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Yang Safia On Friday, April 30, 2010

(=_=) ....


Baybeh baybeh baybeh ooooooooh~!

Yang Safia On Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Seeing that I have experienced my first failure moment in English, I've decided to change my studying tactics. I admit, I was super depressed these past few days over my failed assignment but thanks to my dad, I've recovered and ready again to take on the world and its challenges! LOL

I have two essays and one presentation due next week. Yep, the pressure is on. My face has become an acne breeding site and the picture above illustrates my seriousness in studying. No more failing!! Failure is not an option!!! (Do I sound like I learn my lesson Abah? :P)

Oh well, I have a Hamlet essay to write now so see ya~!

PS: Shaza why?! *angryface*

PPS: Yes, Hamlet has Oedipus Complex after all. I finally see it.

PPPS: I just decided to put up my beloved OMSA committee members scared faces.

Yang Safia On Sunday, April 25, 2010

I had a dream last night that you guys came down to Dunedin. I woke up homesick. I miss you Shaza, Shira and Sara.


Yang Safia On Saturday, April 24, 2010
I just got back from a dinner aka Asian Night at Jie Ning's place a few minutes ago. Time right now: 1.44AM. It was good. Real good.

Somehow the whole setting just made me miss my best friends a lot because the conversation that went on between Jie Ning, Tim and I are just so much like what I talk about with my friends only different because now it involved three people from different backgrounds and beliefs. But before I go into that, let me just tell you what we had for dinner!

As you are not aware, I've been surviving on vegetable and seafood since I got here. And now, I am officially sick of fish. I just can't look at it anymore. So a few days ago, I ordered some halal chicken and beef to be delivered to my place but it took two days for it just to arrive! I admit, I wasn't pleased but I got what I wanted and Asian Night can jalan la with halal meat!

The initial menu was nasi lemak but I don't know...I wanted something else so(!) Tim's mom who came down to visit in Auckland actually made ayam percik paste for us and Tim flew to Auckland just to get it (aside from meeting his mom la). Then we made green curry beef and finally udang masak sambal (For the first time ever, I makan with tangan in NZ). For desserts, kek batik (made by yours truly) and green tea (authentic one! by Tim).

The three of us get along really really well but I actually was a bit nervous whether the conversation will actually flow but my god, we just talked and talked until 1AM! So our topics are basically (mind you, it's some pretty serious stuff) politics, Malaysia, Malaysian culture, Yasmin Ahmad, One Malaysia concept, racism, religion (Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Quran, Bible, Dajjal/Antichrist, Allah issue, akhirat), family problems, parents, future plans, our fathers' health (Abah, you're in such big trouble when I skype with you nanti) - all of our dads suffer from sleep apnea-- and finally, sex. (=_=) Don't worry about the last topic though, it was actually the first thing we talked about and then slowly it got into politics so's purely innocent.

Huh, I still don't see why I have to explain myself talking about sex when we're all 20-somethings already (OK, it makes me feel weird saying that lol).

Regarding my political views, I am very honest about it and it's cool that somehow Jie Ning and Tim understand it and they are able to see the rationality behind all of it. Okay, our political views are not that much different anyway but I know my parents will not agree. You guys know my views right? (^_~)

And the highlight was we totally bonded over Hindi music (OKAY, HAVE YOU EVER MET A CHINESE GIRL WHO LISTENS TO HINDI MUSIC?!) and Yasmin Ahmad. The three of us cried, YES cried when we watched this.

And one thing I realized after talking to these two was how sad that Muslim kids now, even me that we never really bother to learn the content of the Quran. I only know what I learn from my past religion classes but never the Quran itself. I feel jealous somehow that Jie Ning and Tim go to Bible studies and learn about it. Like, why am I not doing the same thing with Quran? I'm a Muslim but why am I...? >_<

So basically Ma, if you're reading this. If it's possible right, can you send me a copy of Quran with translation because I feel like studying the content while reciting it?

And also Sepet and Muallaf DVD? Both by Yasmin Ahmad.

Off to bed now, ciao!
Yang Safia On Friday, April 23, 2010
I've been spending my whole Friday reading character discussions on Hamlet. It was interesting and yet mind boggling at the same time. On Thursday, my professor showed me a clip of Slings and Arrows, where one guy described Ophelia. And as corny as this sounds, it moved me and I totally understand now. I understood Ophelia's rationality and what drove her to madness. She's not a woman. She's just a child. A child can't simply make out the rationality out of all of this madness and it is simply logical why she did what she did.


Putting my whole fascination with Ophelia aside, Hamlet is quite a character. Even to this time, I still couldn't comprehend his actions and his mind. Scholars have described him as simply a man who couldn't make up his mind but then, at the same time; people described him as this man who has an Oedipus Complex. Which is really odd for me because I just couldn't see it. Yes, I've had a friend who explained to me but still...seriously?

Sometimes, I just wonder whether these people are just making things a big deal. But then again, that's what the study of literature is, I guess. Making things a big of a deal. (^__^)

So now, my own interpretation of Hamlet would be a man, who is immature, impulsive and indecisive. I have not yet come up with any of his good points...okay, maybe wary. I think that's good. Being wary...hmn.

Now, for something that's off topic~!

I have halal meat now! REJOICE!

Yang Safia On Wednesday, April 21, 2010
My friend, Sean turned 23 yesterday. Whoa, so old la. :p

We surprised him at the Commerce Building but since it's a surprise, we had to wait for him to get back from his birthday dinner. So basically we waited for almost an hour. :(

But no worries, natural-born camwhores know what to do with excess time. We take pictures la!

Mark, future doctor: studied while waiting XP

Birthday Boi!

Random picture:

Kthxbai! :)
Yang Safia On Monday, April 19, 2010
Yang Safia On Saturday, April 17, 2010
Magnificent. That's all I can say. I can't believe I directed this. :)

And without further ado, here are the pictures of 3 Abdul, The Musical.

Pictures from Munir and Eryanie.

Minutes before the performance, backstage:

The lighting and audio crew who stayed with me throughout the whole show:

Tim, singing Bunyi Gitar:

Introduction of Cast and Crew:

Producers: Adeline and Naomi (The ones who gave me the chance and believe in me despite being "just a first-year")

Cleaning up:

I cried happy tears because they performed so well, especially the actors. They went beyond my expectations and it seemed that losing my voice twice was worth it! Thank you for giving me the chance of screaming at your faces, three times a week. (^__~)

Songs in the musical:

-Bunyi Gitar
-Dimana Ku Cari Ganti
-Bila Larut Malam
-Aci Buka Pintu
-Apek dan Marjina
-Maafkan Kami
-Madu Tiga

**I am deeply honored because Peter Chin, Mayor of Dunedin decided to watch my musical and apparently, my musical will be featured in Otago Daily Times.**

Thank you All~!