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Yang Safia On Monday, December 22, 2008
My byoooooootiful brown sweater!! It shrunk out of the wash!!! Why?

Checked the friggin tag and it said, "100% wool".

Damn it.

How la?

I only wore it once and this happened.

Hmn...tho I still can wear it but a bit ketat la. Tried ironing it and strecthing it...


PS: I never really paid attention in HomeEC class so tips are greatly appreciated. :(
Yang Safia On
For most people who know me, I'm a sucker for romance novels. A huge chunk of my teen years have I spent reading em. And any normal phase, I grew out of it. I've read from Amanda Quick to Susan Elizabeth Phillips. In fact, I read sooooo many romance novels that no novel surprises me anymore. SO I stopped for awhile lah...

Romance novels are famous for their steamy love scenes ait but uhh...idk bout you avid romance readers out there but some novels only revolved around these scenes. Gawd, its so annoying like yknow, talk. tease. have sex. and it goes on and on till the end of the book. So i guess thats why I stopped reading em la.

Over the years(or months?) I find myself craving for a good romance novel. Not the contemporary kind but the historical kind. But then again, i dun want to waste my money on buying some typical romance novel la (and also the ones with covers that have a naked couple with silk wrapped around em). But the other day, I gave myself a shot by buying one of Julia Quinn's novels.

The reason I bought her novel is because of it's cover.

It looks fun, quirky and light. None of that steamy shiz. This book above is actually my second Julia Quinn book and the one Im currently reading. (And also the cause why I'm broke). I bought another one of her books because the first one I totally finished it in one day and it was awesome! And funny. And sweet. And witty. And...I should stop.

SO if you find your situation with romance books the same like moi, go ahead and give Julia Quinn a try.

Till then,


And oh crap, I only have like 2 weeks only till college!!

Yang Safia On Sunday, December 14, 2008
Despite my weight-gaining over the hols problem and current financial state, things have been going quite great so far. Yeah, I gained like a total of 6kgs over the course of 3months after losing around 10kgs before I started college...okay, TMI! Everyone been knocked off their saddle at some point of time in their life....Right! That's beside the point.

Let's focus on something that are been going right in my life for once.

Two days ago I finally completed my 10hrs community service. The first day I tutored the kids at Rumah Aman, I wanted to quit ordy but Mama kept telling me not to give up (now I know why teaching is not easy) so here I am...a free liberated person. FREE FROM ANY COMMUNITY SERVICE! NOW I CAN GRADUATE PROPERLY!!

For those whose been missing whats been goin on in my life to this day, I've been teaching the kids at Rumah Aman (an orphanage) English. There are 5 of em in total. 3 of em are 8 year olds, 1 seven years old and 9 years old. Teachings primary schools kids are really difficult as you have to come up with games to make them pay attention to you. Like my mom said, "Kids have very short attention spans so you have to keep them preoccupied or they'll wander off". And the fact that these kids are in detention does not help. I mean, why r they in detention in the 1st place? Obviously they did somethin bad ait? And why did the principal told me to be careful n very garang with em? Huh? HUH?! Obviously somethin is wrong ait? Hooboy was I in for a great time.

Before I ramble off, I'd like to thank Shaza for resquing me so many times during my teaching gig there. YOU ARE TRULY THE GREATEST FRIEND THAT EVER LIVED. YOU DESERVED AN AWARD. God, that may sound a lot coming from me but she did helped a lot. Waking up in the morning to receive a frantic call from me *insert children's maniac laugh in the background* demanding to be there ASAP and to actually show up with a smile on her face is really something. So Sha, YOU ARE TRULY AWESOME!

My second day of teaching actually went well and the kids behaved and I started to enjoy myself but there were some days that r actually bad when the kids acted up. I had to sit down with the principal once since he wanted to know how I was doing and shiz n I was surprised that some of the kids that r considered problematic to them actually behaved rly well in my class. Mr Khalid (the principal) said, "I think he likes you." Gawd, tear-worthy moment there.

*From left: Rizal, Fadhil, Amirul, Waiquidin & Izzul

*I mean, nampak kan they're vry naughty? (^_^)

*The boys with meh on the last day of class.

I actually refer myself as Kak Safia but as time passes by, they started calling me Teacher Safia. Gawd, I know this sounds sappy but that actually meant a lot. Despite their naughty antics and unnerving behaviour, they're actually very sweet in a conniving way. At the end of the day, I find myself falling in love with them. There are times when I think they're very sweet like the time when Izzul nak beat the other boys sape dpt salam me first and he did it through the window despite that it's too high for him. And the time when I jz got out of my car and I can hear them screaming my name from their bedroom window and actually seemed happy that I'm there. I mean, biasanye klo cikgu tusyen dtg umah, mesti kite sume like really lazy ait? Not these kids...And lastly when they kept asking me when will I come back despite the fact I'm only there for my 10hrs community service... *sniffsniff* Man, this is turnin into a really sappy entry.

Anyways, the last day of my community service is also the day I got my 1st semester final results and ALHAMDULLILAH! that I got all A's.

English- 84%

Math For Data Management- 81%

Families- 86%

I was literally over the moon when I got the results. I mean, I didnt expect to get A for math. Honestly, I am sooooooooooo grateful. Alhamdullilah.


I'm thinkin to run for Vice President in CIMP's student council. I dunno how im goin to do it and im rlly worried about it actually. But wish me luck and pray for me peeps! In fact, this is embarassing to admit but I rly hope I get to be the valedictiorian for the next graduating batch. Let us all pray ok? Alhamdullilah. Seriously, i cant stop saying that for days now.

Anyways, I know hols r almost over and i've been rly busy but tmrw the fam and me r goin on a holiday. hell, we all deserve a break.

AND BTW, A IS IN LURRRVE!! LIKE FINALLY MAN! I tot she has like an ice cold heart from the way she kept rejecting guys who kept asking her out (i mean, gud for her la since all those guys r losers neway) But now she cant stop gushing about this Malcolm guy she met mase dia pegi camping. I wonder how la the future for our family? Will my future nephews/nieces r going to be mixed race or what?

More importantly, when will I meet a decent guy myself? LOL I blame Twilight for making me single. In fact, Shaza n I r making a shirt from dat statement. We're damn serious.

Okay, one more piece of news. It's about my cuzin actually.

He txted asking me to name all the hospitals i know in selangor. I replied with 3hospitals i only know. then he asked any specialist punye tempat i know. i tanye wat kind of specialist but he wont tell. things sounded a bit fishy so i asked him where is he now n whether his frend is in a hospital. then he replied that hes trying to get rid of his ex n he told her that he has brain cancer n hes goin for surgery like tmrw. the ex is already on her way to KL n he needs a hospital like ASAP. seriously, he needs to lay off girls for like a year n thats the most immature n lamest excuse i've ever heard in my life. TALK ABOUT DRAMA.

Oh well, at least ppl actually tried to create drama in their life while I kept complaining about my lack thereof. (=_=;;)

Yang Safia On Saturday, December 6, 2008
As the Aidiladha approaches, I've been busy...finding the friggin Twilight OST album!!!!


