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Yang Safia On Sunday, April 20, 2014
I expected this. Once my Fellowship starts, it is going to be such a crazy ride that I will not have time to keep up with this blog. But I try. And that's what matters. You see I don't have time to write much and tell you every single thing that had happened over the past what(?) 3 months so this is going to be a life update through pictures.

My boys excited as we gave our classroom a new look!

Newly revamped 4H. It was a tough job in maintaining this class in this condition when vandalism is an all time high in my school.

Cikgu must always think on her feet: That one time when a kid lost the class key and the classroom was locked. I asked the kids who managed to get into the classroom by questionable means to come out and follow me to the canteen for an impromptu class.

Lack of Attention: A high school senior pulled a tantrum when I refused him from going to the toilet. It was obvious that he wanted to skip class.

Sunday lunch with Sara and my Orang Kampung in Subang Jaya

 Shira helped me staple the English test papers as I prepared for the March test

Invigilated my first exam

 One of the main reasons why I'm so busy...TFM Fellows have to attend our Postgraduate Diploma in Education on weekends at UUMKL. The picture above basically captures the essence of my life.

I received a wonderful surprise when a student of mine stopped me in the hallway and told me why he skipped my English classes. This was on the last day of school before school closed for semester break.

Literally the next day, I found myself on the road with my collabs (Fellows placed in the same school as me. I love them!) for a 10-hour car ride to Sintok, Kedah. We had to attend our PGDE classes at the UUM campus for a week. This picture was taken when we had rojak in Penang.

Back to being students. A lecture selfie with my group mates. We called ourselves, "Yang & the Oxfords". 

One of the highlights of our Sintok trip was definitely going to Zarul's wedding after our lectures. Zarul is a Fellow who got married during PGDE. He literally had to go back to class the next day of his wedding.

 My 4H, excited for TFM Week.

You know your school is hardcore when there were this many of kids got called for discipline warning.

These pictures below are of my TFM Week experience:

Picture with two of my girls after we wrapped up our English class for TFM Week!

 SMKTIS's Alumni x Fellows

 I don't know why the unnecessary nerves but I had them when I had to give a speech at TFM Week Closing Dinner.

And the most recent picture from yesterday...

At the TFM Leadership Seminar, the whole cohort pakat to wear kain pelikat and batik! Here's a candid shot of some Fellows with their sarongs.