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Yang Safia On Friday, November 28, 2008
Read Asma's blog and she did the tag thingie n she said she tagged her family and friends...and since I'm family...I feel obliged to do it (besides, it has twilight in it so wat da heck ait?)

1. Is there any fictional character you're in love with?

EDWARD CULLEN! nuff said. Check out my previous entry...I did one list tho i think it's a bit biased.

2. Who is more important to you?friends/boyfriends/girlfriends


3. Have you ever thought of getting married?


4. Does your crush like you back?
In real life, I have to admit I don't have a crush on anyone but if this question is referring to Edward, I'd like to think so.

5. How many babies do you want?

Uh...I see myself with a total of 3kids?

6. Your favourite book?
The Twilight Saga...anything by Stephenie Meyer and Meg Cabot.

7. Do you believe in eternal love?
Seeing the state of the world right now...not really.

8. In your opinion, what are the characteristics of the perfect boy/girlfriend?(10 characteristics)
1) understanding
2)gets along well with my family and friends
3)not quiet
4)not too emo
5)caring n loves me a lot
6)has goals n knows what he wants to do in life
7) in race. :3
8) respect. LOADS OF RESPECT
9) same interests as me tho even if he doesnt like sumthin, at least pretend he likes em
10) Edward Cullen?

9. People who inspires me:
1) Abah
2) Stephenie Meyer

10. What is your bad habit ?
I tend to ramble a lot

11. Is there anything you want to tell people who hate you?
Fuck YOU!

12. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
If with my besties, yeah la. But if they're not, i jz want to get em out of my face.

13. What does flying mean to you?

14. Who do you love?
Ah, the n friends.

15. Who do you think is hotter? edward cullen or jacob black?
Im most definitely on team edward but u cant blame jake tho....sometimes I found myself torn between these two.

16. Describe the person who tagged you in 7 words
Asma: Cute, twihard, awesome, sweet,edward cullen's cousin-in-law! There! More than 7 words ordy!

17. What would you really like to do right now?

18.What is one of your embarrassing moments?
Cant remember...

19. How to find the right partner?
Juz wait till they smack u right in the face.

20. What are you wishing for right NOW?
*sigh* marry edward cullen and have his baby lar. =_= but if we're talking realistically here, lose like 20kgs.

I tag ;

Instructions:Remove one question from above and add in your personal question. Make a total of 20 questions and tag 8 people. List them out at the end of the post. Notify them in their cbox that they've been tagged. Who ever does the tag will have blessings from all.
Yang Safia On Thursday, November 27, 2008
Yep, you got that right. The pic above is mah twilight movie ticket!! As you can see, my bestie Shira booked the earliest screening of the movie and we got there at Bkt Raja @ 9.45am! The friggin mall is not even opened yet!!! N not to mention Shira got us the best seats in the house!!!

What I think of the movie?

a) An almost exact adaptation of the book itself.
b)love the realistic insight of how high school should be like and very realistic behaviour of the students despite the paranormal element. Trust me. I know.
c) a definite not your average chick flick.
d) Very indie.
f)THE CULLENS!!!! they're sooo friggin cool!!! EMMETT I LOOOVE YOOUUUU!!! U shud see how the whole female audience reacted when Carlisle first appeared in the movie. Like they all gasped! Shira is lusting over him la...she even said, "He's too hot to be a father. God, if hes my adopted dad...dah lame wat incest!" LMAO

a) sry to say but lame special effects
b) amateur-ish filming. the camera thingie n all
c) SAD TO SAY (purely my own opinion) does Rob Pattinson know how to act? I'm vry bummed out about this
d) i know the whole first meeting between Edward&Bella is supposed to be awkward but is it juz me or it was too awkward? I blame it on Rob's acting!! SRY!!!!
e)THEY FRIGGIN CUT OFF THE MAKE-OUT SCENE BETWEEN EDWARD AND BELLA!!!! >_> That was supposed to be special...since it's their 1st kiss and all....Shira and I are very frustrated at this LOL. Anyhoo...going to watch it on youtube neway.

Yeah so ur a twilighter n u want me to run me ovr with your car, I'm sorry but this is what I think! But I have to agree he is hot!!! Maybe because I read the book over and over again that I was sort of expecting everything so I'm kinda...not that responsive?

