy his books. 

I only discovered this on my second visit but this shop has a back room filled with antiques and more books! It looked really creepy at first but my goodness, imagine the treasures you might find!! And did I mention more books??!! So really when you decide to pop in for a visit, find a small door in between the shelves and go right in! It's like you're transported to a different world. I felt like I'm on set in one of those rustic scenes in Studio Ghibli movies.

Beautiful leather bound edition of famous Russian authors. I would kill to have these in my library!

This painting (?) is so haunting...that I couldn't stop staring at it.

This beautiful (I'm guessing first edition) hardback Vanity Fair is in amazing condition. It's only $7...that's around RM 17.50! O_O   In Malaysia, this kind of edition would set you back at least RM80!

This is William Brosnan, owner of Galaxy Books. A really friendly guy and we chatted a bit every time I dropped by. He told me about his amazing travels when he was younger. He was born and raised in Dunedin but during his younger days, he went and travelled the world. He once stopped by Malaysia back in the 70s and lived there for a couple weeks before continuing his way to Europe. He did odd jobs in between his adventures and one time, he worked as a gravedigger. Just so he could get extra funds. How cool is that?! His stories were so foreign to me, especially coming from Malaysia--with a Malaysian mindset. It was so bizarre and eye-opening at the same time. This goes to show that there is never the RIGHT/NORMAL way of doing things. What's normal for me is to graduate, find a job and make lots of money. But to Will, it's to see the world and collect as many books as possible. Yeah, that's what he did. He started this shop with a collection of his books that he accumulated throughout his travels.

How amazing is that?

I still remember what he told me, "I'm like a fish out of water if I don't have books. Reading books is so natural to me." 

Fact: Galaxy Books is turning thirty this year!

Yang Safia On Saturday, August 25, 2012
I tried something new for this video. I don't have the best equipment and I know I sounded like I was spitting into the mic as I narrate the video so...bear with me!! I rushed home just to make this video and just so you know, this content is fresh! It literally happened a few hours ago! :D

Some pictures from this morning:

Yang Safia On Thursday, August 23, 2012
If you read my Wondermilk review, I mentioned that the cafe reminds me of a cafe in NZ. Well this is it. Modaks is a scruffy local hangout that oozes creative energy through and through. It's really famous among the locals here that it's really difficult to find a seat. You can just sit there for hours thanks to the relaxed and informal atmosphere.

The minute you enter the cafe, this is what you see. The cafe is small but filled with wonderful gems.

Art for sale. Modaks' walls are covered with art by local artists.

Hawa and I lined up to make our order.

Modaks is filled with quirky gems and that's what I love about this place. The food is nothing great (they make really nice cinnamon pinwheels though) but the whole ambiance makes up for it. Also this is a great place to just read, chill and people watch. Because I'm telling you, you get to see all sorts of characters here. Hipsters are the main demographic for Modaks. :P

Given its informal nature, some customers might find that Modaks is awfully cluttered. I personally like this kind of clutter (because I live in one) because it really fits with the overall theme of the place.

It was really cool that I got to bring the girls to Modaks. I'm pretty sure they had fun! :) I LOVE MODAKS!