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Yang Safia On Friday, June 27, 2008
Usually we've heard of the last supper but yesterday, I experienced my LAST LUNCH with Sara. I had to admit, we could've spent it better without me rushing over to fetch my sisters from tuitions. ANYWAYS, a big shout out to Sara who is going to Muadzam Shah this morning...(tho I doubt you'll read this) GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST! *hugs you for the 638456782th time*

*Sara & me at Secret Recipe, SACC Mall.

*The Mak Chicks, Shaza and Shira. (Tho they're younger than me, both are going to be 17 this 2008) Tomorrow is going to be your day~! All the best kat UITM Shah Alam (mak aih dkt giler kt umah)!!!! Shaza is going to do her CAT while Shira will be taking Science Actuary course. Susah woo~! If only you guys will be staying in one room...I so can lepak there everyday.

*Sara and Amin, who is like 20 years old this year. Whoa, how time flies man!

*Another pic of Sara eating. All the best in Muadzam Shah!!!! *cries*

I can't believe all of my friends are going tomorrow...I'll be all alone in Shah Alam. Time to move on la nih!!!!!!!!! (>________<)

Yang Safia On Wednesday, June 25, 2008
I went to that picnic I told you about today! It was fun to see everyone and how much they've changed or stayed the same. I'm not in the mood to type much so here are the pics........and might I just add that as far as I'm in love with Shah Alam, I didnt know we have this awesome garden beside the big court. =_______=

*This is me with Anis and Shira (girl with the piggy nose). Shira surprised me when she arrived at the picnic.

Me: WTF! what r u doing here?! arent you supposed to be in Paris?

Shira: SURPRISE!!!!!! I'm in Malaysia since monday la dude!! *hugs*

Yeah, I was pretty shocked. O_O

*The circle is now COMPLETE! In pic: Me, Shaza, Shira and Aniyah.

*Aini and Yang! Ps: Bbye Aini!!! Good luck in Melaka and um, I still owe you $10. Halal je la ek? =3

*Shaza the Brazillian chick wannabe. HOHO!

*Anis my bebeh! Good luck in Kuantan! =3

*Shaza and Yang.

* In loving memories (no, not that kind)...Sara. All the best in Muadzam Shah.

* "Especially for Auntie Sal" she said. =_=

*Good fun. (^___^)

Actually there's tons of us really...practically everyone from the class of 2007 showed up except ones who are away in college lar. To whom it may concern, ALL THE BEST!

Listening to: Sir-Mix-Alot ~ Baby Got Back

Eating: Popcorn

Yang Safia On Monday, June 23, 2008
Goodness gracious great balls of fire! Another post!! I have to admit, with this much time in my hands I'm quite rajin on updating my blog. So far, nothing fun/extraordinary had happened to me but I'm rly looking forward to this picnic we're having this wednesday! I've got it all planned out...from what I'm wearing to what kind of food I'm bringing! Please please don't let it rain on that day!!!

Anywho I'm just going to talk about random stuff in this post like...nails. Hmn, what about em? Lately I am pretty obsessed with nail polish and nail art. I'm not much of a buffer (buffing my nails I mean) but I'm pretty serious about painting my nails with pretty colors and making art! SO far I havent yet mastered any style tho I am trying to make french manicure.

Oho, lookie 128753th attempt at french manicure.

It seemed to be mighty fine to me tho just the other day someone (*cough*Shaza*cough*) commented that the white line should be straight. Pfft, try doing that yourself mister! Tho shaza is not exactly a

So yeah right now I'm thinking of buying dark blue nail polish and black ones. Oh well, better wait when duit masuk then. =_________=

Like ZOMG, I'm a Sunway student now. I have to admit I'm pretty excited to start my college life there tho I'm having the butterflies lately but I guess that's normal. Today I went there to settle some payments and fpr the first time I get to see the students. So far there are a few cute ones but its either they have girlfriends stuck to them or they're gay (idk for sure but they look gay to me). It made me feel a tad bit uneasy coz "what if I dont fit it?" or "what if they hate me?" but Iman and Dayah said the ppl at Sunway are "okay". Why not just say friendly? It will make things a lot easier. The bottomline is...I'm worried. And I have to decide what subject I want to take...crapola. >__>

What else?




Would you want to kiss YOU?

