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Yang Safia On Sunday, June 21, 2009
You've prolly been wondering what happened to me for the past couple of days/weeks (I lost track. It might not even be a week for all I know. >_>)

Well, my daily activities have resumed just like post-SPM although with less vigor. Yes, I've become lazier~

Also, I've become more like a hermit since I lock myself all DAY in my room. Doing what you ask?

I'm about to tell you what I do that not even the people in my house know.

a) I'm addicted to watching this show: WE GOT MARRIED!

It's a korean reality show where they have celebrities signed a marriage contract and live a mock married life. Some will fight and some fell in love. It is soo much better than whats on the news today and it makes me laugh~!

b) I'm playing The Sims 2 on my laptop secretly (ABAH IF YOU'RE READING THIS, DUN TELL THE REST OF THE SIBLINGS!!!). I even made couples for my friends and since I'm a pretty good Sim-maker, I have myself married to Edward Cullen (we have a baby named Serena!!), Shaza to Kim Sang Bum-if you watch Boys Before Flowers, he's the guy who played Yi-Jung- (they got a baby girl oso name Kim Seon Hee) and Shira insisted that she wanted to marry Zac Efron (shocker I know) and recently they got a baby boy named Caius. So after this I'm plannin to marry all of our children. :)

I know I'm weird but thats what makes you love me~

So yeah, imagine I'm doing this everyday for 6 months or less.

And I also need to get myself on the treadmill so... >_>

Peace out.
Yang Safia On Thursday, June 11, 2009

Everyone who has worked,studied with me or know me personally can tell how much I love my cat/son, Ginger. He's not the best cat in the world, in fact I think he fails as a cat but he's my baby. And I'm not the best owner/mom in the world so both of us are guitly but the love is there. Futhurmore, Ginger has been with my family for almost 7 years now. Despite his lack of usefulness to the household, he does contribute to certain aspects of our lives like...treating my dad's fear of cats.

Well, a couple hours ago...Ginger went missing. Like really missing. I cant see the huge orange lump anywhere and it was around 8pm when I realized he went missing. I only realized how he's not there in the house when my dad pointed out that the front door was open for quiet sometime. You see, Ginger is a pure house cat and as much I would love to see him run wild-I just cant risk the possibility him of getting hit by a car/any vehicle really,contract any dieseases and getting into fights. Or worse...somebody who might kidnap him. Although my mom did say that it's practically impossible for ppl to kidnap him due to his outrageous temper.

I forgot to mention that Ginger is bipolar. Yes, I have a bipolar cat. Wait, add spoilt too. Once, he attacked me and I had to go to the hospital to treat my wounds. :(
Anyways, I started to look for him with my sister, Sabrina and we were quite panicked. Me, being the emotional one in the family started to bawl my eyes out right there but Sabrina held it in. **I noticed that she cried in her room once we stopped looking.
I was supposed to send Aya to tuition but luckily my dad took over while I look for Ginger. In fact, I think he felt bad seeing how I was bawling my eyes in the dark while looking for my cat that he even drove around looking for the orange lump. Which was really sweet of him. :)
But after 2 hours of MIA, mom heard a familiar cat-howl at the front of the house. Turned out it was GINGI!!! (my nickname for Ginger). What actually happened was that when the door opened, he saw this black cat (we all know that it is Ginger's arch enemy) entered the house and chased him away. I bet he chased it pretty far since I cant find him anywhere close. SO now they decided to battle it out in front of the house. Ginger is VERY territorial and being the only cat in the house, he never really had to share our love before; thus gets jealous easily. In fact, to prove my point...bring over your cat to my house. I'm sure Ginger will pwn-ed your cat fosho.
To celebrate the occasion, I drank tons of red bull and I am officially ADDICTED.
Ginger, you'll always be the death of me...


Yang Safia On Wednesday, June 10, 2009
On June 7th, I turned 19. Old I know. My mom just cant believe that I turned 20 next year and most people tell me that it's my last teen year. I know, it's sooo sad. :(

Not many people know this but I have a thing for numbers. I dont believe them to be lucky or not just sometimes I tend to think certain numbers as pretty like the number 17. And 19 is such a pretty number~!

SO yay for me being 19!!! :D

I had a quiet celebration with the family on my actual birthday but yesterday my two bestfriends, Shaza and Shira threw me a fun filled birthday celebration with AWESOME GIFTS that made me feel bad receiving.

You guys sure know how to put a girl on pressure. Dah la your birthdays are in the same month so joint birthday celebration boleh? ;p

What they did was picked me up around 11am yesterday and straight away head to Sunway Pyramid (=_=). I was like, "Oh okay..." Immedietly (argh dunno how to spell!) I thought of college but whatever lah.

Shaza, "I'm going to deflower you..."

WTF was my reaction.

Then she brought me to Red Box. My first thought was "Oh no...noooooooo way. NO FREAKING WAY!"

Shaza already booked a room for us to sing our hearts out and me being a karaoke virgin ish nervous. Luckily Shira is also a karaoke virgin so okay lah....
Turned out karaoke is almost natural for me. I surprised myself. We boogied to ABBA and then strut our stuff to FERGALICIOUS and rnb-ed to Neyo songs like Mad and Closer (EPIC WIN!!). We also emo-ed to MyChemicalRomance and Shira did a solo for Hotel California, Shaza to Big Girls dont Cry and I sang to ABBA's I do I do. IT WAS CRAZY. You know how Paris Hilton danced on tables in nightclubs...well I jumped on the couch and danced. LIKE REALLY DANCED! to FERGALICIOUS.

