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Yang Safia On Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm not sure if you're familiar with this broadway show called Avenue Q but it's been on for agesssss and finally the franchise came down to Dunedin! I think it's the first time the show ever being performed here because I know it's been performed quite a couple times in Auckland and Wellington. I was mad excited when I saw their ad in campus so I didn't waste any time to get the tickets!

To watch Avenue Q was one of the things I wanted to do before I turned 30 so that's one thing crossed off the list! I've been singing to the show's tunes ever since I got interested with cosplay (not that I cosplayed but I was really into it at one point) because people tend to sing Avenue Q songs at conventions.

The showing that I went to was on the last days of Ramadhan (man, I'm bad!) but it was on the first night of Spring break so me and Nings sort of planned a special iftar to celebrate both! Okay, it was more on my part because I was really really really excited! This is after all my first time going to a real musical and people really raved about the show. I was hoping to learn a few things from it...

We decided to iftar at this swanky restaurant in Dunedin called Bennu. Last time I wrote about it was the time I went for desserts because theirs are TO.DIE.FOR! We decided to go a bit flash that night because we're


Jie Ning and I have been spending a LOT of time together since the rest of Secret Club are away for the holidays. At one point, the night felt like a date...which was disturbing! Haha

Jie Ning in her natural element

My Chicken Quasadilla

Ning's Vegetarian Lasagne

Dinner finished quite early so we had some time to kill before the we walked around town and eventually found ourselves having coffee and desserts at Tagente Cafe. It is next to Fortune Theatre after all...

One thing about Nings is that she's obsessed with anything Paris. One day she's going to have her dreams crushed when she finally get to Paris. I heard some pretty gruesome stories about Paris, especially about its cleanliness. For this picture, she coerced me into taking this shot of her with this plastic Eiffel tower on some shop.

I like the vibe in Tagente but the food is mediocre. In my opinion it's not even worth your money. The coffee and dessert was meh. Also, I only went there for its quirkiness and I find everything about it weird, even their opening times. They open real early everyday but close at 3pm. Fridays are the only time they close late and they have a band performance on Friday nights too. So we came on the right time...or so we thought la.

The chocolate fruit cake is nice coz it's not too sweet but it's too squishy and the fruits you can tell that it's not fresh. Love the chocolate but's just nothing extraordinary.

I find it so funny how the band took such a long time to set up but they only performed like 5 minutes. =-=;;


Look at what I found in my toilet cubicle! Haha!

I was surprised of how small Fortune Theatre is. Ridiculously small. I guess I just have to accept that everything in New Zealand is small compared to Malaysia. :) Not that I'm saying it's a bad thing but it's just different.

The only picture I could get coz I realized that you can't exactly take picures.

In my opinion, Dunedin's Avenue Q was a disappointment for me. Maybe because I had a high expectation from the rave reviews it got from my Theatre lecturers and Critic. I find that the cast failed to really bring the puppets alive (because Avenue Q is all about its puppets) and I felt the ventriloquies did more acting than the puppets themselves. I realized that they are not professional puppeteers but the director could have asked them to attend puppet seminars just like the Broadway cast. Also I notice some of the jokes are very american so it wasnt as funny for the Kiwi audience. The energy from the cast was lacking big time.

I know for a fact that Jie Ning didn't enjoy it at all...which was sad! I was really hoping that the show would prove her wrong! :D

Avenue Q by Dunedin Cast = 2/5
Yang Safia On Saturday, August 20, 2011
Committee after Mahsuri

Today OMSA had its annual general meeting (AGM) which means I have officially stepped down from my position in OMSA. I really had a great time working with the 2010/11 committee this year. Despite the stressful times and disagreements that we had this year, it was such an amazing experience for me. It taught me patience, perseverance and being organized.

Just because it is the end of a chapter between my work with OMSA does not mean my support will end there. I will help with whatever I can but it's good to see new faces take over the reins and lead the club to a new direction.

OMSA has been my family ever since I came to Otago. They give me a sense of belonging in New Zealand and gave me opportunities to pursue my passion. 30 years down the road, I will come back to Otago Uni and show my kids that this is where everything started. My life with OMSA and how I grew as a person. Hopefully by that time, I will get to where I want to in life. Insyallah.

