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Yang Safia On Sunday, April 17, 2011
This day taught me something...the power of putting things in perspective. For some of you who know me, this year is a big year for me. I have two major goals for 2011; to get into Honours and direct a kick ass theatre production. Trying to balance these two proved to be a challenge but I'm proud to say that at this point, things have been going well for me.

Now that's not entirely true but I managed to put into perspective you see; things ARE going well.

I had an early class that day. I had to continue the second half of my microteaching during tutorial and it didn't go that well. Not up to my expectation anyway. I felt a bit bummed but I insisted that my day is going to be fine. Besides, I'm meeting the Otago polytech people about my gig as a volunteer tutor later that day. Things are going to be fine, I assured myself.

I had a two hour break so I (actually O_O) stayed at the library to work on my essay draft. It went alright but I still think I need to draft a better version later. I got bored and the microteaching thing still bugs me. So I decided to take some pictures.

If you're an Otago student, you will usually find me at the literature section on the 3rd floor at Central Library. I think the architecture is amazing. So modern. This is a view from my seat btw.

My draft. As you can see, it's not going so well. I barely had any idea what to put in the essay and it is due in a week.

My pretend stressed face

Rows of literature books. My idea of heaven.

If I turn to my right, this is what I see

About 2 hours later, I went to my tutorial. Despite the crappy start of my day I had a very interesting tutorial. In fact, it sort of made my day.

Afterwards I went to meet up Adeline for lunch and basically I poured my heart out about the list of things that are worrying me about my goals. Some parts of the production is killing me with worry and I have so many assignments due before and after Easter. Yeah, a pretty chill talk over lunch. Before I know it, I had to rush to my interview with the Polytech people.

Now this was crazy. I literally ran from town and all the way to Polytech. Despite the cold weather, I was sweating like crazy. And when I got there, straight on the dot...I was greeted with disappointing news. Apparently the lady sent me an email claiming that they had changed the tutorial times to morning. They figured I couldn't make for the job seeing I have to attend classes (which is true). I was really disappointed and the fact that they "emailed" me during class hours on the day itself was stupid. SO pretty much I just ran halfway through Dunedin (hiperbole) and they freaking cancelled on me. At this point, I was still trying to catch my breath.

It took me nearly 20 minutes of running to get to Polytech and I'm out within 3 minutes.

I was disappointed. Frustrated. Worried. Tired. Nervous.

Actually I was really tired of walking so I decided to take a short rest in front of St David. What made me rest was what is engraved on this monument.

Take time. Rest.

Something along those words lah.

That night I did research on my assignment and studied for my upcoming test

That day didn't go very well for me. But I've managed to put things into perspective.

a) Microteaching: It's okay that it didn't go well. It was my first time teaching. SO what the heck, I can't expect things to go super well. If it did, alhamdulillah but I'm still a student. I need to learn. Besides, it's not like I failed.

b) It's okay that I didn't get to do the tutoring job. Maybe it's a way of Allah trying to tell me that I have other things to focus on and maybe tutoring is not the focus now. Besides, I'm busy with theatre and studies.

c) It's okay that I was super tired from the run. At least I managed to get some exercise.

d) Despite my shortcomings, I'm living a great life right now. I'm living in an awesome country, majoring in what I'm passionate about, surrounded by good people, losing weight and get the opportunity to direct a full theatre production!

e) I'm studying hard and it's fine that I have so many things due. I'm working towards Honours year! And so far, my results have been kick ass. I just have to work harder from now on and manage my time properly!

f) It's fine that I'm constantly worried about my production. But I have to take things one at a time. It's normal to have problems. Adat la tu. Besides, you can't rush art. ;P

This bad day turned out to be an excellent day after all. I managed to learn how to put things into perspective!

Later that weekend, I attended one of the choir practices for my production. I managed to get a little snippet of the practice.

They're practising on Anuar Zain's Lelaki Ini intro.