I have found it!!!!!!!


Found the last copy at the MPH in Subang Parade. Got the friggin last copy! LOOOOOOOVE all the songs and I found out that the song i like the most from the movie was sung by Rob Pattinson! How weird is that?

Note: Twilight has been invading my normal entries and I NEED to get back down to earth real fast! Sorry peeps!!

Yang Safia On Thursday, December 4, 2008
Upon the fact that I cant wait for CIMP to finish and start a whole new life after it, I still have to complete my community work service thingy in order to graduate. Luckily I (and rini) landed a community gig at Rumah Aman (an orphanage which formerly was my kindergarten).

Honestly I wasnt rly looking forward for the whole cleaning the toilets and wiping the windows shiz but luckily the headmaster there was all, "There's nothing much you can help around here. We pretty much got it all covered." But then he needed someone to tutor these 5 primary school boys on math and english. So i jumped on the wagon right away coz that's obviously sooo much better than doing chores. Hence, I'm goin to teach english while rini is goin to teach math. *sighs*

Im kinda worried...since they're 8-9 years old and apparently all 5 of em r under detention. So that means one thing..."DEVIL CHILD!" "DEVIL CHILD!" ish no lah...i was juz kidding... =_=

tho the headmaster reminded us to be very garang on them.


Maybe I should make them cupcakes! To win them over and shiz... >_>
So maybe i shud prepare em during breaking dawn
coz it's going to be sooo twilight nice then.
And I'll serve it during new moon and midnight sun.
And I bet it will all eclipsed away quickly.
Pshaw, I dun even know how to heat the oven to make the damn cupcakes. Hehehehehehe, I'm juz using it as an excuse to write these awesomely twilight nice SM's i ripped off from my aunt&cuzins' blogs.
Yes ayah ngah. I've joined the rankings of your wife and kids. BE VEEEEEEEERY AFRAID (and confused). Maybe we shud start our own twilight coven or sumfin.
Yang Safia On Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Yesterday I watched my second round of twilight with my sisters and their friends. Have to say I enjoyed it tremendously compared to my first time coz I guess...I was less criticizing. Now I cant wait to buy their soundtrack and get em on dvd! W00t!!!

Blew like a huge chunk of my barely existant money on Sabrina's birthday present. Tip to big sisters out there; NEVER EVER LET THEM CHOOSE WHAT THEY WANT. I mean, even if you try as hard as you can to make them choose something from the 50% off pile, it'll never work. SO now....I prolly be living on scraps people throw at me. I'm broke!!!

I'm going to start doing my community work sometime around this week...planning to drag either Shaza or Shira (or both!) to do it with meh. Nothing is better than doing duh dirty work with ur besties. *coughcough*

As a wise awesomelyhotntallnmrsedwardcullen2be girl once said,

"I wipe your shit and you wipe mine, that's what friends are for!"
Yang Safia On Friday, November 28, 2008
Read Asma's blog and she did the tag thingie n she said she tagged her family and friends...and since I'm family...I feel obliged to do it (besides, it has twilight in it so wat da heck ait?)

1. Is there any fictional character you're in love with?

EDWARD CULLEN! nuff said. Check out my previous entry...I did one list tho i think it's a bit biased.

2. Who is more important to you?friends/boyfriends/girlfriends


3. Have you ever thought of getting married?


4. Does your crush like you back?
In real life, I have to admit I don't have a crush on anyone but if this question is referring to Edward, I'd like to think so.

5. How many babies do you want?

Uh...I see myself with a total of 3kids?

6. Your favourite book?
The Twilight Saga...anything by Stephenie Meyer and Meg Cabot.

7. Do you believe in eternal love?
Seeing the state of the world right now...not really.

8. In your opinion, what are the characteristics of the perfect boy/girlfriend?(10 characteristics)
1) understanding
2)gets along well with my family and friends
3)not quiet
4)not too emo
5)caring n loves me a lot
6)has goals n knows what he wants to do in life
7) in race. :3
8) respect. LOADS OF RESPECT
9) same interests as me tho even if he doesnt like sumthin, at least pretend he likes em
10) Edward Cullen?

9. People who inspires me:
1) Abah
2) Stephenie Meyer

10. What is your bad habit ?
I tend to ramble a lot

11. Is there anything you want to tell people who hate you?
Fuck YOU!

12. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
If with my besties, yeah la. But if they're not, i jz want to get em out of my face.

13. What does flying mean to you?

14. Who do you love?
Ah, the n friends.

15. Who do you think is hotter? edward cullen or jacob black?
Im most definitely on team edward but u cant blame jake tho....sometimes I found myself torn between these two.

16. Describe the person who tagged you in 7 words
Asma: Cute, twihard, awesome, sweet,edward cullen's cousin-in-law! There! More than 7 words ordy!

17. What would you really like to do right now?

18.What is one of your embarrassing moments?
Cant remember...

19. How to find the right partner?
Juz wait till they smack u right in the face.

20. What are you wishing for right NOW?
*sigh* marry edward cullen and have his baby lar. =_= but if we're talking realistically here, lose like 20kgs.

I tag ;

Instructions:Remove one question from above and add in your personal question. Make a total of 20 questions and tag 8 people. List them out at the end of the post. Notify them in their cbox that they've been tagged. Who ever does the tag will have blessings from all.
Yang Safia On Thursday, November 27, 2008
Yep, you got that right. The pic above is mah twilight movie ticket!! As you can see, my bestie Shira booked the earliest screening of the movie and we got there at Bkt Raja @ 9.45am! The friggin mall is not even opened yet!!! N not to mention Shira got us the best seats in the house!!!

What I think of the movie?

a) An almost exact adaptation of the book itself.
b)love the realistic insight of how high school should be like and very realistic behaviour of the students despite the paranormal element. Trust me. I know.
c) a definite not your average chick flick.
d) Very indie.
f)THE CULLENS!!!! they're sooo friggin cool!!! EMMETT I LOOOVE YOOUUUU!!! U shud see how the whole female audience reacted when Carlisle first appeared in the movie. Like they all gasped! Shira is lusting over him la...she even said, "He's too hot to be a father. God, if hes my adopted dad...dah lame wat incest!" LMAO

a) sry to say but lame special effects
b) amateur-ish filming. the camera thingie n all
c) SAD TO SAY (purely my own opinion) does Rob Pattinson know how to act? I'm vry bummed out about this
d) i know the whole first meeting between Edward&Bella is supposed to be awkward but is it juz me or it was too awkward? I blame it on Rob's acting!! SRY!!!!
e)THEY FRIGGIN CUT OFF THE MAKE-OUT SCENE BETWEEN EDWARD AND BELLA!!!! >_> That was supposed to be special...since it's their 1st kiss and all....Shira and I are very frustrated at this LOL. Anyhoo...going to watch it on youtube neway.