Like when you look into the mirror and you see yourself rite? Have you ever thought of kissing yourself? While some might do this now and then just to admire themselves but seriously, when you make that kiss face (not the exaggerated one. the serious one) and you look at it...have you ever thought that this is the face that your future husband/wife or significant other or spouse going to kiss and you look like THAT and it's ugly (this is what I think of my face lar)!! I mean, it's disgusting!! I mean like, I have like a dust of hair like facial hair above my lips and I hate it so much and I tried getting rid of it (Sha you know what I'm talking about, you have em too) but scared that it will grow worse and it's disgusting. Like what if my future husband (tho I doubt I'm going to marry since I'm going to be some hotshot ambassador in the future) decides to kiss me and he's going to feel the hair above my lips!!! Arghhh!!! Dam you girls who dont have hair above their lips....

I'm not making much sense am I? It's okay...I dont expect you to understand pon. >_<

So would you want to kiss yuu?


Like ZOMG Jamie Lynn Spears finally gave birth to a baby girl! Like she's soo younger than me and she's a mom already. That is sooo weird tho it's pretty much normal over there to get preggers at such a young age. Hell, I cant even imagine ppl my age getting married. If you listened to this morning, one of the headlines today was this news about how this group (about 17 of em) of 16 year old girls (Aya's age!!!! O_O) made a pact to get preggers and the father to the babies of these girls is a 24yr old homeless man. I didnt know getting knocked up is the latest trend...

Man, that homeless guy must think he's one lucky bastard....I mean, he gets to do IT with 17 sixteen year old girls. What's this world coming to? Hopefully by the time I have my own children (tho I doubt I marry) things will be better. I hope. *gulps*

Well goodness gracious great balls of fire (!) I've run out of things to talk about. Hopefully I'll be rajin again and write "When Randomness Strikes Again!" sometime in the future and hopefully I have time and energy to blog when college starts. Oh God, just the word "college" cause my timbers to shake. x____x

Till then, hasta la vista bebeh!
Yang Safia On Saturday, June 21, 2008
It seems that I wont be posting any entries if I don't have pics to upload with it. I mean, why would anyone want to read stuff with no pics? Okay, me maybe but I'm not that much of a writer anyway so it's not like its any good. Anyways, screw what I said just now. Just one of my many rambles...

Yeah, okay. Tiring day, hmn what can I say about it. Well...this whole schazang happened to me yesterday where in the morning I registered myself at Sunway College where I'll be starting my college life there. WOOHOO~! Seriously, if I was sane enough that time I would've take some pics to show how awesome it is there. I mean, hello! Everything I want to have it college are there! For example, clean toilets~!! I was practically beaming while I did my business in the nice clean toilet cubicle.

So after registering myself there, the Yang clan (minus adam, he was away on a camping trip) went to check out Sunway Pyramid and Abah bought me my first leather slingbag (actually it's not real leather coz well, I dont like leather that much but what the heck) with a really cool chic design.

"For college", he said. Hehe, macam la I dont have tons of bags already but since nak bagi. Who am I to refuse? :3

So we killed time there and then we realized that we're late to a wedding we're supposed to attend. Crapola~! >____________<

Fast forward to about 1/2 hour later, the only ones who ended up going were my mom, my sis and me. By the time we got there, we were the only ones there since other guests already left. But at least we get to eat with the important people of the wedding since this is the time they get to eat. Ye la, they were busy entertaining the guests all morning.

*Sry the pic is really crappy. I took this pic from the where I'm sitting. As you can see, not many ppl are around.

Anywho, while we were mingling my mom asked me to park the car somewhere else coz earlier we parked the car kat kawasan tunda so she was worried about the car la. Happy to um, get away I went to park the car. I dont know how to explain this but I ended up in some highway where I'm heading to uh, KL and that was my 1st time ever driving alone and lost. I was so freaked out (not because of driving on a highway but the lost part) and I entered the road where I was going agaisnt the flow and other cars were honking at me but I was like, "Why shud I care? I need to go back hooooooome!". Mind you, I was driving a Naza Ria (one big ass car) and going agaisnt the flow? Bad news.

So somehow I ended up kat SACC and thats the time when I called my mom and told me I was lost and how the hell am I going to get back to the banquet hall (where the wedding is). And at the background, I heard Pn Shima (my ex-art/PE teacher) screaming, "HA! Yang sesat!!!" God, I was so embarassed. Well, not rly. More like scared. >______<>
If you think the story's over, you're wrong coz after the wedding I went to Pn Shima's house for this feast she prepared for her ex-students. So Mama dropped me off at Aini's and we went off to pick up Hawa, Fit and Mira. It was great fun I tell ya. And great food...ah, the food.

*My baby and business partner, Anis. ;p

*Yang mcm tgh pimp la. HOHO!!