And before that, I went shopping for my birthday gift. I've been saving up for a new handbag for quiet sometime now. My friends are somewhat relieved now that I have a handbag that I'm happy with because before this, I always put my stuff in their bags when we go out. be aware that I'm super proud of myself that I managed to find this handbag. IT WAS AN AWESOME CHOICE I MADE AND A GOOD BARGAIN!!! In fact, I have it on my lap now so that I could stroke it as I type this post.
*The bag is so awesome that even my MOM is green with envy. :p
After 2 hours of belting out every possible notes and some impossible ones, we found ourselves a bit famished. (Yeah right, we were ready to eat an entire cow!)

SO we went to Sushi King~! I'm putting my foot down on this one because I dont want them to spend more money than they already have on the presents.

*Shaza: Who is about to get herself a boyfriend for the first time. WHY?!!!!!!*
*Shira: A bit pissed coz her food arrived really late*

*Me: Drinking green tea? Cheers!*

I'm such a present whore that you can call me a slut. Shame on me I know. (>_<;;)
But the girls really went all out this year that I really feel bad on receiving them.
*From Shira. The price tag on this pocket watch necklace is crazy. Especially if you're on a student budget. Lagi2 me lah...
*From Shaza: For a person who practically knows me inside out and can READ MY FRIGGIN MIND, its not surprising that she chose passionfruit set for meh. Is it because I'm such a passionate person or...I NIH BAU MASAM?!!! >_<>
They told me that this is my last birthday that I would celebrate with them since next year for my BIG TWO-OH I'll be celebrating it alone. Makes me feel a bit sad.
Sha and Shira, dont worry loves(!) I'm only a skype awaaaaaaaay~! <33333

Yang Safia On Thursday, June 4, 2009
Fresh from my trip in Sungai Buloh, I have possibly weigh a couple kgs heavier than before. The thing about staying at the Mior Azli's condo, you cannot help but to EAT. The place is so cold (by Malaysian standard lah) and the only way to warm yourself up is to stock up on fats to warm your body.

In a way, using this reason to eat tons of fatty unhealthy food is legit. :)

As much as I respect my siblings, I hate to point out that living with Adam (ALONE!) can very much be the worst mistake you could have ever made. He is such a bore. He almost have zero ability to hold a conversation and when he sees the PS2, you can pretty much consider yourself invisible.

But of course la, that doesnt stop myself from playing oso. Though I can never go over the 2 hour time frame. *sigh*

Although there are one of those very few games that can capture my full attention. And you can catch me playing it for hours and hours...

I'm currently finishing up this game (FINAL BOSS BATTLE BABY!):

The other day, while I was enraptured with the game-I met with a wall during the climax of the plot. Realizing that I forgot to bring my phone (million bonks to the head!!!) I frantically called everyone I know (those that I have their numbers memorized lah) using Adam's phone to call Shira.

Like Shaza, Shira is another bestie of mine. In fact, she's my partner-in-crime. Shes the only person who can make me go apeshit crazy. So yeah, I would totally jump off a building if its with her. :)

Anyways, she is also my buddy when it comes to this anime/video games thang. And she's playing Persona 4 too!!!!!!!! SO I called her and she went up online to find the solution for meh (so nice i know~!).

After my overly dramatic episode of which Adam described as "screaming like a crazy fat monkey", I found myself reminiscing times where I was 14 (Shira, 13) and was playing this:

Oh how we would call each other at odd times (like b4 showering, eating, during the game playing) and just simply blab,boast,brag,etc...about our latest level-gaining and completed this mission and so on. Yeah we shared a few tips here and there but during those days, we were really competitive. Not now la since we're in different fields and doing different things.

*sigh* Good times.

Neways, I'll be graduating tomorrow and expect my post on that and pictures too!!

BYE CIMP!!!! :)

Yang Safia On Monday, June 1, 2009
Screw my last entry. Seeing these made me feel an awful LOT better.

Yang and Ayesha warming up the camwhoring session

We decided to play around with Kenny's head

I love Ayesha's face! In the pic: Me, Ayesha, Kenny and Papi

As you can see, more ppl start to join in. Natural camwhores, a lot of them!

Quite an angelic picture of me, Ayesha and Kenny

Gangsta Yang and Papi. Ayesha's usual Whiskers ad pose.

Quote from FB: "Wa sayang same lu, Piah."

Chaos that ensues in our class everyday
Last day of the official class. The whole family!

Yang Safia On
The trip to Penang which I looked forward to for many months turned out to be disappointing for me.

At certain moments there, I actually wished Im in class (namely World Issues class) learning stuff like privitization of water or the Falum Dafa. Weird I know. Maybe because the time there was that BAD. =_=

Yes, I managed to complete my short term goal of single-handedly drove from Shah Alam to Penang.

But I didnt expect to catch a cold there.

And have my scoliosis acting up.

And be in super awkward moments with relatives that I havent seen in ages.

Now I'm just in a BAD mood.

But I feel slightly better la now that I'm back in Shah Alam. Oh my favourite city how I love you so~!

Luckily I'm getting some R&R time (more like supa-geeky time!) tomorrow as I'm going to stay at the condo my family have up in Sungai Buloh with my brother. Just the two of us this time as the rest of the family are busy with their stuff. Let the video games and junk food infested marathon begin!

Gah, I miss my friends terribly. :(