Yeah so ur a twilighter n u want me to run me ovr with your car, I'm sorry but this is what I think! But I have to agree he is hot!!! Maybe because I read the book over and over again that I was sort of expecting everything so I'm kinda...not that responsive?

Oh yeah, my fav scenes of the movie?

a) the baseball scene! MUSE! THE CULLENS!! WOOT!!!!!!!!! (it got me jumping off my seat)
b) the one where everyone stared when Bella n Edward got together and Edward was wearing that awesomely hot wayfarer!!! Love the shades!!! He looks hot!!
c) when bella first met the cullens at their home and when Emmett waved with the knife. CUTE!
d) Edward when he's wearing that tux to the prom. HOT!

Overall the movie was awesome and you know what? I'm watching it again this tuesday with my sisters and their friends!!!

Before the movie, I saw Shira was kinda reluctant to go with me 2 watch twilight the 2nd time but once we got out of the cinema....she went, "SIGN ME UP! I'M UP FOR A SECOND ROUND!!!! I'LL BOOK THE TICKETS!!"

And so...


Yang Safia On Monday, November 24, 2008
Time really do flies...baru je rase masuk sunway and now...FIRST SEM IS OVER!!!It's mixed feeling kinda thing for me and am really sad that some of my good friends are graduating..


*Some of the craziest people in class with Mr Pelland

*My Good Friends from this class who are graduating...

T__T so sad weh...


Note: We were really lucky since Mr Tan agreed to blanja us...tho he tried to escape a few times.

*Manage jugak to make him take a pic with me. Evil man with brilliant skills when it comes to taking pictures. And...has a weird(n sort of sick) obsession with pitcher plants...

*Me and Nadia. I'm goin to miss yoooooooooooooo!!!

*Nadia and Seng Yee.

*Haliimo and moi.

*Jodie & Yang

*Ann, Didit and Gerry~!

*I dun have any pics from my math class but i do have this pic of a makhluk yg duduk behind me in class.

Goin to miss a lot of stuff but at the same time, am really glad this sem is over! One more sem to go and I'll GRADUATE!!! YEAHHHHHH!!!
Yang Safia On
I got the flu like since last thursday and felt like shit throughout the weekend but stuck to studying anyway. God knows what actually masuk my mind through those hours in college n at home studying MDM (math for data management). Good god why la numbers are nvr my speciality? I have english paper on the same day and so far, i dun get a thing with all the literature we've been doing this whole semester.


8.30-10.30 am

Sat for my english paper. First question: State the thesis of this article.

Double shiz. I suck when it comes to finding the thesis. Arghh...there goes my 3marks. Throughout the test I bullshit my way through, just wrote like a bunch of crap but at the same time, made it sound like smart crap. Hoping dat I'll get some marks. Although I'm kinda confident with my literature essay. Forgot all the stuff I studied for Death of a salesman so instead I chose to write about the curious incident of the dog at the nite-time. Phew. long title. I wrote the whole essay like 2 pages long. Damn proud. But u nvr know, it might be a load of bull n mr tan is goin to like cut the whole thing n give me like...3marks. =_= i mean, i digress too much.


Few mins b4 I sit for the damn math paper, i had like an asthma attack. nearly died but thanks to nushie...i managed to live n tell the story. stuuuuuuuuuupid flu.

the whole paper was....hell. ok not THAT bad but hellish in some sort of slightly easy kind of way. WOW. lol

i redha je la. dun want to talk about it anymore...


but on the day it comes out....i have to sit for my last paper....stupid families paper. =_=

Yang Safia On Wednesday, November 19, 2008
God I f-kin hate it when people at college call me "Yeng". I mean im okay if dat person is a foreigner tp yg malaysians tuh x payah la nak jd wannabes. Wat surprises me dat they're the one yg terlebih2 panggil I "Yeng". Oh they know the spellin to my name alrite. I referring to how the mat salleh's call Yang to Yeng. And it's not like they're trying to be funny...they're fucking serious about it!!!

God I cant wait for finals to be over so I can watch Twilight.
Yang Safia On Sunday, November 16, 2008
*Ah edward, you dont have to wait for me to finish my classes...oh god, waiting for me in front of the foyer too? Stop it you. *blushes madly*

Gawd, dont u think the pic was captured especially for me?

Ah, cant wait for finals to end and twilight movie to come out!

I went to class party last friday nite, it was great. Ate a lot and camwhore a lot too. Im waiting for the pics from Sharlinie so anticipate the entry soon peeps! (To ayesha: Watch and BITE your fingers till they come off!)

Went to a wedding today and fell asleep in Adam's room. I woke up feeling like shiz n now i think im coming down with something. And tomorrow is my final presentation for FAMILIES!!!!!!!! Wish me luck!!

Aiya, itchy body and sore throat....God, help me now!

This is so random but I think I really really really need to start writing soon. Anything inspiring la...I mean, so far looking back at all my works (unfinished works mind you), all of em seemed fickle. *sighs*

*The cullen siblings at lunch in the twilight movie. Emmett is sooooo hawt! Kellan Lutz I lap youuuuuuuu!! *Dear readers, I'm only doin these things becoz it calms's like a stress release thing. Twilight is mah Zen. =_=

Till then mopies, Ciaoz!

Yang Safia On Monday, November 10, 2008
Today was a relatively a good day since all I do is listen to people babble. In families class, we got dragged to the psychology department and listen to psycho students babble bout stress and in english class, theres all the talk about the American Dream. *sigh* Damn worried about these two subjects ISUs.

MDM class was a joy since my friends and I had a bitch session about a certain somebody-who-shall-not-be-named here and I scored full mark on my quiz!!!! *sings* For the first time...when I look into your eyes....for the first time...ah...ahhhh!!!

So I hung out a bit b4 heading back to shah alam. My car was in dire need for a wash so went to SA mall but b4 that, went to pick up Sha only to find out that she started driving ordy!!! I was brave ( and majorl kind) enough to let her drivr my car.

Let's just say I now know why my sibs n my parents screamed in terror everytime I drive.

My god...the sharp turns, the speed....the feel as if the car might hit the divider and shiz....OMG.

I've never clutched my seat belt as tight as that experience in my life.

I dont think i was too hard on shaza....

*remembers the time when she screamed to shaza so that she should slow down*

honestly, for a freshie...shaza drives like an F1 racer...

Yang Safia On Saturday, November 8, 2008
Right now, my families class has reached the second last unit for our subject which is parenthood. You know how in most american schools, theres this project where students have to take care of doll babies for like a week. Well, I'm lucky enough to be a proud parent of...a water balloon.

The task: We have to take care of it for like a week and if we are caught without the baby (-2marks), left the baby at home (-5marks) and it the baby dies (-10marks!!). So this week, most families students are like crazy dragging a long water balloons like lunatics...crap, lost my train of thought. SEXY JACK!

*Isn't he the best?

I'm getting unhealthily attached to this water balloon. BUT I CANT HELP IT IF MY MOTHERLY INSTINTCS KICKED IN!!!

And yeah, I have to write a f-kin baby journal and my thoughts on it for the rest of the week. Shiz.