*Awe, Dayah and me. Hehe, bdk UM la katekan. Them, not me. >__<

*Aini and Fit. Dah kenyang makan.

*Aini and I. :))

*Wani, Aini and Yang!!! (I look like a clown with my red nose!)

So the ones who attend Pn Shima's food fiesta were Me, Aini, Hawa, Dayah, Anis, Mira, Wani, Fit and Aizira. Many cudn't make it since some are still recuperating from the grueling orientation week or are away vacationing. Aini, Wani, Hawa and I were the lst ones to say goodbye to Pn Shima (around 9.30pm) since we stayed to watch Pn Shima's trip to NYC and Niagara Falls.
Good stuff.
Anyways, that's about it and I need to go back to sleep coz I was still tired from it all. Till then.

Yang Safia On Wednesday, June 18, 2008
I must've been the luckiest girl alive since I'm blessed with awesome friends who threw me a surprise birthday/farewell picnic on the day before I sealed myself within the grounds of UIA. Honestly, I was really caught off guard thanks to Sara's awesome acting skills. I cant believed they pulled that on me after what we planned for SYERA!!!

So the plan went like this...

If you lead a life as a procastinator like me, you'll know that you're going to freak out about practically anything since you haven't packed a thing and yeah, doing last minute stuff. Buy this and that since you're going somewhere the nxt day and afraid that you missed out on things. Anyways, I called Shaza to teman me to go to Tesco since I still dun believe in my driving skills especially the parking part and the plan was set. Then I went to pick up my sibs from school first and had lunch with them. Around 2 pm or so, I got a call from Sara saying she wanted to tag along since she needs to buy some stuff oso to bring to Muadzam Shah. And she said, she's picking me up. I was totally cool with it since Sara is by far the bestest driver among my friends and I get to save on petrol. :p

Fast forward to a cpl of hours later, Sara picked me up and in the car, the conversation went like this...

Me: Mane Sha?
Sara: Dgn aniyah kat tasik.
Me: Wat pe? Katelah depa dating kot.
Sara:'s aniyah actually. Shaza teman dier meet this sarawakian guy she met mase PLKN and aniyah takut jumpe dat guy sensorang so ajak sha teman ler. Weh, r u in a hurry ke? DO you mind klo i ajk aniyah and all of us gi makan?
Me: Dun mind but im in a hurry la. BYK lagi bende nak pack. mkn kt tesco je la ek...fruity ok kan. Ew, asal nak date dgn bdk sarawak?
Sara: Ala, biar la dier...dah airil dpt awek baru but still kan...
Sara: OK, kite tunggu kt sini. Nanti dieorg dtg.
Me: Ok...
Sara: *got a call from Shaza* Asal lak nak kiteorg turun? Just get aniyah to come here la. Yang nak cepat nih!
Me: Eh tu Shaza...awat tersengih-sengih je tuh?
Shaza: Weh, turun la. Teman I cari aniyah jap.

So we went and it was all normal and all when I realized a familiar looking girl tgh duduk termenung tgk tasik. At first I was like, "Kene stood up la tuh" when I realized it was WANI!!!!! And I asked Sara, "Hey, isnt that wani?" I started calling her and suddenly realized that there's tons of food beside her. Long story short, they told me they're doing a surprise party for me and there are some surprising faces that showed up. It was real good fun and most of the time, we were cam-whoring la. And scaring couples who showed up with our cam-whoring ways*Sara was quiet obscene in this pic.

*Aini or was it Wani who managed to capture this pic. As you can see I was cam-whoring with Sara.
*Makan jgn tak makan. :3

*pointless fun!

*Shaza, runner-up of Seventeen Mag's covergirl! Catch her in Seventeen's August Issue!!!

*While waiting for Aini and the tikar. From left: Sara, Me, Wani.

* Cake sponsored by: Shaza.

* Uh, anak sapo la ni...?

* Dun get her wrong, Sara is dieting.

* Shaza and I! >___<>

*Shaza gelak sengal. :p

* I love this pic for some odd reason...

*My fav pic out of the bunch!!

*Dun ask. We were just trespassing some restricted areas... (>___>)

*Bunch of drama queens! (x____x)

There are tons of pics but it's tiring to upload all of them. As you can see...we had tons of fun on that day but apparently, much to my friends disappointment...when I enrolled into UIA, I only managed to stay there for like four days. So now all of these people are out to get me and I have to plan a not-so-surprise party/picnic for them! Any ideas?
Help me.
Btw, bunch of thank-yous to Wani who was our photographer that day.
KIBA DANCE (>^_^)> <(^_^)> <(^_^<) KIBA DANCE!!!
Yang Safia On Friday, June 6, 2008
Whoa, I wrote two posts in one day. I must be really really "healthy".