But for now, I will enjoy the time I have left at Otago Uni and OMSA-a family away from home.

A more fun side of us shown. Not easy to get us like this. I think. Haha

OMSA circle :')

On a brighter note, Cheers to next year! Hopefully filled with travels and meeting new people!

Yang Safia On Saturday, August 13, 2011
Dunedin received a weather forecast that said that a snowstorm is going to Dunners quite badly. The reason why we make snow such a big deal here is because we don't get snow often...well ever. The last time it snowed heavily was in the 70s. Dunedin is seriously screwed up with its erratic weather but to get snow is really something for us. I figured Uni will close down for a couple days since it's really hilly here and most people won't be able to get down their hill...including me.

Thank god that I managed to stock up on food yesterday! :D

To be honest, this is the second time we received snow. I think people are more prepared for it. The first time was about 3 weeks ago and my god, the whole city was a bit crazy. I had a pretty bad time because I wasn't prepared for it at all!! I didn't have food and I was stranded. :(

Now that I'm more prepared, it's time to enjoy the snow! :D

My first snowball! Fresh snow is so fluffy!

My first snowman! It's a modern snowman coz it looks like a robot!

The following pictures are from the time when it first snowed. I was walking around town to do some last minute errands (bad idea). I took some pictures around campus so enjoy~

Clock tower in white

Path to Archway covered with snow. I usually have my lectures at Archway.

Union Lawn in white! This is where the Uni hold its events.

That's the central library. My library! We have a couple of libraries around campus, ie: Med library, but Central is the main one.

Note: Um, I got the videos in reverse so if you could watch the second video would make better sense!

Right, off to study now!!
Yang Safia On Friday, August 12, 2011

I think this video shows the Scarfie lifestyle at its best especially during the first few seconds. I'm not much of a Scarfie but heck yeah, I have the Scarfie pride. University of Otago FTW! For those who don't know what a Scarfie is; it is what Otago students call themselves. From what I understand, we are called Scarfies because of the thick scarfs that people back even the day used to wear due to Otago being really cold. And the students back then don't wear just any scarf, it's the Uni of Otago scarf with blue and yellow (these 2 colors are Otago Uni's official colours).

I love how this video shows all the local sights that you will see around campus. Also, I saw Strawberry Sound in the video. That is an audio company that I hired for my Mahsuri production. Awesome people with awesome service!! They just know what I want and I love their laid-back professionalism. God knows how panicky I can get when the show gets nearer and nearer.

PS: Chopsticks 101, a famous Chinese restaurant in Dunedin decided to air my Mahsuri in their restaurant! HAHA! I'm so honoured! XD
Yang Safia On Thursday, August 11, 2011

I don't consider myself emo because of my sense of awareness. Yeah, that must be it. That's why I hardly write about the struggles that I go through because I am usually capable of picking myself up in a matter of hours. The longest would be like three days. Usually I should be fine by then. Yes.

I'm not sure if you've noticed but the blog seemed less personal lately...especially the time leading up to Mahsuri and after it. Well the thing is, I have been down. The best way to describe how I was feeling is similar to having all the motivation and aspirations sucked out of you, leaving you numb. Suddenly I found myself being timid with the things around me and I felt so helpless. I didn't know what to do with myself. Suddenly I was scared. I was scared to go to class, I was scared to talk to people and all I wanted to do is to get away from anything English-related.

At first I thought I was just having one of those post-production depression (the one where you realize that you don't have to be responsible over people and things anymore) so I gave myself a week to recover. It was difficult because suddenly I realized how difficult my subjects are this semester. Well, they're not super difficult per say but the pressure to perform well is eating away my confidence. I started to doubt myself.

Am I that good at English anyway?

Being an English major, I am definitely taking the road less travelled. Especially being what I am. I have never regretted taking this path because I know, deep down that this is what I wanted to do. But at the same time, I am not stupid enough to disregard what the reality is. The most difficult part of being me at the moment would much do I get to have things my way? So far, I am blessed to have things go according to plan (Alhamdulillah...) but now I feel it's time to take the next step. Where should I go now? I have so many possibilities but I am torn between self-growth and being "realistic".