Question: Do you think you are ready to have a child?

No. No. NO!

*Sexy Jack nicely all bundled up on Mommy's bed. He's sooo cuuuuuuuuuuuute~!

And sexy jack has a best buddy named Muhammad Klouffe *Sexy Bob* Tamraj. Now that's another story~

I'm bringin' sexy jack...yeah! ^_^

Yang Safia On Monday, November 3, 2008
I have some and you have to admit, as much as you hate to admit do have some.

Here are the list of my guilty pleasures:

1) Trashy Tabloids. (I call it a bunch of garbage but u prolly catch me reading em at newstands)

2) Cliche Chick Flicks (What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic LOL)

3) Britney Spears songs (Most of the lyrics got no content but I catch myself sing along to it LOADS of times)

4) E! Channel (Everytime I turned to this channel, I cant help but feel a lil bit embarassed but I juz revel in the goss)

5)Chick-lits (I'm not exactly embarassed about reading em juz dat I'm trying to settle with something more intellectual?)

Stay Tuned for more
Yang Safia On Sunday, November 2, 2008
Last wednesday I finally got married. Sorry for those who cannot come. I'll keep in mind that y'all will definitely be invited to my second one. Pinky promise. ;)

I guess I should start on how the day went. Firstly I was sort of on time (I took the stairs for God-knows-why on that day n my class is on the 3rd floor) and short of breath carrying all the shiz for my wedding. I was there waiting for the kids from previous to get out with Nushie and Christina until I realized that I left the candles in my car. Note: The season parking place is quite a walk from college n my program has this thing about students being on time and all....and I have roughly 5minutes till my class starts. God knows I ran the fastest in my whole life that day...I even thought I lost 7kgs (I'm exaggeratin, I know). I also like to point out that in college, I ran a LOT MORE compared back in high school. Anyways, ran back to mah car and btw, the day was blazing hot. Idk whats with Malaysia's wheather these's friggin hot. And I ran back to college and bumped with Saheed and Andrew (who was down in his priest get-up) on my way up the stairs. While I felt like fainting from the heat and short out of breath, i had to convince Saheed that he is INDEED my best man. Luckily he didnt say much and was being such a good boy. Pfft.

When we entered the class, the other group who were doing the Japanese wedding were getting ready and it took em awhile to put on the kimonos. I went to the back of the class where my team was waiting for me n for some odd reason, they were all MIGHTY nervous. I dunno why, it's not like we're getting married for real. Sheesh. I only cared about the AC of which DID NOT WORK PROPERLY OF ALL DAYS! IT WAS SOOOOOOOO HOT! Pelland was already ready with his camera and we kinda pissed him off with the whole waiting thing.

The Japanese wedding went on was okay...Andrew was clutching my arm the whole time (FYI, I'm friggin hot...I needed some space) saying stuff like "Do you think ours will be okay?" or "Dude, wat if I fucked up sooo bad?" or "God I'm so nervous". And he had the nerve to ask, "Yang, are you red because you're nervous or you're hot?" As if I'm fanning myself with my hand didnt give him any indication.

t's kinda ironic that Andrew is freaking out and the fact that he's not the one whose getting yeah.

Our wedding was prolly the most awesome-est coz we have the atmostphere thing down. We turned off the lights and we had many little candles all ovr the class to create a romantic atmostphere. *sighs* If only I'm marrying an actual guy...

*This is the time when Andrew was introducing all of us to the class and the roles we're going to play. For those who didnt know, I'm the groom. =__=

Theres a lot of bidan terjuns in my wedding like Ken for example is the ring bearer, Joe as the father of the bride and Saheed as mah best man.

*This is the time when the bride walks down the aisle. We have the whole anthem down to pat. Front: Ken as ring bearer and Nushie as the flower girl. At the back you can see Christina as my bride and Joe as the father of the bride.

*Thats me, Saheed and Christina. Listening to Andrew preached some bull we made up for the wedding.

*Andrew with a real Holy Bible he borrowed from his friend's dad who is a pastor. Nushie smiling excitedly and Ken looking a bit freakeh with his glowing eyes.

*This is when I was saying my vows to Christina.

*"You may kiss the bride!" said Andrew. I didnt kiss Christina of coz! Note: My face was red. I was THAT HOT.

*Saheed, as my best man gave his wedding toast speech. Minum Ribena Sparkling pon jadi lah.

Then we had the father-daughter dance and I danced with Saheed. I suck at slow dancing but luckily Saheed improvised and we did a funny dance while Joe n Christina danced. Then theres the couple dance and Christina&I danced to Teddy Geiger-For you I will. We had so much fun!

At the end, Andrew whispered to me; "OURS THE BEST AIT? SO MUCH BETTER THAN OTHER TEAMS AIT? RIGHT? RIGHT?" I didnt wan to admit it that time but now...we pretty much rocked alrite. *grins*

We had other weddings such as Korean, Scottish and African wedding. I love the African one since the food was awesome! I had like 2 servings of chicken liver with crushed rice (this is like the nasi minyak for african weddings la n the fact Laurent cooked it that morning, wah sooo sedap).
*Korean wedding. Theres a lot of soju drinking and bowing. Here, we see Tsung (china) as the groom and Lee Wen(Taiwan) as the bride.

*Scottish wedding team. Nita looked absolutely FAB in her dress and Joe and Saheed looked smexy in skirs. LOL Sharlinie looked cute as the bridesmaid.

*The African wedding team. From left; Rini as the bride's mom, Ken as the groom, Mahesh as the bride and Laurent as the groom's mom.

*Me n Mahesh. Look at meh, devouring my second serving of African food.
Overall it was great fun! But believe me, getting ready for this is one helluva ride!!! '
Till then,
Yang Safia On Monday, October 27, 2008
1. Edward Cullen (Twilight Series)
2.Edward Cullen
3. Ivan (If you could see me now)
4.Jacob Black (Twilight Series)
5.Emmett Cullen (Twilight Series)
6. David (All American Girl)
7. Michael Moscovitz (Princess Diaries)
8. Prof. Snape (Harry Potter) **Weird I know
9. Edward Cullen
10. Edward Cullen (!!)

Comments: The list is a bit biased I think. :p
Yang Safia On Sunday, October 26, 2008
I am in shock. I have never (ever!) accepted any of my friends' boyfriends but what happened today, changed it all. So let me start by telling you guys how my day started...

Followed abah from behind as he led me to Bandar Sunway from Sg Buloh as our whole family decided to stay at our condo there and I had to go to college to meet my teammates to discuss bout my upcoming nuptials for families' class.

Arrived at college. Headbangs to FOB in the car for a good 30mins as I was there early. Was getting a bit dizzy from the headbanging so went to the cafe to get myself some coffee. Then headed to room 316 and was about to scream when Christina emerged, carrying all her wedding stuff. Spent the whole time learning korean and teaching malay while waited for Andrew.

Andrew finally showed up, panting and repetitively said sorry (we promised to meet @ 11am). Nushie never showed up. Rehearsed for cpl of times till 1pm.