Oh yeah, my fav scenes of the movie?

a) the baseball scene! MUSE! THE CULLENS!! WOOT!!!!!!!!! (it got me jumping off my seat)
b) the one where everyone stared when Bella n Edward got together and Edward was wearing that awesomely hot wayfarer!!! Love the shades!!! He looks hot!!
c) when bella first met the cullens at their home and when Emmett waved with the knife. CUTE!
d) Edward when he's wearing that tux to the prom. HOT!

Overall the movie was awesome and you know what? I'm watching it again this tuesday with my sisters and their friends!!!

Before the movie, I saw Shira was kinda reluctant to go with me 2 watch twilight the 2nd time but once we got out of the cinema....she went, "SIGN ME UP! I'M UP FOR A SECOND ROUND!!!! I'LL BOOK THE TICKETS!!"

And so...


Yang Safia On Monday, November 24, 2008
Time really do flies...baru je rase masuk sunway and now...FIRST SEM IS OVER!!!It's mixed feeling kinda thing for me and am really sad that some of my good friends are graduating..


*Some of the craziest people in class with Mr Pelland

*My Good Friends from this class who are graduating...

T__T so sad weh...


Note: We were really lucky since Mr Tan agreed to blanja us...tho he tried to escape a few times.

*Manage jugak to make him take a pic with me. Evil man with brilliant skills when it comes to taking pictures. And...has a weird(n sort of sick) obsession with pitcher plants...

*Me and Nadia. I'm goin to miss yoooooooooooooo!!!

*Nadia and Seng Yee.

*Haliimo and moi.

*Jodie & Yang

*Ann, Didit and Gerry~!

*I dun have any pics from my math class but i do have this pic of a makhluk yg duduk behind me in class.

Goin to miss a lot of stuff but at the same time, am really glad this sem is over! One more sem to go and I'll GRADUATE!!! YEAHHHHHH!!!
Yang Safia On
I got the flu like since last thursday and felt like shit throughout the weekend but stuck to studying anyway. God knows what actually masuk my mind through those hours in college n at home studying MDM (math for data management). Good god why la numbers are nvr my speciality? I have english paper on the same day and so far, i dun get a thing with all the literature we've been doing this whole semester.


8.30-10.30 am

Sat for my english paper. First question: State the thesis of this article.

Double shiz. I suck when it comes to finding the thesis. Arghh...there goes my 3marks. Throughout the test I bullshit my way through, just wrote like a bunch of crap but at the same time, made it sound like smart crap. Hoping dat I'll get some marks. Although I'm kinda confident with my literature essay. Forgot all the stuff I studied for Death of a salesman so instead I chose to write about the curious incident of the dog at the nite-time. Phew. long title. I wrote the whole essay like 2 pages long. Damn proud. But u nvr know, it might be a load of bull n mr tan is goin to like cut the whole thing n give me like...3marks. =_= i mean, i digress too much.


Few mins b4 I sit for the damn math paper, i had like an asthma attack. nearly died but thanks to nushie...i managed to live n tell the story. stuuuuuuuuuupid flu.

the whole paper was....hell. ok not THAT bad but hellish in some sort of slightly easy kind of way. WOW. lol

i redha je la. dun want to talk about it anymore...


but on the day it comes out....i have to sit for my last paper....stupid families paper. =_=

Yang Safia On Wednesday, November 19, 2008
God I f-kin hate it when people at college call me "Yeng". I mean im okay if dat person is a foreigner tp yg malaysians tuh x payah la nak jd wannabes. Wat surprises me dat they're the one yg terlebih2 panggil I "Yeng". Oh they know the spellin to my name alrite. I referring to how the mat salleh's call Yang to Yeng. And it's not like they're trying to be funny...they're fucking serious about it!!!

God I cant wait for finals to be over so I can watch Twilight.
Yang Safia On Sunday, November 16, 2008
*Ah edward, you dont have to wait for me to finish my classes...oh god, waiting for me in front of the foyer too? Stop it you. *blushes madly*

Gawd, dont u think the pic was captured especially for me?

Ah, cant wait for finals to end and twilight movie to come out!

