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Yang Safia On Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Over the course of one week, a big change will envelope my family. For me, it's finally my time to leave the bird's nest, as they say, and fly on my own. For my family, they are going to accept the fact that the clan is now down to five. But it's going to be major for my parents this year because they have to see two children leave the nest this year. I really do think I can make it this time (since that UIA episode is never going to happen ever again!) and I think I'm ready now. The picture above carries a meaning of how my parents had been there for me all this while (thus explaining the nicely tied laces) but as you can see on the left shoe, the lace is untied. This carries the meaning of how it is up to me now to tie it thus, taking the responsibility of my life and actions from now on. I've grown up. It's my time.

And so, I will now start a new chapter in my life.

Yang Safia On Monday, January 25, 2010
I found this bracelet when I was packing my accessories and it reminded me of Ayesha. Back in college, she used to susun the beads into their original line because she's anal that way. LOL

It's been awhile since I've talked to her and I terribly miss her. I mean she's the only person who accepted me with all of my weirdness that many Sunway ppl just dont understand. What funny was that she gets me. Like she knows every single of facial expression that I make. Like, she knows my kind but i-hate-u face. I need Ayesha! I need her to read my facial expressions, listen to my mom jokes and susun these beads into line.

Currently listening to: SHINee :)
Yang Safia On Sunday, January 24, 2010
There's 3 things I'm sure that will not be at my wedding. Call me untraditional but that's what I'm aiming for anyway.

1) No flower girls but instead, bridesmaids.
2) Tacky wedding music. Like those "selamat...pengantin baaaaaaaaruuuuuu...!"
3) Kompang

Instead of kompang, I've decided a new and fun way I'm going to enter the wedding hall.

If you've been hanging out with me, you should know what I'm talking about months ago.

PS: I don't care if my parents faint out of embarrassment or my grandmother (bless her soul) cry and disown me as her granddaughter. It's my day after all. :p

I've already decided the people who are going to do this with me, aside from the groom la.

a) My sisters and brother. (Already told Adam that if the time I got married he has a gf, then the gf will be his partner, if not dance with Aya. Immediately he agreed.)
b) Sara, Shaza and Shira. Possibly with their bfs if not with the groom's guy friends.
c) My cousins, Natasha and Ryan
d) The groom's best friends and his siblings.

I should really stop talking about weddings, that's totally sending out the wrong message about me. Can't help it though when your mum starts giving opinions on what I should have my wedding like. God, everything changes when you turn 20. *smiles* And I'm not even twenty...yet.
Yang Safia On

Got no work what do u do? CAMWHORE lah!

Since I'm such a noob when it comes to taking care of my hair, the actual hairstyle that my hairdresser did for me is long lost so this what happened!

Abah calls it the New Zealand hair and I call it, my G-dragon hair~! Coz I brought his picture and I showed it to the hairdresser so it was modeled after his hair. Sadly due to my curly texture, we had to alter a bit the hairstyle so it suits me.
Yang Safia On Thursday, January 21, 2010
**Picture not mine, it's Kosmo's** :)

If you've read Kosmo today. you must've come across this picture. I just can't believe the NERVE of some people! I mean, I was rendered speechless by the sheer stupidity of this one pathetic excuse of a daughter to treat her poor mother like that!

So if you haven't read the papers today, this is the lowdown:

This one mother who lives alone in a kampung in Sarawak borrowed money from people around her just so she could see her daughter of which she hasn't seen for three years. She bought the ticket and flew to KL in hopes to find her daughter. Her only clue...Serdang. Her daughter herself told her that she and her husband live in Serdang.

Seriously, does this "animal" expect her old mother to find where she lives in FRIGGIN SERDANG?! I know you're so pissed at her for some odd reason that you want to marry some factory worker and it maybe in the past, if she wanted reconciliation; just forgive her la. Because at the end of the day, she's your mum.