Found myself back in the car and called Hawa whether she's home or not. Thing is, last friday I went out and ate at Pizza Hut with syera and she said something how we all should meet her bf, Paul who is a f-kin german!!!!!! Lucky biatch. Well, this is expected of syera since she juz got back from america and how she's a part of AFS now and has a tv show and all (Road Trip USA @ 8TV). I want to heret Hawa along coz NO WAY I'm meeting my friend's bf and them being a cpl and im the third wheel. No way jose. Called hawa and drove to her house.

Arrived at Awe's house and lepak at her house for awhile and waited for Syera to come over so that all of us cud go n pick up Paul at the KTM station. Lepak for another half an hour b4 syera got a call frm Paul. Honestly, I was rly rly nervous coz...I mean, wat r u goin 2 talk about with a mat salleh? I had a gut feeling that it's goin to be sooooooooooooo akward. and i dun like akwardness.

Arrived at the KTM station. My nervousness affected my driving. Nuff said. Syera said, "Okay gals, juz look for a mat salleh." And he emerged. A tall lanky guy came out of the midst of malaysians and smiled warmly at Syera. He entered the car and I admit, I was kinda nervous but we all managed to say our heys. He was kinda quiet but I like him since he didnt say anything bout my driving. Okay, I did say... "Uh excuse the malaysian wit the bad driving skills." and he said, "It's okay. I'm used to it." Touche. Throughout the journey, I was crapping some stuff how he wont mind ait if we all talk in malay sometimes n he said he didnt as long as we dun say bad stuff bout him and i was complaining how i didnt like kopitiam food but we ended up there anyway since Syera said we should show the guy a piece of local zest or whatever. So we ended up eating our lunch at Old Town White Coffee House. Blargh.

People shamelessly ogled the couple, a malay girl wearing tudung holding hands with a mat salleh. Had to admit, it was kinda funny to see the shock in their faces. So we settled at our seats and ordered our food. Before the SILENCE descended on us, I--Yang being the outspoken one said, "Alright, I dun want us to be akward so Paul, what do you know bout me?" And the guy grinned, "well...the only stuff I know bout u is that you go to the same high school as syera and you guys like to talk dirty. practically all the stuff we talked about that nite in the conf." I laughed and said something like "sry i was bein bitchy that nite in the chatroom." Paul has brown-reddish hair and blue eyes and he wears glasses. Luckily the conversation flowed nicely for our first meeting and we made jokes...all four of us. We talked about how desperate Hawa and I are since we're single and seeing the two of them together is like UNFAIR. Syera said, "Basically, we're all juz picky girls...we dun want to settle with just a typical malay guy." Then we listed down why we hate malay guys to Paul who just like, "u guys r not setting a good example to me as a foreigner. in fact, u guys failed as a malaysians." Pfft. Neways, hawa said that she'll juz save herself for Japan and look for guys there but....WHAT ABOUT ME?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!!!! tak pe la....couple je la wit some malay loser while my friends score with foreign guys.

After we ate, we sent Syera and Paul to the KTM station coz they are goin to meet Qi, the host of that tv show about somethin. Paul said somethin like, "we promised at 4pm but its okay, we just go there at 4.30pm coz we're in malaysia. malaysians r always late." I cant agree more. Then he said how Malaysian are sooooo good at making excuses why they're late. I agree on that too until the three of em pulled that on me, saying how im good at making excuses. Cet.

Said our goodbyes to the sickeningly(no lah, they're rly sweet) happy couple. All of us exchanged hugs and shiz. After they left, Hawe and I got into my car and the first thing Hawa said, "Man, we need to get ourselves some good guys." Then we both went to SACC and ate at Secret Recipe. Both of us beat ourselves ovr a piece of cake each and toasted to singlehood. Then we ponder over a good 2hours on why we failed to get good guys and have guys like us. I mean, we're not exactly butt-ugly girls and we've seen uglier girls have bfs, but why no guys? I mean, in my opinion...hawa is damn hot. but why? me? im not even hot but im not uglytothepointofpukingatthesiteofmyface-kinda girl. well, i dun think so. SO WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morale of the story: Kepada adik2 di luar sana, janganlah berangan tinggi utk kawen (or hook up) dgn mat salleh macam kakak2 yg terlibat dalam cerita ini. Kasihanilah lelaki2 melayu di luar sana. It's not their fault that they're lame. Ahem. Believe me, desperation is not the way to go!

PS: SYERA/PAUL, if you're reading this...HAPPY WISHES FROM ME AND I'LL BE LOOKING FORWARD ON RECEIVING A BEAUTIFUL WHITE LINEN(SCENTED) CARD INVITING ME TO UR NUPTIALS. I know it's still early but hell, u guys r one helluva couple!!!
Yang Safia On Thursday, October 16, 2008
One of my best friends, Shira always complained how she has to babysit her nephew, Rizq and how hard it is to please him. But something that totally out of this world happened today...
I finished my classes at 4pm(as usual) and straight away cabut la. I'm the type that is very rare to stay back in college unless I have assignments to do. So anyway, I dropped by at Shaza's house to lepak ler since I'm sooo malas to straight blk rumah (another reason is to collect the RM12 she owes me). Sampai at her house, it was raining tho not that heavily like yesterday and had to use her toilet. Afta that she ajak yamcha since everyone in her house are like fasting. Gladly I agreed since I pon lapar gak.... =_=
Went to the usual hangout, the dim sum place where my frends and i lepak during weekends. Ate and shaza heret me to the reject shop where they're selling Michael Kors jeans. **jeles coz i have my own pair. who cares they're rejects coz it's MICHAEL KORS MAN!!!** We were having a true Sisterhood of Travelling Pants moment since she bought the same pair as mine until we saw Shira's brother, Syazwan.

We said our heys and I was actually about to cabut when he said, "Shira is actually upstairs at some boutique with my sister. Wanna meet her?" Then we followed him la
Okay, met her and after all the dramatic hugs and stuff she showed us her nephew, Rizq since Irene(shira's sister) was busy talking to the designer.
Rizq has these gigantic round eyes that can totally suck you in and once you're under his spell, you are powerless...Honestly, he's one weird baby coz when he set his eyes on me, he just kept looking. And looking...and me.

**Dah tue dah ko shira....truly muke cam mak chik. LOLZ. According to shira, rizq is sooo hard to please. Look at him, the way he pushed shira away from him and that raised eyebrow. The whole WTF-king face he's doing...priceless!!**

So as I was saying...he kept lookin at me ait? Well, I have this one pic somewhere...

**This is Rizq when he kept looking at me. Honestly, it kinda freaked me out...coz well, I'm nvr good with babies. In fact, I will try to stay away from them as possible. They freaked me out when the cry...

