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Yang Safia On Saturday, February 27, 2010
Today was a relatively fun and interesting day. I started my day by going to campus just to get to know the place. My good friend Syera suggested the idea that if I want to meet new people, I should walk around carrying a map. She said that's how she got her friends in America and I decided to give it a shot. Let's just worked. I met a wonderful fashion student named Eli and she offered to show me around. Interestingly enough, she's a Malaysian! Well not really seeing that she was born and raised here. (^__^)

One of the things that I find really odd about Dunedin is that there are messages on it's roads. It's like EVERYWHERE! And so I decided to snap some chalk ads and messages that I encountered today. Honestly though, I could have found more but that Murphy's Law to you.

I walked around George Street to window shop and I sooooo love the clothes here. They fit me well and I can just get it off the rack! Don't worry though, I'm being super stingy with my money here even though those cardies were soooo cute. :(

Famished from walking around town, I decided to head back to Toroa and cook myself some lunch! Then that afternoon I decided to join Toroa's trip to Baldwin Street. I figured it would be interesting and I would be able to snap some pictures and post it on the blog.

I thought it would be a good exercise to climb up the street and I did. Boy was it hard but I managed at the end! Haha so proud of myself. Mind you, it was quite hard to get down too.

View from the top:

Done with Baldwin Street, we took our time to get back to Toroa. We stopped at shops and window shopped. It was a very long walk. It took us thirty minutes just to get here. SO basically it was an hour worth of walk! Basically from now on, my only means of transport are just my legs. No more Myvi baby~

Nectarines, yum!

Um...yeah. I can explain the last picture.Actually the one in the picture was only half it's size. BUT it only costs $1.80 and it tasted sooooooooo good.

Besides, I did very well. I exercised. I needed a pick-me-up. I TOTALLY deserved it.
Yang Safia On Friday, February 26, 2010
I was on my way back from K-mart when I saw this... appeared to be some sort of scottish army parade thingy. Sorry for the low quality of the picture. The sun was blaring down on us and it was making me hard to see. And besides, I only got my camera phone with me and with my hands full with bags.

No wonder the whole city was filled with the sound of bagpipes since morning.

Don't ask me about the parade, I just happened to walk into it. I don't know if it's a weekend thing or I was just lucky. Nevertheless, here's some stuff about Dunedin!
Yang Safia On
So here comes another post explaining my new life in New Zealand. I get many questions about how I'm living at the current moment from which part of NZ I'm at to how many flatmates I have. And I actually took the liberty to snap some pictures of the place but you guys know I can do better. To make up for that I'll make a video about my place so stay tuned!

First off, I am studying at University of Otago which is located in Dunedin, South Island. It's about a 3 hours flight from Auckland so you can just imagine how far out are we. Contrary to the popular belief that Dunedin is like Muadzam Shah, this is not true. It is in fact a city and quite a busy one too during the day. Well, not as busy as Shah Alam but the place is quite packed. Although their latest technology is questionable seeing that most people here still use those flip phones that are sooo 2004, it is actually pretty nice. The salespeople are very helpful and the older generation are just sweethearts.

For my first year, I'm staying at a residential college called Toroa. My place is called Runga and let me just say, our place is the nicest! Compared to the other houses, ours (shared with the Raro girls) is a big yellow bungalow house. I live on the upper part of the house with the Raro girls get the lower part.

In Runga, there are four other girls who are living with me and there are the nicest flatmates a girl could hope for. First off, we have Malsha from Sri Lanka who is pretty much like our senior because she's 23. Then there are two other Malaysian girls named Fairuz and Azreeza. And lastly we have Yejung from Korea. She is the youngest out of the lot since she's only turning 19 this year.

Everyone else is in Health Science except for me. And I have the most flexible timetable out of all! (Ok, I should stop bragging about my timetable. >_<)

So the upper storey is my room.

The front of the house. Well, the front door belongs to Raro and this is the best I can do to take the picture of the whole house.

The clover field in front of my house

And to my mother who is always worried whether I'm eating well, here's my breakfast!

If you happen to be a reader of W Family on fictionpress, I'll be uploading the second chapter very soon!
Yang Safia On Wednesday, February 24, 2010
I know it's long overdue but now it's here! I think I've settled down enough to actually be semangat to do a long post. And so here are the last moment pictures before I leave for New Zealand.

KLIA: My family and friends sent me off

Us Girls

Azira and I

The whole group

Pak Cik Aziz

My lovelies

So old already still play with trolleys

Sara on her way to get herself a little "something"

Syera Zainal


The guys and I

My aunt, Su with Nathasya, Ryan, Firdaus and Shaza

My lovely aunties with my cousins

And then we set off!


Early morning in Australia

And finally in Christchurch, NZ

More pics later!