Bismillahirrahmanirahim. Please let things fall into place eventually. Pretty please. :)
Yang Safia On Monday, April 11, 2011
Alia and I managed to fulfil a childhood dream. To run among the green hills and sing Sound of Music songs (this is me). But you know what, despite the beautiful green's filled with deer and cow dung. That's reality for you.

The first half of the video...regarding my behaviour...I can explain. All of us were so into the ANTM behaviour that I just can't help but be very the diva. Haha. (=_=)
Yang Safia On Sunday, April 10, 2011

This holds no biases whatsoever. I think it's just beautiful. :)
Yang Safia On
Last Saturday, I went on a farm trip (organized by OMSA) all the way in Milton. That's about a 45 minute drive from Dunedin. I was supposed to study for my midterms but then again, I thought that I needed the time off from the work and when again will I get the chance to visit a farm anyway? For the price of $30?

It was an impromptu and I guess it was worth it. Y'all know I'm not the most nature-lovin' kinda girl so yeah...most of the time, I just didn't know what to do with myself. Haha.

Me and Alia on the way to Glenedi Farm

The farm is owned by this Swiss couple, Thomas and Regula. Very very nice people. I managed to talk a bit with Thomas and we were talking about the difference between Swiss-German and German. Yeah, linguistic stuff. I'll spare you the details. :P

Fun Fact! Glenedi Farm is about 1700 acres. SO FREAKING BIG!! They're an animal farm and specializes in wool. But they also have cattles and deers.

Sheep shearing demonstration.

Wool. I think these are the rejected ones. They smell btw. D:
Jin Lin!

Sheeps waiting to be sheared.

Apparently sheeps are sheared once a year. Based on my understanding, they will either sheared a bit of the wool in the middle of the year and shear the rest of it at the end of the year. To make profit of course.

Majestic view of the farm

Me and Hafiz

Saila and Shiou Yii!

OMSA committee picture
It's kind of sad how much of my life revolves so much around OMSA. :/

From left: Li Ling, Alia and Me

Meet Azrin. He's my costume designer for the play I'm directing. It was so funny how he and Alia were conducting their own photo shoot ala ANTM around the farm.

Regula and Thomas were too nice to let us use their house's toilet. Ever wondered what a farmer's house looks like?


Living Room

Some cattle

A bunch of wild deers

Alia: Yang I didn't know these farmers are so rich!
Me: What made you say that?
Alia: I used Regula's toilet and she uses Estee Lauder make up!
Me: Haha. What do you expect? Just because she wears gumboots and dirty clothes all the time doesnt deter you from the fact that she owns 1700 acres of land.
Alia: She' Whoa.

Do you snoop? :P
Yang Safia On Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Given my involvement with OMSA (I'm directing the Malaysian Cultural Night again), it's the main reason why this blog hasn't been getting much love lately. In between rehearsals and studies, I just don't have the time and interesting subjects to post on the blog. I'm really sorry.

PS: To my close friends and family, y'all know the other reason why I haven't been blogging. My internet got barred. It's a lame excuse but it's real yo. :/

The annual welcome party is a long standing tradition that most cultural clubs at Otago Uni host. It's the time to mingle with the new students and establish "relationships" as they say. Now I don't know why /relationship/ got a special ("") but I'm assuming people get a long pretty well and...stuff. (^_^)

I remembered my first welcome party and immediately I got to know some really awesome people who are now one of my closest friends. So yeah, it's cool. If you happen to go to Otago Uni one day, check the Malaysian events. They're cool. Um, yeah.

Credits to Mark Adrian Chong for the pictures


The committee members had fun baking the cakes. We baked two kinds: Chocolate & Carrot Cakes. Alia and I slept at 4AM just by making the icings.

Jin Lin and Naomi (my flatmate!) manned the registration booth that day.

Look Ma! I bake!

2011's OMSA membership cards

Committee members (old+new) BBQ-ing them chickens

Gosh. I look so political. (=_=) Anyways I was giving a speech about the Malaysian Cultural Night.

Saila, one of our secretaries

Me and Yong Wah (Media Officer)

Moments before the shot. LOL.

Now that's better.