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Yang Safia On Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Actually we had this party late last year before Syera went to the States and Hawa decided to throw a surprise party for Syera. It took us 2days with cooking and shopping for groceries and etc but it was fun tho it was a bit akward at first coz Syera was sort of dissapointed that she's not goin to the Curve after all.
Story was that I ajak Syera to go to the Curve for window shopping konon wanted to spend quality time with her b4 she goes to US. Btw, Syera is under this student exchange program and is currently in US till July. She was excited coz she wanted to buy this cute coat at Naf Naf and I knew she's going to be dissapointed lar when Sara stopped at Hawa's house. Her face was all WTF-ing when we surprised her...yep, it was priceless.

From left: Sara, Hema, Hawa, Me and Shaza
Yep, these are the Gfs who planned Syera's suprise party and this was taken after we surprised her. We sort of ugut her to bwk our pics to US and show em to all the guys there but dunno la how right now; prolly forgot everything. (=_=) Oh ya, if ur thinkin why la Sara and Shaza look the same is becoz they're sisters only Shaza is a year younger than all of us. Ironically, Sara is the oldest among us all. Huhu.

This is the Secret Recipe cake yg di-sponsor by Mama&Abah

Oh ya, note that Secret Recipe mispelled Syera's name which according to her is the only low point of the day. But it's still good~

All of us with the food cooked by us.

Actually if you haven't noticed my friends and I are fat so all of us who are food-lovers decided to go all green and healthy. So this party we actually had three kinds of salad but at the end of the day...the cake and the pasta yg habis jugak. Hmn...what does that tell you? SO, it is crucial la for them to take this pic with my face half konon-nya halfkan my weight or maybe it's just Syera's lack of talent in taking pics. :P Let us ponder for a moment...see Sara's face? Yeah, she's always camera ready much to Syera's annoyance. Poyo jek.

This is the only decoration that we managed to do since all of uswere lacking of creativity and money that day.

Yeah, Hawa mispelled Surprise thanks to me. I'm so used to auto-spellcheck that I can barely spell now. So much for being a lit student. But how come Hawa doesn't know how to spell since she's like the smartest person in SSAAS? Hmn, maybe becoz dah habis SPM...

Syera with SC cake, Tesco marble cake and trifle made by yours truly.

Overall, the party went well and we spend the rest of the day doing girly stuff la. Like dressup, gossip and our very own Confessions of the Singles minus Hema and Syera. Hema has an awesome BF named Bobby (real name: Kana) who to me most likely to get married minus all the Hindustan drama going on *ish jealous*. Syera has an american BF who was waiting for her to come there to the States. Now from what I heard from her, they are happily together. *ish jealous oso* Not that I'm desperate for a Bf, I know Hawa is (kiddin!), because I'm not that kind hmn...*coughs*

Syera excited over the bottle of Sparkling juice bought by us. PS: Easily available at all Tesco outlets.

Lastly before some of us went back home except me who was staying over for the night at Hawa's, we had a round of toasts and Hema's was the most interesting...

Hema: And oh Syera, come home a virgin please?

We cracked up after that because we're that stoopid. LOL


Yang Safia On Monday, April 21, 2008
Chapter 1

By: Sophie Simmons
Summersent High is a great school not because of its academic achievements or the school’s football team (even though they had won three times in a row in states championships) but because of its students. It is to be said that fifty-five percent of the most beautiful people in the country go to this school. Believe me not only that these people are beautiful; they are also perfect. Based on my year long research, these beautiful people are guaranteed to achieve greatness at a young age compared to us: the normies. Jobs that would fit these beautiful people vary from being a CEO of a major company to a world-class superstar (e.g. Brad Pitt). However this is about to change in Summersent High because a recent poll had been done (thanks to People magazine) and the results shows that,
In dating, women these days prefer:
Hotties – 20
Nerds – 80

Summersent High Official School Paper

“Clearly, this is unacceptable. I can’t believe how we can ever lose to those guys! I mean, what about my reputation!? How can they ever believe this crap?” A guy with black hair with professionally done dark purple highlights threw the school paper on the table, his hand shaking out of anger.
“Calm down, there must be some mistake. Maybe the person who wrote this article got it wrong, we never know. I suggest we remain calm and—”
“Do nothing? Funny, I thought the person who calls us here know the way to fix this little problem.” A deep voice drawled somewhere in the small deserted classroom but apparently only the guys in the room can see the owner of this voice. I, as merely an observer at this current moment can only see that there are four people in the classroom, sitting around the table and counting the voice adds up to a total of five people. Of course, these people are oblivious to my presence at the moment because I am very much well-hidden. Thanks to my awesome hiding skills. The reason I am here is purely based on my need of uncovering the truth and—
“Listen, it’s not like I don’t have a plan. I just figured out that maybe we could talk to this person who wrote this article and have her tell us the reason why she brought up this issue.” One of the guys said. “How’d you convince her to do that?” asked another guy whom I recognized the voice of the school’s quarterback, Josh Wilby.
“No doubt using his awesome flirting skills…” The guy with purple highlights grinned. That. So call me a loser. I just walked into a death trap due to my weakness over a hot guy who rubs my arm when he asked me to come to this thing after school. Well luckily I didn’t barge in like I was supposed to when my reporter instincts kicked in. And fortunately for me, I have ample time to make my escape-…
“Well, well…what do we have here?” A voice behind me chuckled and I felt two strong arms wrapped around my waist and I found myself lifted off from the ground. “Yo King! I think this is da bitch you’ve been talkin’ bout!” I was about to scream when I realized that I have entered hottie heaven. This of course knocked the breath out of me and I just let the guy who carried me dumped me on the table where I was left trapped.
Now that I am in the room, I can clearly see the faces of the guys because the people in the room are practically the leaders of the beautiful people in Summersent High. First off is of course the school quarterback, Josh who is squinting at me (I think it was supposed to be a glare. So maybe the rumor about him being a sissy is true?). Second, the guy with dark purple highlights is Vincent Pryce; known to be the youngest male model ever to be recruited as Calvin Klein underwear model and a natural heartbreaker. There’s a rumor that he once dated fourteen girls at once. The guy who carried me in just now is Michael Adams and his dream is to be a rapper. Standing at 5ft 10, he is the shortest among the guys but he has the most amazing grey eyes I’ve ever seen. Someone once told me that his family is close friends with Jay-Z and Jay-Z will produce his album after he graduates high school.
At the corner of the room, I can see Raphael (I don’t know his last name. No one does.) leaning against the wall and he seems to be the only one not looking at me. He has longish brown hair that he tied in a loose ponytail and his eyes are about the color gold. He wears a black turtleneck, black jeans and his usual black trench coat. Lastly, the main reason I’m here (aside from my highly inquisitive nature) is because of him, Will Kingston—the leader of this so-called group. He looks a bit like Raphael. Both have beautiful faces that can only be said as God’s best creation only that Will’s is different because his face radiates familiarity and warmth whereas Raphael’s is cold and mysterious. His hair is the same color brown only shorter than Raphael’s and I think he is going for the out-of-bed look since his hair is messy and all over the place. But of course, it is messy in a good way.
“Why are you smiling like that?” Will asked, giving me a weird look and quickly I focus back to the situation I’m in. “She probably thinking how to get you to sleep with her…” Vince whispered to Will and both chuckled.
“Well, I can’t blame her. I am a Kingston.” He said and anger and I think shame filled every vein in my body. I was wrong. His face does not radiate warmth and familiarity. He’s just a stuck-up bastard who knows how to make his face radiates warmth and familiarity. I know I’m not making much sense but they’re making me so angry. “You lied to me! I thought…I thought—” I’m starting to choke up my words because their presence is just too overwhelming. Tears started to fall down my cheeks and with a shaking hand, I wiped them off. “Thought what? That he asked you here to make hot sweet love to you?” Vince said, his words drip with heavy sarcasm. The rest of the guys laughed except Raphael because he was busy looking out of the window.
“Why don’t you stop trying to make her cry and just ask her why she wrote that fucked up article?” Raphael murmured but everyone in the room clearly heard what he said.
Everyone quieted down and their faces turned serious. Will cleared his throat and set his dark blue eyes on my green ones. “Sophie, why did you do it?”
Note: Now that I posted it's kinda short aint it? Oh well, I have the chapter 2 here with me but tell me first what you think of the first chapter! Sorry, this is pretty much the rough version. Well, the only version I have so bare with me with the typos and etc.
Yang Safia On Sunday, April 20, 2008
Note: I can't say this is my first story I've ever written but I can say that this is the first idea I got right after I finished high school. Like really right after I finished high school-couple of hours later after.

Sypnopsis: According to a poll done by People magazine, it is to be said that girls are more attracted to nerds/geeks nowadays. At Sophie's school, more than half of the students there are considered beautiful aka The Specials. The uglies and the norms are the minority and there had been some injustice done in this school (aren't all high schools like that?). It is up to Summersent High's resident reporter; Sophie to stand up for the minority (herself included) agaisnt the Specials. When she posted an article about the poll, all hells break loose and suddenly the Specials are hooking up with the geeks. Enter Will Kingston-King of All Specials and his friends- who found that he just lost half of his groupies to the geeks and not too happy about it. Suddenly Sophie finds her life filled with beautiful boys, matchmaking, crazy plans and more beautiful boys. Could Sophie Simmon be committing the biggest mistake in her life?


Sophie Simmon
Will Kingston
Vincent Pryce
Josh Wilby
Michael Adams

Stats: In progress :)
Yang Safia On Friday, April 18, 2008
Welcome to my 4th attempt of writing a blog! Hopefully this one sticks or better yet; I have readers! I've decided to post my original works here so that the public can read them. I've tried but it's not working so well. Hopefully you'll love my stories. FYI, my works are greatly influenced by great Young Adult authors like Meg Cabot...not that I got my ideas from her books. We (we?) from amateur writer say NO! to plagiarism!!! I hope you random people out there who stumbled upon this lowly blog of mine look forward to my current and future works! BANZAI!