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Yang Safia On Friday, April 12, 2013

Finally an update on what I've been doing so far! Carrying on from my last post, this post should be a picture-ridden post but given what happened to my phone last week...I've got to make do with the little bits floating on the Internet.

Disclaimer: The pictures in this post are not mine. Full credits given to owners of these photos. 

How I ended up interning at Teach For Malaysia was totally uncalled for. After I accepted the Fellowship, I planned to teach part-time or pick up other things while I wait till October. A month into that, I got really really frustrated because I had all these free time. It wasn't good for me and when I was about to reach my boiling point, I got an email from Charlie (my boss). He was just checking how I was doing and long story short, I asked if TFM has any openings for part-timers and HERE I AM NOW!

I'll be honest. Once I said yes to this internship, I felt like climbing back into the hole I came from and just hide. I didn't know what to expect. I was scared. What was really hard for me at the time was adjusting to the idea that I'll be working in an office. I just CAN'T imagine myself working in one because I always imagine myself being outside of the office. Working in the field as they say. Free...Dramatic I know.

Along came my first day and it was...great. Too great. I was quite shocked over how welcoming and nice everyone is. Granted it was a really busy week because the corporate partners from all over the world were visiting but it wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be?

And then I got scared at how nice everything is. I almost didn't believe it. During my first 2 weeks, I was waiting for things to go ugly. Like I was expecting something really bad to happen so then it would fall under my expectations. But it didn't. It kept on getting better and I learned so much!

I get to meet people from all over the world! And make new friends!

I get to go to universities and speak to people my age. That gives me a sense of comfort because I know that I won't be totally out of the university. The picture below was when I explained the reasons why I joined TFM to students at Monash University.

I get to do some field work! I learn how to recruit people as this will improve on my ability to convince people. I'm all about acquiring new skillz yo!

And lastly, I get to go on school visits and observe how other Fellows fare on their Fellowship. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures (refer to phone incident) from my first experience to SMK Tunku Idris Shah. It was truly an eye opening experience. I've had my encounter with underprivileged students before but never in a school setting. That experience made me realize even more on how critical education inequity is in Malaysia. I've made up my mind to go on more school visit so that I am constantly aware of the reality before I start my Fellowship. It was an overwhelming experience but I need to be in that situation constantly so that I have the drive to go that extra mile.

PS: I got accepted into the Shakespeare program at King's College London! I've received my offer letter but right now, I'm working on deferring my entrance. A lot of people seem to think that I'll be leaving this September but no, I'm doing this Fellowship first and then I'll go. :)

For more information on Teach For Malaysia and education inequity, visit: