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Yang Safia On Thursday, August 28, 2008
Okay so here's the thing. I have this big ass sociology project I have to work on but I'm stuck BIG TIME. I'm still trying to find info on the topic but I need some opinions. Before I tell you the topic, please keep an open mind and answer n give your opinions thruthfully.

Topic: Emotional Effects of Sex Among Teens.

Please help. If you're just gonna go, "teens mane boleh buat sex", don't bother. Tell me what you think and with reasons PLEASE!
Yang Safia On Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Trying to get through first week of college after hols. God, I'm so depressed it's not even funny.

I'm starting not to like Sunway College. Dont ask me why.

I'm just not feeling it.

Domei Sunway College.

Yang Safia On Friday, August 22, 2008
...get married!!! Yes, surprisingly so. And I want to have a baby!!!! (like bella; she has renesmee!)

Ok, I'm freaking myself out here. Everyone knows I'm not good with children.

We all know that's not going to happen in another 10years or so. (T.T)

I have to admit, there's not much I can talk about my life other than that it's BORING but that's reality I guess. My life is NOT exactly like the OC or *insertteendramatitlehere. Other than posting pics of me camwhoring or some hot guy shirtless here, there's not much to tell.

Oh well, this is it for now. Have to go to college in an hour on a SATURDAY for anime club. (=____=)

Yang Safia On Wednesday, August 20, 2008
It's sooo damn funny~! I advise you twilighters out there to watch the long official trailer at before you watch this vid. The guys who made this vid is the same guys who made the Dark Knight spoof so yeah...So so funny! And the fact that they got the actors to look almost like the real characters are simply awesome!

Just go here! Fyi, since I'm like a retard when it comes to using the wonderful world of blogging has to offer, i still dont know how to upload a vid on my posts. So, if you're reading this anyone who knows, please guide me oh obi-wan kenobi....

Watched it? Note the guy who played laurent? Yeah, he's damn hot.

Yang Safia On Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oho yesh...a new (not exactly new, just baru sedar) hot guy is in town for Yangsville. His name is Robert Carmine Schwartzman and he is one foine lad (ok i juz cant believe i said that). He is my ideal looking guy I guess coz I always have a thing for guys who look like him. *squeals*
He looks familiar ait? That's because hes the guy who played Michael Moscovitz in The Princess Diaries movie. I just finished the latest Princess Diaries book and I have to say I cant wait for the last book to come out. OMG, HOW CAN MIA KISS J.P AFTER SHE BROKE UP WITH MICHAEL??? THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE!!!!!! SAY IT ISNT SOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Sorry, having a moment there...ANYWAYS, he is also in a band of which I listened to a cpl years ago but never kenal the faces in teh band. Im not sure if you've heard it but they're called Rooney and have songs like Daisy Duke, Shake It(not the metro station one) and Blueside.
Gawd, he's soo hot. period.
Am enjoying my one week holiday of which I hope it will never end. I mean seriously, I hate to work...I'm so lazy that I should die.
Have you finished Breaking Dawn? Have you even bought the book? Tell me what you guys think. I'd love to know! Cheerios~!

Yang Safia On Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Just a few minutes ago, I finished reading Breaking Dawn. One word. Perfect. Oddly enough I didnt cry or anything like I did with Harry Potter but for this one, I just cant stop smiling. :)

Honestly,I went through these past cpl of days like I'm in a daze or something because I was soooo eager to go back home and read the book. And I have to say with that book that thick, I was inwardly hoping it would be thicker coz I dont want the story to end!!!

Throughout the course I was so emotionally attached to the whole story that I have to admit, I was subconciously going through my days like yknow, ur doing ur thing and all but ur mind is not exactly there. Yeah, I was thinking about Edward Cullen. *grins*


Other than the fact that Bella marries Edward, I'm so happy and excited for Jacob! WHo knew that he would imprint their daughter, renesmee!!!! I mean seriously, from the other "guy" to potential son-in-law!!!! Its so damn funny tho some of my friends find it sick but whatev, i love it!!


Anyways, thank you to Ayesha for ruining my image of bella (since i so love a char.) by calling her melodramatic. knowing myself to be a bit fickle (juz a tad bit), i kept thinking about throughout the whole time during reading the book n i haf to not happy. THANKS A LOT AYESHA.

oh yeah, after reading the book i juz cant imagine how they cud choose robert to be edward. robert is good-looking but not as hot as edward!! honestly if u ask me to choose a guy to be edward, i cant coz well....i know the image of edward but if u look into my mind...there's not exactly a face. i mean, blargh...idk what to say. i just hope the movie is great! as for kristin to be bella...idk but i still prefer her to be bella than dat lemony snicket chick.