What I've read in the article was that three years ago, this old woman actually went down to Serdang again to find her daughter but to no avail. It was now that she got the help of the police force in Serdang(?) [have to check on that one] that she finally finds out where her daughter lives. After this hard work, you at least expect some sort of emotional reunion or something but noooooooooo, far from that. This "animal" and her bitch of a husband denied from ever knowing her despite the old woman's pleas. She even showed them her daughter's birth certificate and this couple accused her of many things. That really pisses me off.

Then she got screamed and "caci-ed" at and with nowhere to go, she ended sleeping at the police station. Poor poor lady. My heart really goes out to her. To make matters worse, she lives alone back in her kampung and I'm pretty sure with no financial support.

What makes me mad more than dumping babies and discrimination is children who who don't appreciate their parents.

I'm not a perfect child myself and I do get you, parents can sometimes be a pain. Especially if you're married and you're torn between your wife and your mother. I know, sucks to be you if you're a man but you need to have a clear head. I'm not saying I'm like the best person ever to give this advice but running away from the problem is not the way to settle it. Sure, having to take care of your old parents put a cramp in your lifestyle or whatever but you have to think this, as stressful your life gets nothing beats the pain of childbirth. (You think so easy is it for your mother to give birth to you?!) Think it this way, have you ever thought that you put a cramp in your parents' life back in the day. Truth hurts but you sure do! There are times when your mother wants to go out and have a fun day with her gfs but she ended taking care of you, with your diapers and snot. At the end, she did it and why can't you?

I seriously hate children who changed after they get married. Like attitude-wise and they ended up treating their parents like shit. It goes to show that adults are stupid also (am I an adult? =_=) so listen well children...we're better!

So if you still have you're parents, give them a hug, If you don't, pray for them.

PS: if you feel like you're treating your mum like shit, remember this...susah oo nk mati nanti. balasan kat akhirat lagi takut! Sesungguhnya syurga itu dibawah tapak kaki ibu... :)

PSS: You know what I'm passionate about right now? The Allah Issue. But I shall keep my opinions away from this blog to avoid any sort of conflicts unless you want to know my opinion la. So email me! I will try to keep from writing any political shit coz that's just dirty.
Yang Safia On

I shit you not. This is actually a TV series in the Philippines. They make their own version of Twilight. I'm guessing Takipsilim is Twilight in Tagalog.

And that guy is supposed to be Edward Cullen. =_=

WTF indeed.
Yang Safia On Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm stuck. I'm at the last chapter of Mission Idol and I don't know how to end the story. I am seriously behind my update goal at and I don't want to lose any readers. The first week after I post up the second last chapter, I was relatively in a positive mindset. How hard could it be? The endings are usually the easiest ones. Boy was I wrong!

It's been almost three weeks now and I'm still at point zero. Okay, I DID write something but I scrapped it because well, it doesn't have a good feel to it you know? Right now, I'm seriously doubting on getting MI published because I'm not confident with it. Well I AM but you know, it's not perfect. And it's awfully cliche in my opinion and I think I'm worth so much more. But the main thing right now is to get my name out. And I need to publish it. It's sooo hard because the scope for this kind of genre in Malaysia is very limited and so far, I've got rejected by two publishers. One said my work is juvenile (what do you expect it's a teen novel!) and one wanted me to write in Malay.

Ahhh fuck.

But I HAVE TO DO IT! Just like my boy Nickhun said, "Don't think too much. Just do it!"

SO yesterday I went to do errands with my mum. I woke up around 9AM, got kicked out of bed (exaggeration right here :p) and been driving the whole day. The only time I get to sit on my bum was around 9PM...? Yeah, around that time. Ughhh....I'm so tired. In a way I can't wait to get out of the house and just live my life but at the same time, I just want to savour the time I have left with my family.

And besides, I'm deathly scared of what's going to come in the next three weeks. I'm finally going to be on my two feet, away from home, away from any sort of safe net that my parents have set up for me and finally, away from my comfort zone.

Okay, I'm getting a bit way off the topic so what happen was I went to Tesco with my mum to pay the bills and la di da we got a bit strayed and ended up buying this CUTE japanese cotton that I just sent to the tailor's today to have her make a baju kurung for me.