...but then, Rizq pushed away from Shira and reached for me. A complete stranger he never met before and it shocked all of us sooo much coz Rizq is generally a choosy baby. But thing is, Shira said Rizq has what it takes to be a playa since he likes pretty girls. Oh gawd, what does that tell you? *winkwink*

*look at his face, the way he rested his head on my shoulder and all. shira said he only does that to his parents!!! God, I love this baby!!! Hahahahah SHira, your nephew likes me better than youuuuuuuuuuu!!! MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!

(Pics courtesy from Shaza who was busy snapping away when this happened)

See that protective look he has in his eyes!!! OMG!! I love rizq. And yeah, the hand clutching the front of my shirt...well...>_> i dun think i can say it in here. Shira n shaza were making fun of it all day.

Then Shira n shaza went all out on how at least a boy likes me since the guy i like from college obviously likes someone else. *sighs* AT LEAST SOME BOYS STILL LIKE ME!! **tho they;re like babies but whatev.

*Muke terharu that at least some boys(babies) find me attractive.

Okay! Enough being sappy, screw the guy i like anyway. Hmph. Anyways, I love this baby! I'm even starting to act all pissy when SHira sang to rizq this,

Oh hot damn , this is my jam

Keep me partying till the A.M

Yall don’t understand ,

make me throw my hands

In the ayer , ay , ayer , ayer , ay , ayer

I was like, "Shh! Dont say the word *whisper*Damn*whisper* to rizq! I dun want him to end up all corrupted like you!" Gawd, I'm that protective ordy.

If you dunno what song this is, it's some Flo-Rida song.

Meeting Rizq truly made my day~!!!

Yang Safia On Monday, October 13, 2008
It's only Monday but the way I see it, it's going to be a bad week for me. Hell, I have three research projects that I have to complete by this week and two of em r due this monday and another one due on thurday. *sighs* So, I'm taking a break and mind you, this is a pretty random entry.

Reason my title involves a certain cocoa powder and milk.

I have a friend...lets call her A and A has a bff, let's call her S. Sometime around 2006, A had broken up with her boyfriend, D for the second time over a little misunderstanding and this affected A greatly. Hence, she went to S's house for a shoulder to cry on. S was worried that A's condition was getting waaaaaay too hysterical and also the fact that S's mom might suspect something is up so in order to shut A up, S dragged her friend to the kitchen and made her this wonderful yet simple creation, milo mix with milk! A who never tasted this great invention drank the mixture and immedietly stopped crying. She asked for another glass but S refused to make some more using an excuse involving A's body mass but that's another story. The bottom line is...GIRLS (or guys) OUT THERE, SCREW ICE-CREAM!!! THIS WONDERFUL MIXTURE IS THE NEW INVENTION FOR HAPPY FOOD!!!! If YOU just broken up or get your heart broken, nurture your tender broken soul with this happy food!

*Heaven~~~!!! It may look unappetizing but believe meh, the result ish awesome!!

Moving on!!

I'm going to explain you ways to win me over....(wtf, vain much?) If you see me in a bad mood and you feel that you want me to do something for you...PAY ATTENTION! Gawd, this is soo random. =__=

5 Ways to Win Yang Over

1. Start by sweet talking to her. If this fails, move on to way no.2

2. Stop commenting on her driving skills. *if u havent been driven by me, this prolly not work.

3. Present her with a mixture of milo+milk

4. Hug me *if idk you, u prolly die if u try this on me

5. Start talking about Twilight series and Edward Cullen. *guranteed to work. ;)

**even better, dress up as edward cullen and ask me to marry you. FOR SURE, I'll be won over and you have me under your control~~!

**Guten Luckens**

** Yummeh. Pls do ignore the messy background.
Yang Safia On Sunday, October 12, 2008
Again, i'm procastinating from writing my Raya entry. Thing is, I know I'm goin to write a lot about it and the pics and all...I'm juz not in the mood. *shrugs* However, I had a pretty eventful weekend...with all the Raya spirit and all.


Apparently my cousins from my mom's side decided to pay a visit for raya so my mom went all out on the food. (Note: NOT AN OPEN HOUSE! IF YOU KNOW ME PERSONALLY AND WONDERED, "WTF! YANG DIDNT INVITE ME TO HER OPEN HOUSE! LET'S KILL HER!!!" PLS DUN KILL ME) She cooked laksa and I HELPED! *grins proudly* Anyways, a bunch of my close gfs decided to come over oso so we had fun...To those who cant make it, it's okay hons. I totally understand. Wani: It's ok since u haf class n all. Syera: Fak u. I invited u ordy n of all days to register for driving license is the day i invited u to eat at my hse. (>__<)

Initially a lot of us wanted to go beraya to all of our friends' hses only dat we realized that most of our friends are away for college. We're the only ones who are still in shah alam in a regular basis. Hawa: Comes home every weekend coz she studies in UM. Me: Sunway College. Need I say more? Shaza& Shira: Uitm Shah Alam.

Hawa suggested dat we shud all go beraya to Pn Sahariah's hse (my form 5 history teacher and my form 3 bm teacher) but I said, "over my dead body." Okay, dat sounded harsh but you have to know that the lady f-kin hates me (ovr a certain incident happened when I was in form 3)!!!!! I'm serious!!! So we didnt end up going beraya to anyone's hses.

*Shira lepaking in my room while reading a certain yaoi manga (NOT MINE!!!!) that contains very explicit contents. "Good stuff", she said.

*Hawa reading another explicit yaoi manga (also not mine). This is while we're waiting for shaza to come over.

SO while my friends got a bit steamy with the mangas, I, Yang who wanted to watch Mamma Mia so much suggested that instead of beraya-ing, why not we go to Pyramid and watch teh movie? Shaza who came a few minutes later bursted my bubble by saying, "I ordy watched the movie n who the hell suggested this idea? Mane korang punye raya spirit?!" Then she paused and looked at me, "Yang, it's you isnt it? Knowing you, this idea has your smell all over it."

I looked her and gave her my, "Cant blame me" look. I'm not much of a raya person, so sue meh. ^___^

And then we're off!!!

*On our way there, Shaza took my phone and decided to camwhore wit the rest of the girls while I, Yang stressed ovr the traffic jam.

My friends insisted that I invite my college friends too (not dat i dun want to juz dat my gfs' level of enthusiasm about meeting them worries me.) But I did invite them but thx god they cant make it coz who knows wat Shaza n Co would do to em. *sniggers*

Luckily the line wasnt that long but mamma mia was kinda late so we decided to watch the house bunny. It was a fun movie only I cant laugh most of the time due to my need to piss so bad (not dat yall shud know bout this... +_+) sometime during 30mins the movie had started.

A few hours and a toilet break later, we find ourselves at sushi king. Hawa n shira who are known to be avid japanese food lovers while shaza who wud eat anything and me who wont eat anything with eggs and raw stuff in it (n cucumber!) were quite a scene at the restaurant. The waiter asked whether we ordy started working since the three of us r in baju kurung so we had to explain our situation to her. We ate and caused quite a ruckus among the staff when all of em r confused when we asked them to split the bill. Ahh the dats another story.