ANYWAYS, the whole series is great and i enjoyed reading all the books tremendously and cant wait to blab about it to unsuspecting victims aka my friends. *sighs* the book just made me believe in love again~



yang! aka mrs cullen wannabe (as long as edward doesnt come in the form of robert) =_= no offense dude!
Yang Safia On Friday, August 8, 2008
*spazzes* Oh.My.God. It's finally mine!! I, Yang Safia has a copy of Breaking Dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I felt like killing myself when I found out it's all sold out in all MPH bookstores in Shah Alam or any bookstores for that matter. But driven by my passion for the book, I actually went to all malls known in Shah Alam after I finished class at 2.30pm. After 3malls later, I found myself at the most unlikely place ever. Sec. 13 Giant Supermarket. I'm like, "what the hell am I doing here? It's a supermarket but they have MPH here...might as well give it a shot."

Maybe I was half crazy by then, I was like, "Is it just me or the MPH here looks bigger? And more organized?" Maybe thats just my delusional self talking and like I expected. No Breaking Dawn in sight. Oddly enuff, there's a lot of The Host tho. I felt like cutting myself right there when me, dejectedly walk up to the counter and asked, "Do you have Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer?" Coz honestly, its worth the shot la kan to ask even tho xde pon I nampak. I expected it to be on display or something like in other MPH bookstores and then....

Mph Worker: Oh you mean this one? *pulls an oddly familiar book hidden behind mountains of books they have on the counter*

Me: *stunned* Uh...i want it.

Mph Worker: Sure. You're lucky. this is like the last copy in shah alam. That will be RM 49.90.

Me: *Holds the book in my hands* I...I thought it's RM 80?

Mph Worker: Oh no. For this one is Rm 49.90.

Me: *hands a rm 50 bill*

Mph Worker: Thank you. Have a nice day.

Me: *stunned, looking at the book in her hands*

Honestly after that, I treated myself to a Mcd meal and drove back home like a madwoman and slept like freak hugging my copy of breaking dawn.

After I woke up, I camwhore.

*So happy together~

*Konon Hot pose!

*Breaking Dawn on my lap

*Honestly, thick is good!


So to Twilight fans out there who havent bought their copy of Breaking Dawn. BUY IT!!!!!!!! IT'S FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!!!!

Well toodles for now. *went off to read Breaking Dawn*

Yang Safia On Thursday, August 7, 2008
I have to say college is tiring for some odd reason. maybe because I've been slacking off too much during those seven months of nothing-ness because honestly, i think i'm busier when im in school. =_= so during lunch, Zulfan said, "We need a bigger table. I think there's more people joining this gang." I looked around the table, the faces...and I'm like, "What people? There's still six of us."
Then Nat when, "Uh, I think its our stuff that taking more space." She right, the books and papers are pratically occupying the whole table and even the benches. "God, I miss school. I dont want to admit it but I do." I said this. Others agreed and we started launching into why school is better than college and what not. Getting more depressed, Aki suggested that we should camwhore!!! And I found another side of my new friends I didnt know...they love to camwhore!! Aside from Nat that is. Shes just too emo to do that.

*Rini and Alyssa*
*Dunno whose this coz the pic is so dark*

There are more pics but I'm too lazy to upload them all. God, its so dark so I'm randomly uploading pics that I think it has to do with us camwhoring. =___________=

Yang Safia On Saturday, August 2, 2008
OMG, BREAKING DAWN IS COMING OUT TOMORROW~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does the chicken dance*

I need to have it....I need to have it.....I NEED to READ it....I NEED TO HAVE AND READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*dances her way to MPH*

Commentary: Aside the fact that I get to see Edward again, I'm absolutely estatic to continue where Eclipse left off. I mean, what happened to Jake? Will there ever be a wedding? And what about Bella turning into a vampire and the whole Volturi fiasco? And most of all, I cant wait to squeal, jump or even roll over the smart and sharp dialogues Stephenie Meyer had prepared for us!!!!

For example, a quote I got from Stephenie's official website from the breaking dawn book,

Bella: "Should I be afraid?"
Edward: "Terrified."

*squeals,giggles and rolls over*