If I were to ask one of my English professors, they would definitely throw back the question at me. What is realistic? Does realistic means conforming to what society expects you to be? Does it entail security? Does it entail happiness? Do the things that are realistic to me are the same for you?


Shouldn't I grow as a person in order to understand the realities of the world? Shouldn't I provide myself an edge that will separate me from other people? But does self-growth can be delayed? Is it okay for me to put my self-growth on hold so that I will conform to what society think what I should do first.

What is the rush? I asked.

But money and time are of the essence. Another part of me answered.

I had all these thoughts running in my head for the past month. What made it worst was that I felt so guilty for thinking all of these thoughts. At the end, all I could see was that I am this selfish person.

But am I so selfish for wanting to be the best in what I do? Am I so selfish for going after my goals?

After battling all of these thoughts, alas God has given me the answer in the form of my father. No one can put things into perspective like my father can. He is one amazing person and I pray everyday that Allah will bless him for he is an angel.

**I am fine now! I figured it would be good if I share a different side of me. I'm back to old Yang Safia!Also I don't want to put unnecessary stress on my health now! I have been sick on and off these past few weeks so it also explains why I haven't been "active".

Basically what I wanted to say is that people will always go through a period where they doubt themselves and that is normal. Especially when you're a 20-something like me. You are about to step into the real world after all. I believe that ultimately, it is up to you because it is your life after all. You have the power to shape it. Although this doesn't mean it is wise for you to ignore what others are trying to tell you.

In the words of Mior Azli, "Don't accept an idea completely nor reject it completely."

Yang Safia On Monday, August 8, 2011

A beautiful documentary! It's about the International Quran Recital Competition held in Cairo every year and this documentary shows the journey of three young children (who are all tahfiz) from different parts of the world, entering this competition. It will totally warm your heart during this Ramadhan. I know I'm a week late but better late than never! Ramadhan Kareem everyone!

Yang Safia On Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Secret Club was founded early this year, when four Malaysian(+ one Bruneian! Whoops! :P) girls decided to make a tradition. Yes, a tradition whereby every Friday evening they will put everything on hold and have coffee together. This is a club where everything is out for discussion and the best part, it stays within the group. We laugh, cry, panic and create dramas wherever we go. Yes, we fight constantly but just like real sisters, we make up at the end. I love this group because we all have different personalities and yet, we compliment each other perfectly.

Adeline: The most KIASU (competitive) person you'll ever meet. An over-achiever by nature but her KIASU-ness can be very funny at times. She'd like to think that she's a cross of Donald Trump and Mother Theresa. And yes, she's very serious about this. =_=

Alia: The most DRAMATIC person you'll ever meet. I'll be honest, it's hard to like Alia at first but when you DO get to know her, it's hard not to love her. Her crazy ideas coupled with good intentions makes Secret Club what it is. AN AWESOME FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN 5 GIRLS!

Jie Ning: She's old. The oldest member in SC. Also by now, you can tell that I LOVE to annoy her. She's a grumpy mommy but when she laughs, my GOD. You just can't help but laugh with her. The most kind-hearted person I know. She who loves passionately and HARD; makes Jie Ning a beautiful soul.

Shaz: The baby of the group. It's safe to say that all the members are very protective of her. But this baby got some edge man because my god, someone wash this girl's brain. The things that come out of her mouth are pure unadulterated AWESOMENESS!

Yang: Because I'm Yang Safia. ;)

We'd like to think we're a sorority but that's just us being lame. Two weeks ago, one of our members decided to spread her wings and do an exchange to America. She'll be gone for six months so it's no biggie right?

But my god, some of the sappy ones just HAD to be all dramatic about Adeline's exchange. Haha.

Then again, that's how we roll.

To the girls, I know it's late but I figured I'd be different and do it a bit late. :D

Each of the girls decided to do a personal page thingy and compile it into a scrapbook for our darling Bock-bock. Some of the pages are super creative I tell you!

Secret Club at Good Earth