Shaza n I needed another toilet break n during dat, Shira and Hawa tried to divide the cost of the bill. It was vry confusing n of coz me, who doesnt like numbers stayed out of it. Because of that, I ended up having Shaza giving me RM4. *shrugs*

And then the girls wanted to SHOP! (god i sound like their mother)

*Shira and me camwhore while waiting for Shaza who was trying on a dress and Hawa was somewhere behind us, lost among the clothes.

After that we all decided to balik and after dropping Shaza off (we all sempat lagi exchange citer hantu in the car), I decided to Raya at Hawa's house for the second time. That time it was around 8pm and Hawa's mother tgh msk SOTO!!!!!! So I stayed for an hour eating soto and talking to Hawa's mom about my future. Her mom is a dean of Chemistry at UM so she knows a lot about stuff...and now I'm worried. Shitz.


It was a relatively relaxing day. I ate a LOT tho. Woke up around 9am and realized dat I fell asleep in Adam's room. He was sleeping nxt to me n had the nerve to pop one eye open n asked whether I drooled or not on one of his pillows. The nerve of that boy. Ignored him n played video games till my mom popped her head in asking wat we wanted to eat for breakfast and i played till about 11am(?). I showered n got dragged off to my dad's office with adam to help him move a couple of stuff in his office.

And then, the three of us went to eat lunch at my uncle's house. I think he's having an open house but maybe its just an intimate lunch thingy between friends n family. Ate lots and went back home n fell asleep again in adam's room. Woke up around 6pm and felt FAT so I went to run on the treadmill for 20mins.

Oh yeah, there's no pics mase kt ayah ngah's house but I think u cn find some at his blog. If you're lucky, u cn see a pic of me pigging out.

That's about it...Monday awaits...I'm goin to die now. Cheerios!!

Yang Safia On Friday, October 10, 2008
ok, im actually procastinating from doing my homework but this got me thinking....

sometimes i feel my dad forgets that i'm actually a girl. well, physically it is THAT obvious (ideal woman? ahaha ayesha is an ideal woman!!!)

some few examples that i can rmmbr...

a) forget that im a girl that thinks about guys
b) made me wear his clothes coz they dun fit anymore
c) leave me outside in the dark and close the front door. exposing me to the dangerous world out there where r@pi$ts roamand simply not safe for a *gaghawtgag* girl like me.

Im sure most ppl have heard of this song by Sir-Mix-a-Lot = Baby got back. rmmbr the opening when this one gedik girl went, "Oh.My.God Becky...look at her butt. It is so big..."

My sibs n i got this freaky idea that in our family we should have our very own preppy/jock names...and so, our alternative names were created!!!

Abah = Paul (this was sooo random)
Mama = Jessica (again random thx to me)
Me = Leslie (ngahahaha, lolz)
Aya = Jennifer
Sabrina = Lindsay (Lohan?)
Adam = Becks (guy version of becky. again thx to my awesomely great mind!)

*eats a choki choki*
Yang Safia On
That pic on my profile...yeah, dat is one of my raya pics!! my post on raya will come up soon. dun rlly have anything to say coz feeling like a huge headache coming. but i rly like that pic coz its with my fav dah-ling cousin, Natasha. LOVE HER!!!

ps: tasha come la to kak safia's hse. meh raye! XOXO
Yang Safia On Wednesday, September 24, 2008
yes, the title of this post says it all!!!

I, Yang Safia is getting married on Oct. 6th and before you start taking out your pitchforks and start hunting my whole family, I'm getting a girl. To a korean girl to be specific. And I'm the groom.

Okay, okay hold on to ye picthforks...I'm not GAY and come on, I'm not seriously getting married! This is actually my new sociology project and we have to pick types of marriages we want to work on and plan a wedding. My team took the most typical one which is the American wedding.

so now this is where my rantings start. Looks like I wont be having a peaceful raya after all since I have THREE BIG PROJECTS and a wedding to plan during this hols and all of these are due when college reopens. *sighs*

btw, I'm in charge of the wedding invitations so people, help me out here. If you have any nice ideas on wedding invites but make sure its simple--I'm not exactly good when it comes to handicrafts--drop a comment.

GAWD, i cant wait for holidays!!

RAYA RAYA RAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sings the balik kampung song*

ps: my men out there, if you have a blazer roughly my size and you're willing to lend it to me, HOLLA! I need a suit since I'm the groom.
Yang Safia On Saturday, September 20, 2008
I think it's the same thing as tag only idk, some ppl call it meme. Correct me if I'm wrong but anyways, got loads of pics and stories to tell but the pics r in my cell n im too lazy to tell those stories so...for the 1st time ever(!), I'm doing a tag or a meme or whatever...

Ps: Got it from Anisah's blog. She didnt tag anyone since she doesnt believe in favoritism which is so cool of her! I'm tagging whoever is reading this and has a blog!

5 things I can find in my bag

da question is, which bag? LOL

Okay, this is for my gigantic olive green handbag:

1-my purse

2-my ENG4C and HHS4M files

3- my cellphone

4- car keys

5- graphic calculator for MDM4U

my 5 favorite things in my room~

1-my comfortable bed (where i spend most of my hours on it)

2-my computer!!!!!!!!!

3-my books (where you can see all over the place)

4-my shinaii (aka my kendo stick) ps: in other words, a real bamboo sword

5-my laptop (tho I'm hating it right now)
Yang Safia On Thursday, September 4, 2008
1) Stop Swearing (screaming the f word repetitively down the hallway is not good)

2) Stop hating people

3) Stop being depressed (especially on Mondays)

4) Lay off the chocolate

5) Be more SINCERE

6) Stop being so judgemental

7) Start to write for once

8) Stop driving like a madwoman

9) Stop screaming at other drivers

10)Learn how to park the car properly

11) Be more religious

12) Stop caring who your friends are

13) Smile sincerely more often

14) Smile more often

15) Stop crushing on your sociology lecturer

16) Start saving money

17) Stop shopping

18) Start reading all the short stories for English and lay off the Twilight for once

19) Stop being rascist (u were nvr one so what gives?)

20) Stop obsessing over guys (Guys at Sunway r not even good looking. Just join the Singles Club. End of Story)
Yang Safia On Thursday, August 28, 2008
Okay so here's the thing. I have this big ass sociology project I have to work on but I'm stuck BIG TIME. I'm still trying to find info on the topic but I need some opinions. Before I tell you the topic, please keep an open mind and answer n give your opinions thruthfully.

Topic: Emotional Effects of Sex Among Teens.

Please help. If you're just gonna go, "teens mane boleh buat sex", don't bother. Tell me what you think and with reasons PLEASE!
Yang Safia On Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Trying to get through first week of college after hols. God, I'm so depressed it's not even funny.

I'm starting not to like Sunway College. Dont ask me why.

I'm just not feeling it.

Domei Sunway College.

Yang Safia On Friday, August 22, 2008
...get married!!! Yes, surprisingly so. And I want to have a baby!!!! (like bella; she has renesmee!)

Ok, I'm freaking myself out here. Everyone knows I'm not good with children.