I went to class party last friday nite, it was great. Ate a lot and camwhore a lot too. Im waiting for the pics from Sharlinie so anticipate the entry soon peeps! (To ayesha: Watch and BITE your fingers till they come off!)

Went to a wedding today and fell asleep in Adam's room. I woke up feeling like shiz n now i think im coming down with something. And tomorrow is my final presentation for FAMILIES!!!!!!!! Wish me luck!!

Aiya, itchy body and sore throat....God, help me now!

This is so random but I think I really really really need to start writing soon. Anything inspiring la...I mean, so far looking back at all my works (unfinished works mind you), all of em seemed fickle. *sighs*

*The cullen siblings at lunch in the twilight movie. Emmett is sooooo hawt! Kellan Lutz I lap youuuuuuuu!! *Dear readers, I'm only doin these things becoz it calms's like a stress release thing. Twilight is mah Zen. =_=

Till then mopies, Ciaoz!

Yang Safia On Monday, November 10, 2008
Today was a relatively a good day since all I do is listen to people babble. In families class, we got dragged to the psychology department and listen to psycho students babble bout stress and in english class, theres all the talk about the American Dream. *sigh* Damn worried about these two subjects ISUs.

MDM class was a joy since my friends and I had a bitch session about a certain somebody-who-shall-not-be-named here and I scored full mark on my quiz!!!! *sings* For the first time...when I look into your eyes....for the first time...ah...ahhhh!!!

So I hung out a bit b4 heading back to shah alam. My car was in dire need for a wash so went to SA mall but b4 that, went to pick up Sha only to find out that she started driving ordy!!! I was brave ( and majorl kind) enough to let her drivr my car.

Let's just say I now know why my sibs n my parents screamed in terror everytime I drive.

My god...the sharp turns, the speed....the feel as if the car might hit the divider and shiz....OMG.

I've never clutched my seat belt as tight as that experience in my life.

I dont think i was too hard on shaza....

*remembers the time when she screamed to shaza so that she should slow down*

honestly, for a freshie...shaza drives like an F1 racer...

Yang Safia On Saturday, November 8, 2008
Right now, my families class has reached the second last unit for our subject which is parenthood. You know how in most american schools, theres this project where students have to take care of doll babies for like a week. Well, I'm lucky enough to be a proud parent of...a water balloon.

The task: We have to take care of it for like a week and if we are caught without the baby (-2marks), left the baby at home (-5marks) and it the baby dies (-10marks!!). So this week, most families students are like crazy dragging a long water balloons like lunatics...crap, lost my train of thought. SEXY JACK!

*Isn't he the best?

I'm getting unhealthily attached to this water balloon. BUT I CANT HELP IT IF MY MOTHERLY INSTINTCS KICKED IN!!!

And yeah, I have to write a f-kin baby journal and my thoughts on it for the rest of the week. Shiz.

Question: Do you think you are ready to have a child?

No. No. NO!

*Sexy Jack nicely all bundled up on Mommy's bed. He's sooo cuuuuuuuuuuuute~!

And sexy jack has a best buddy named Muhammad Klouffe *Sexy Bob* Tamraj. Now that's another story~

I'm bringin' sexy jack...yeah! ^_^

Yang Safia On Monday, November 3, 2008
I have some and you have to admit, as much as you hate to admit do have some.

Here are the list of my guilty pleasures:

1) Trashy Tabloids. (I call it a bunch of garbage but u prolly catch me reading em at newstands)

2) Cliche Chick Flicks (What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic LOL)

3) Britney Spears songs (Most of the lyrics got no content but I catch myself sing along to it LOADS of times)

4) E! Channel (Everytime I turned to this channel, I cant help but feel a lil bit embarassed but I juz revel in the goss)

5)Chick-lits (I'm not exactly embarassed about reading em juz dat I'm trying to settle with something more intellectual?)