I have this one scarf that I've been eyeing the whole time but didn't actually do anything to buy it so...not really regretting it tho. I mean, I'm not even the best hijab-wearing person out there although I like to be one so why would I need more scarves ait?

Getting back to the main point of the story, I went to the toilet before we were going to leave and pick up Adam when I saw my mom got a bit caught up with this custom jewelery store. Went up to her and sat on my bum watching her try gazillions of rings and bracelets and what a girl to do but try some for herself la. Which I did at the end and I ended up with a ring that now I think looks like an engagement/wedding ring. See below:

It's not even real gold peeps but when the first time I put it on my finger, it looked really really nice. As in so nice that people around me just stopped to say that it looked nice on me. And my mum actually bought it for me. I wont tell the price here lah but I could've bought 4 of the scarves that I wanted with that amount of money.

Cheap la.

A LOT cheaper than the ring I bought in an antique shop in Melacca. Ahhh my vintage turquoise ring that burned my in my right mind that I lost you?! I know it's in my room but at the current state of it, it's practically impossible for me to find it right now. (;__;)

Btw, now the ring looked so much like a wedding ring that I'm embarrassed to even wear in public. I actually saw a lady who looked at my face and back to my ring finger incredulously in section two. She must've thought I got knocked up or something to actually get married at such a young age. Then again, I prolly look old enough to get married so the only reason she gave me that look was why a young person like me could land an amazing ring on my finger in the first place when she only has that miserable looking ring on hers. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!

PS: FINISHED READING CATCHING FIRE AT 4PM TODAY!! I CANT WAIT FOR BOOK THREE! TEAM PEETA ALL THE WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY~! My favourite character right now is Haymitch and Cinna. Lovely Cinna. *melts into a puddle of goo*
Yang Safia On Sunday, January 17, 2010
Three days ago, which is on January 15th (Adam's Birthday) marked my one month countdown to leave for New Zealand. I tried hard not to be bothered by it but it seemed people around me can't help but point this out. At the same time, I was very emotional and I got into a fight(?) with Shaza. I guess we were all too stressed with what's happening around us; Sara's birthday party, classes, packing, errands, sick mothers and cancelled plans.

I for one was never a fan of last minute cancellations and I am blessed with best friends who are very prone to this, much to my dissatisfaction. But at the end, these girls are practically my sisters and I still love them but I have to admit I did say some hurtful and impetuous words on that day. I won't say it's entirely my fault because it's not but I do feel bad for not being understanding enough on that day.

But luckily our "feud" ended the next morning when I met up with her for the dance practice. I seriously do not want to cover our performance last night because it's crap. I've never been so emmbarassed in my life but it's alright. The real purpose is to have fun anyways. And I learned how to poco poco that night. Not a fan though.

The day of the party was very tiring for us four. Because I got there at Blue Wave around 10AM and then helped around for the decorations for the party. Shira finally showed up around 12PM because she had to wait on here mother who is at the hospital right now, getting her appendix removed. Then we practiced the dance until three and mind you, we havent ate a thang since morning so when we almost died out of hunger, we stopped by at Hartini's and ate our lunch there. Then Shaza, Shira and I rushed to Subang Parade to find Shira's dress for the night. By this time, it's almost four and we have to be there at 8PM and usually it takes us two hours to get ready for parties like this so we HAVE to be back at our homes by 6PM.

Imagine trying to find a dress that is reasonable and chic at the same time. The truth behind the story was that Shira thought she fits into this dress she owned only to find out a day earlier that her arms wont get through the sleeves. She's been hyperventilating over the fact that she's fat but we all KNOW she's not. That's what Sha and I been trying to tell her. The girl is petite, and very well proportionate. We ran around in Parksons and then moved to Blook where we tried a bunch of dresses (including Shaza and I LOL) and finally resorted to W3. Luckily Shaza found this really chic mini tube dress that fits Shira FABULOUSLY with very understated details. Veeeerrrrrry nice. I could only dream wearing a dress like that. Not with figure NO!