We all know that's not going to happen in another 10years or so. (T.T)

I have to admit, there's not much I can talk about my life other than that it's BORING but that's reality I guess. My life is NOT exactly like the OC or *insertteendramatitlehere. Other than posting pics of me camwhoring or some hot guy shirtless here, there's not much to tell.

Oh well, this is it for now. Have to go to college in an hour on a SATURDAY for anime club. (=____=)

Yang Safia On Wednesday, August 20, 2008
It's sooo damn funny~! I advise you twilighters out there to watch the long official trailer at before you watch this vid. The guys who made this vid is the same guys who made the Dark Knight spoof so yeah...So so funny! And the fact that they got the actors to look almost like the real characters are simply awesome!

Just go here! Fyi, since I'm like a retard when it comes to using the wonderful world of blogging has to offer, i still dont know how to upload a vid on my posts. So, if you're reading this anyone who knows, please guide me oh obi-wan kenobi....

Watched it? Note the guy who played laurent? Yeah, he's damn hot.

Yang Safia On Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oho yesh...a new (not exactly new, just baru sedar) hot guy is in town for Yangsville. His name is Robert Carmine Schwartzman and he is one foine lad (ok i juz cant believe i said that). He is my ideal looking guy I guess coz I always have a thing for guys who look like him. *squeals*
He looks familiar ait? That's because hes the guy who played Michael Moscovitz in The Princess Diaries movie. I just finished the latest Princess Diaries book and I have to say I cant wait for the last book to come out. OMG, HOW CAN MIA KISS J.P AFTER SHE BROKE UP WITH MICHAEL??? THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE!!!!!! SAY IT ISNT SOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Sorry, having a moment there...ANYWAYS, he is also in a band of which I listened to a cpl years ago but never kenal the faces in teh band. Im not sure if you've heard it but they're called Rooney and have songs like Daisy Duke, Shake It(not the metro station one) and Blueside.
Gawd, he's soo hot. period.
Am enjoying my one week holiday of which I hope it will never end. I mean seriously, I hate to work...I'm so lazy that I should die.
Have you finished Breaking Dawn? Have you even bought the book? Tell me what you guys think. I'd love to know! Cheerios~!

Yang Safia On Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Just a few minutes ago, I finished reading Breaking Dawn. One word. Perfect. Oddly enough I didnt cry or anything like I did with Harry Potter but for this one, I just cant stop smiling. :)

Honestly,I went through these past cpl of days like I'm in a daze or something because I was soooo eager to go back home and read the book. And I have to say with that book that thick, I was inwardly hoping it would be thicker coz I dont want the story to end!!!

Throughout the course I was so emotionally attached to the whole story that I have to admit, I was subconciously going through my days like yknow, ur doing ur thing and all but ur mind is not exactly there. Yeah, I was thinking about Edward Cullen. *grins*


Other than the fact that Bella marries Edward, I'm so happy and excited for Jacob! WHo knew that he would imprint their daughter, renesmee!!!! I mean seriously, from the other "guy" to potential son-in-law!!!! Its so damn funny tho some of my friends find it sick but whatev, i love it!!


Anyways, thank you to Ayesha for ruining my image of bella (since i so love a char.) by calling her melodramatic. knowing myself to be a bit fickle (juz a tad bit), i kept thinking about throughout the whole time during reading the book n i haf to not happy. THANKS A LOT AYESHA.

oh yeah, after reading the book i juz cant imagine how they cud choose robert to be edward. robert is good-looking but not as hot as edward!! honestly if u ask me to choose a guy to be edward, i cant coz well....i know the image of edward but if u look into my mind...there's not exactly a face. i mean, blargh...idk what to say. i just hope the movie is great! as for kristin to be bella...idk but i still prefer her to be bella than dat lemony snicket chick.

ANYWAYS, the whole series is great and i enjoyed reading all the books tremendously and cant wait to blab about it to unsuspecting victims aka my friends. *sighs* the book just made me believe in love again~



yang! aka mrs cullen wannabe (as long as edward doesnt come in the form of robert) =_= no offense dude!
Yang Safia On Friday, August 8, 2008
*spazzes* Oh.My.God. It's finally mine!! I, Yang Safia has a copy of Breaking Dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I felt like killing myself when I found out it's all sold out in all MPH bookstores in Shah Alam or any bookstores for that matter. But driven by my passion for the book, I actually went to all malls known in Shah Alam after I finished class at 2.30pm. After 3malls later, I found myself at the most unlikely place ever. Sec. 13 Giant Supermarket. I'm like, "what the hell am I doing here? It's a supermarket but they have MPH here...might as well give it a shot."

Maybe I was half crazy by then, I was like, "Is it just me or the MPH here looks bigger? And more organized?" Maybe thats just my delusional self talking and like I expected. No Breaking Dawn in sight. Oddly enuff, there's a lot of The Host tho. I felt like cutting myself right there when me, dejectedly walk up to the counter and asked, "Do you have Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer?" Coz honestly, its worth the shot la kan to ask even tho xde pon I nampak. I expected it to be on display or something like in other MPH bookstores and then....

Mph Worker: Oh you mean this one? *pulls an oddly familiar book hidden behind mountains of books they have on the counter*

Me: *stunned* Uh...i want it.

Mph Worker: Sure. You're lucky. this is like the last copy in shah alam. That will be RM 49.90.

Me: *Holds the book in my hands* I...I thought it's RM 80?

Mph Worker: Oh no. For this one is Rm 49.90.

Me: *hands a rm 50 bill*

Mph Worker: Thank you. Have a nice day.

Me: *stunned, looking at the book in her hands*

Honestly after that, I treated myself to a Mcd meal and drove back home like a madwoman and slept like freak hugging my copy of breaking dawn.

After I woke up, I camwhore.

*So happy together~

*Konon Hot pose!

*Breaking Dawn on my lap

*Honestly, thick is good!


So to Twilight fans out there who havent bought their copy of Breaking Dawn. BUY IT!!!!!!!! IT'S FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!!!!

Well toodles for now. *went off to read Breaking Dawn*

Yang Safia On Thursday, August 7, 2008
I have to say college is tiring for some odd reason. maybe because I've been slacking off too much during those seven months of nothing-ness because honestly, i think i'm busier when im in school. =_= so during lunch, Zulfan said, "We need a bigger table. I think there's more people joining this gang." I looked around the table, the faces...and I'm like, "What people? There's still six of us."
Then Nat when, "Uh, I think its our stuff that taking more space." She right, the books and papers are pratically occupying the whole table and even the benches. "God, I miss school. I dont want to admit it but I do." I said this. Others agreed and we started launching into why school is better than college and what not. Getting more depressed, Aki suggested that we should camwhore!!! And I found another side of my new friends I didnt know...they love to camwhore!! Aside from Nat that is. Shes just too emo to do that.

*Rini and Alyssa*
*Dunno whose this coz the pic is so dark*

There are more pics but I'm too lazy to upload them all. God, its so dark so I'm randomly uploading pics that I think it has to do with us camwhoring. =___________=