Oh ya, I'm currently obsessed with this youtube series by a college student from UK. If you've heard of Kingdom Hearts and actually play'll know what I'm about to talk about. This girl, Jen (she's my age) cosplays as Demyx from Organization XII (or as us fans wud like to call it, Orgy 13) and makes a show called Demyx Time. While most of the vids are strictly PG; I might have to put it PG-15 for Malaysia's level or if you're seriously clean and naive about the wonderful world of adults (if you find yourself unable to get most dirty jokes; this series might not be for you).

Crap, I'm a sad puffer fish...I DUN KNOW HOW TO POST A VID ON MY OWN BLOG!!!!! *sighs*

Just go here to watch Demyx and Axel's Quiz Night! Try it yourself! It's fun!!!! BTW, Axel is the guy (actually that person is a girl but she's just cosplaying a guy) with red hair. AXEL IS AWESOME!!!!

Watched the vid? Don't you think they're good actors? *ish amused*

Now watch their THANK YOU TIME here!!! You have to admit they're a fun bunch and sometimes I wonder why do they have so much time on their hands since they're in college. I bet I cant be like THAT in UIA. I bet they don't even have people as crazy like that in UIA! Then again, they're from UK and we're from here so BIG DIFFERENCE there. I had a friend like that...a friend I can go crazy with but...I lost her so...yeah. (=____=)

Just so you know, you might as well be well equipped with what Orgy 13 is about so search it on wiki and you can get to know the characters there. Just keep an open mind when watching the vid and btw, if you come across the word ampallang sometime between episodes 3-5...and dunno what it means. GOOD. KEEP IT THAT WAY. Believe me, you dont want to know that much. FYI, the jokes they made about the chars are totally fictional and it has nothing to with the game at all. Like for example, the characters are all gay...not true at all.

Might as well know how the real characters from the game looks like:

from left to right: xigbar,demyx,luxord,saix,xaldin,xemnas (silver haired tanned guy),axel, marluxia, larxene, lexaeus, zexion and vexen.

Seriously, I don't know why I'm so rajin right now.

Lastly, you've watched at least some videos from Demyx Time and you wonder..."WTF?! why r they kissing when they're both girls?" Hmn, you've guessed it...The demyx and axel (from demyx time) are dating in real life. JEN AND KELLY 4EVER!!! (with them I let it slide...they're entertaining!!!)

So to Jen and Kelly...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! YOU GUYS ROCK MY SOCKS!!! Cant wait for the next episode of Demyx Time!!!

Oh've just witnessed the other side of Yang!!! I'm a GEEK!!! I like anime and mangas and you cant do anything bout it. That doesnt mean I support yaoi and yuri...I just find them funny. *smiles*

Pic of the Demyx Time crew *screams al'a fangirl* :

Yes people, this is what we call cosplay.

Yang Safia On
First of all, a cpl more hours before I turn 18!! Yeap, the big one eight! I can finally drive! Oh wait, I already am. *grins*

Yeah, coupla more days before I head off to barren land; NILAI.

But lets forget bout Nilai for a sec and focus on what just happen just now. Nothing special...just that I ROCK AT PLAYING PING PONG!!! Just now Shaza invited me (more like ajak myself) to play ping pong at her house. For a novice I suck at first but I managed to make Shaza sweat at the end. Yeah, I'm goooooooood. We were supposed to do something special together (Sha, Sara and me) since yknow...I'll be heading to Nilai and Sara to Muadzam Shah soon.

It suck that I didn't get to take pics since I dont want to come off as a cam whore (ehem).

But I did ask a pretty ego-blowing question...

Me: u guys think I'm fluent in English?
Sara: ...
Shaza: Well, in what sense?
Me: Well, you I ok?
Sara: You're alright I long as you dont go all manglish like u usually do.
Shaza: And as long as you dont put words like "stuff" in your essay like you did in Form 3.
Me: Well, I wasnt the one who used "piss off" in her essay!
Shaza: Ok ok...I was caught up at that moment. But're fluent la.
Sara: But you shud work on your vocab tho. U pretty suck at that.
Me: yeah I know. But I blame Muvin for my manglish. He's the one who influenced me!

Conclusion: Muvin you son of a gun! (I was goin to use a diffent word but I'm trying to keep this post PG I guess.) THANK YOU FOR WRECKING MY ENGLISH!! GO DIE ORDY!