Then we ran off to FOS to look for something Shira could cover herself with and I suggested this nice gold shimmery cardigan but I guess it doesnt match well with the dress at the end. It's almost 6PM and we only just found the dress. I suggested why not we go back to Shaza's house and rummage through her closet (coz the girl has two huge closets full of clothes&accessories) and it's our last bet. We thought for awhile and considered this last option.

"This is our last bet. If we decide to go back to Shah Alam, it's prolly too late to go out already." Shaza said.

So we decided to do an ALL-IN and went off to find leggings/stockings for Shira. Went to Shins and they have this black stockings from Japan and supposedly burn your calories as you wear them and it costs like RM60. Yeah, we had a WTF moment just then. Then I asked whether they know any other place that sells leggings/stockings and they said Guardian. So we went there and found the ones we wanted at the price of a mere RM4. Can you believe the difference? It's practically the same thing with different packaging but wth man...anyways we ran to my car and Shaza drove us back to Shah Alam.

I never run so much in my life and as I'm writing this post, my feet still hurts.

Back at Shaza's place, the house was full with relatives who decided to get ready at her house. The rummage through her closet only took us like 15 minutes and we all found what we needed. I borrowed like 3 belts from her and a pair of leggings and Shira borrowed a shawl. Then with a speed of light! (chewaaaahhh...) I drove back to her house to take her boots (at the party we realized to take Sara's Bday present with us >_<) and I helped her hang some laundry and then we drove to my house. My family was in a daze-like state when they saw us running up the stairs and get ready and get down and go out just like that. Now I kesian my mother because when I got back that night around 11PM-ish I realized that she fried some keropok lekor and made Shira's fav teh susu. I feel really bad bout that coz I was rushing and I didnt even let Shira makan. (=__=)

We got to Sara's party around 8PM and basically I had fun. Lotsa laughs here and there.

So what I have to do right now is find a freaking rice cooker that is small and cute enough to fit in my bag coz well...I need mah rice you know and just so you know, I'm very emo for the fact that Super Junior is coming to Malaysia for their 2nd Asia Tour on March 20th and I'm not in FREAKING MALAYSIA!!! *cries* It's not fair!!!!!!!! Aya said it only means that I mmg xde jodoh with Hankyung but I digress, this is only an obstacle for me and Hankyung!!!!! It's one of those love obstacles that lovers usually have to go through before they actually get their happy ending. Now I just pray that they suddenly cancel their concert made a detour to New Zealand in stead. Hehe.

FYI: Sorry for the non sequtor.

*Rings I bought that only costs me RM10. I'm very happy~! :)

I really need to stop spending. *slaps self*

Oh well, I'm looking forward to my new life of being financially stable from now New Zealand! Let us all pray on that okay?

Till then, Ciao!
Yang Safia On Saturday, January 16, 2010


Am devouring it right now. >__<
Yang Safia On Saturday, January 9, 2010
Ouh! I can just feel my eyes roll up into the back of my head. I am so busy doing everything. And mind you, most of the stuff that I have to do is not even related to me. Well the people are but well, you get the point.

And I still haven't packed my bag.

First off, I'm busy preparing for the performance I'm about to do at Sara's birthday party at Blue Wave Hotel this coming saturday. Yesterday, I woke up quite early for a Saturday and immediately get ready to send Adam to his fencing class and straight away go to Subang Parade ( I've decided to stay away from big malls. I'm so tired of walking. I mean, what can you expect? I'm a bum.) to do my birthday shopping with Shira. (GOD BLESS SHIRA!) I had to buy Adam's and Sara's bday prezzies while Shira had to buy for her dad and Rizq's. SO we went from MPH to W3 then to FOS then to Blook, Dorothy Perkins, that Technology place and lastly Toys R Us.

I still remember the days when my parents would bring us to Toys R Us. Now the shop in Subang Parade is very small compared to last time's. And Idk, the toys are not as exciting as back then. So technology advanced and leaves very little to the imagination. Somehow I don't think it's very good for the kids' mind developement.