Stay Tuned for more
Yang Safia On Sunday, November 2, 2008
Last wednesday I finally got married. Sorry for those who cannot come. I'll keep in mind that y'all will definitely be invited to my second one. Pinky promise. ;)

I guess I should start on how the day went. Firstly I was sort of on time (I took the stairs for God-knows-why on that day n my class is on the 3rd floor) and short of breath carrying all the shiz for my wedding. I was there waiting for the kids from previous to get out with Nushie and Christina until I realized that I left the candles in my car. Note: The season parking place is quite a walk from college n my program has this thing about students being on time and all....and I have roughly 5minutes till my class starts. God knows I ran the fastest in my whole life that day...I even thought I lost 7kgs (I'm exaggeratin, I know). I also like to point out that in college, I ran a LOT MORE compared back in high school. Anyways, ran back to mah car and btw, the day was blazing hot. Idk whats with Malaysia's wheather these's friggin hot. And I ran back to college and bumped with Saheed and Andrew (who was down in his priest get-up) on my way up the stairs. While I felt like fainting from the heat and short out of breath, i had to convince Saheed that he is INDEED my best man. Luckily he didnt say much and was being such a good boy. Pfft.

When we entered the class, the other group who were doing the Japanese wedding were getting ready and it took em awhile to put on the kimonos. I went to the back of the class where my team was waiting for me n for some odd reason, they were all MIGHTY nervous. I dunno why, it's not like we're getting married for real. Sheesh. I only cared about the AC of which DID NOT WORK PROPERLY OF ALL DAYS! IT WAS SOOOOOOOO HOT! Pelland was already ready with his camera and we kinda pissed him off with the whole waiting thing.

The Japanese wedding went on was okay...Andrew was clutching my arm the whole time (FYI, I'm friggin hot...I needed some space) saying stuff like "Do you think ours will be okay?" or "Dude, wat if I fucked up sooo bad?" or "God I'm so nervous". And he had the nerve to ask, "Yang, are you red because you're nervous or you're hot?" As if I'm fanning myself with my hand didnt give him any indication.

t's kinda ironic that Andrew is freaking out and the fact that he's not the one whose getting yeah.

Our wedding was prolly the most awesome-est coz we have the atmostphere thing down. We turned off the lights and we had many little candles all ovr the class to create a romantic atmostphere. *sighs* If only I'm marrying an actual guy...

*This is the time when Andrew was introducing all of us to the class and the roles we're going to play. For those who didnt know, I'm the groom. =__=

Theres a lot of bidan terjuns in my wedding like Ken for example is the ring bearer, Joe as the father of the bride and Saheed as mah best man.

*This is the time when the bride walks down the aisle. We have the whole anthem down to pat. Front: Ken as ring bearer and Nushie as the flower girl. At the back you can see Christina as my bride and Joe as the father of the bride.

*Thats me, Saheed and Christina. Listening to Andrew preached some bull we made up for the wedding.

*Andrew with a real Holy Bible he borrowed from his friend's dad who is a pastor. Nushie smiling excitedly and Ken looking a bit freakeh with his glowing eyes.

*This is when I was saying my vows to Christina.

*"You may kiss the bride!" said Andrew. I didnt kiss Christina of coz! Note: My face was red. I was THAT HOT.

*Saheed, as my best man gave his wedding toast speech. Minum Ribena Sparkling pon jadi lah.

Then we had the father-daughter dance and I danced with Saheed. I suck at slow dancing but luckily Saheed improvised and we did a funny dance while Joe n Christina danced. Then theres the couple dance and Christina&I danced to Teddy Geiger-For you I will. We had so much fun!

At the end, Andrew whispered to me; "OURS THE BEST AIT? SO MUCH BETTER THAN OTHER TEAMS AIT? RIGHT? RIGHT?" I didnt wan to admit it that time but now...we pretty much rocked alrite. *grins*

We had other weddings such as Korean, Scottish and African wedding. I love the African one since the food was awesome! I had like 2 servings of chicken liver with crushed rice (this is like the nasi minyak for african weddings la n the fact Laurent cooked it that morning, wah sooo sedap).
*Korean wedding. Theres a lot of soju drinking and bowing. Here, we see Tsung (china) as the groom and Lee Wen(Taiwan) as the bride.

*Scottish wedding team. Nita looked absolutely FAB in her dress and Joe and Saheed looked smexy in skirs. LOL Sharlinie looked cute as the bridesmaid.

*The African wedding team. From left; Rini as the bride's mom, Ken as the groom, Mahesh as the bride and Laurent as the groom's mom.

*Me n Mahesh. Look at meh, devouring my second serving of African food.
Overall it was great fun! But believe me, getting ready for this is one helluva ride!!! '
Till then,