Uh, what the hell am I talking about? =_=

Anyways, it's about 2pm -ish and poor Shira hasn't eaten a thing since morning so I said, why not come to my house and I'll cook for you coz we were both broke at this point. And we did only to find out that we're out of food at home. Mama thought that we ordy ate so she only bought for the rest of the sibs and before we could both die from starvation(10 points for hyperbole) she gave us money and suggested we both eat out.


We ate at Only Mee at SACC (fav hangout for us) and then went to MPH for a mo to find out whether they have Catching Fire but alas, they dont. But I found the last book for the Charlie Bone series that my sisters been obsessing about since forever and I bought la for them, coz IDK...I'm such a good sister la! LOL

Then after surprising them both, we waited for Shaza to come and when she did, we got to work immediately. Dances to BEG's Abracadabra then to SuJu's Sorry Sorry and lastly MBLAQ's Oh Yeah! Danced for about 4 hours and said my goodbyes to the gals and that night, I'm off to mesh up the songs together only when my 'rents announced that we're going to have my doa selamat on the 30th.

Then off I go calling my friends and forced them to come and confirm their attendance on the spot becoz of the catering thing la. COME IF YOU WANT TO EAT NASI ARAB WITH LAMB!!

Yep, I can just hear you guys salivate. :p

Then dat night, I skyped with Sha to talk about our plans for almost everything before I leave. And so, here's the stuff that I'm pretty sure I have to get it done in this week.

a) Send GD to the vet since his annual checkup is loooong overdue.
b)Go survey some laptops for Aya
c)Sign Aya up for English classes (I should've gone some coz I can feel my english gets sooo crappy this past 6months)
d)Settle the bank matters with ANZ
e)Find more connections in NZ
i)write the last chapter of Mission Idol.
j)write a proposal letter to MPH

BTW! Want to see the book cover I created for MI? For fun only, not even sure if it's going to get published. Teehee.

*Front Cover*

*Back Cover*

The concept is that it's like a poster of your fav idol and the doodling is just you planning on how to get to him and the hearts is obvious la, to show that you're fangirling. I really do believe girls ranging from the age of 13 to 19 can relate to this story. It's fun, simple and light!

Note: If you're wondering who the hell is Kenzo, that's uh me. This cover is actually made for my online readers but i'm not sure if I want to post it up there...

Yang Safia On Thursday, January 7, 2010

DAMN IT'S GOOD! And that means a lot coming from me because this book is really waaaaay out of my usual genre. I regretted the fact that it took me a long time to pick up this book despite knowing about it a long time ago. Okay, actually I've been waiting for the book to come to Malaysia and when it did, I had this "blargh" moment and then appeared the second book (and I think the third is coming out) when I decided to give a shot.

I mean, this book got rave reviews from critics and it even got forewords by amazing authors like Stephen King. I mean come on, you just published your first novel and a literary figure happens to love your work....THAT IS BIG. (Okay, actually it's not her first novel. I just checked. But screw it, S. King loves your work! That is the fo shizzle man!)

Now I know why all these people like Stephenie Meyer and Rick Riordan said how this book kept them all night because you HAVE to know what happens next and it did! It kept me all night reading it. And now I HAVE to get the second book. And that means blowing another RM50. *sighs*

I need to know what happened to Katniss now the Capitol wants to take her down. And what will happen to her relationship with Peeta? The boy with the bread. And Gale! Hot Gale!

I love Katniss. Despite her lack of emotional quotient, you can't help but not hate her because she's a survivor. And I just admire her. Because, if it was me; I can't even last a minute in the Hunger Games. Maybe because it's not my usual genre (or maybe because Suzanne Collins is one HECK of a writer), the story is quite unpredictable for me. And I just read an article that the movie is coming out in 2011!! OOOOOOOOOOOOH~! I'm so watching it.

SO if you love drama, action, suspense, politics and romance, you HAVE to read The Hunger Games.

Screw Twilight man, The Hunger Game is IT.

PS: My sister is reading Percy Jackson right now and it's taking her forever lah. The Hunger Games is thicker than the first book of PJ and I ordy finished it. Prolly, I'll just watch the movie rather than read the book. I mean, the guy who played PJ is H.O.T!