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Yang Safia On Thursday, January 29, 2009
Roughly an hour ago, I caught myself watching a Malay drama series. Honestly speaking, I was never a fan of Malay movies/drama (there, I admit it MALAYSIA!!!! tho thats not much of a surprise). What series you ask?


I know the series has been on air for like forever but I never had the drive to actually watch it even tho penah la read it sumwhere. I mean, the 1st time I read about the plot it was interesting. So far, not some rip off and very original la. And might I just add theres Sharifah Amani in it? Yeah, love her in Yasmin Ahmad movies. One flaw tho. Not a fan of her Utara accent. Made her sound...sengau. (=_=) Dont tell me she's supposed to sound like dat (like my mom said) but yeah, dats my opinion on it.

Since I dont follow the series (tonight was my 2nd time of watching it), I'm not interested in watching bout other characters only about the progress of rona and roni's relationship.

And might I say, LOVE THE THEME SONG.

Been looking for it for an hour on the net and GOT IT!!!

This Alif dude did a pretty good job with the song.


So yeah, liking the series.

But you're never going to see me buying a ticket and watch some Mohaideen(?), Moheedin(?) movie. Dun sue me anyone but his movies are absolute rip-offs and crap.

Wat is it with Malaysians and making movies/dramas based on other people's ideas and creativity? Like Awan Dania. Absolute rip-off man.

I can go on and on forever about the Malaysian film industry but lets save it for some other time.


when is it coming out eh?

Yang Safia On Monday, January 26, 2009
A couple hours before, everyone who are not busy celebrating CNY might know that today, a sun eclipse is going to happen. And so, armed with my dad's trusty camera I waited the whole day to get a shot.

Knowing from the title, obviously I didnt get a shot.

Apparently it was impossible unless you have a microscopic lens thingie-majig. And since I tried getting a glimpse of the bloody eclipse, now my eyes feel like they're on fire.

Good things that came out of today:

a) managed to get a cpl of shots that r good enuff for my photography assignments
b) bumped into my ex Form 5 punye ketua kelas. CAPIKKKKKKKK!!!! good f'ller.

If I rajin or feeling extremely proud of meself, beta will do another post.

PS: GOT EL BRILLIANTE' IDEA!!! I think that sha n I shud make our own version of Beyonce's Single Ladies vid on Valentines Day. Wat say y'all?
Yang Safia On Monday, January 19, 2009
Hello honey-ies!!!

I am having an absolute fab semester rite now~! (note the sarcasm) And as im typing this entry im feeling that i might come down with somethin. *sighs*

Y'all might ask, "to being pro what?" Ohohohoho...I may be an amateur writer and still not moving up a notch but I am certainly moving from a photo-taking noob to a pro....(not yet, but on the road to)

Behold!!! My first photography project~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*sighs contently* I'd like to say that I wont achieve this product without the help of my two very bestest, willing to put up with my whining, byoooootiful inside-out friends, Shaza and Shira. In fact, most of the pictures I took was with them. Ok, in fact all the pics. The pics above are the best out of the bunch and I feel like sharing em with you guys.

My fav would be the lst pic of Shira, her face painted white. I had the most fun taking dat pic.

Bak kata Shira, "The picture is EPIC!"

Oh yes indeeeeeeeed. :D

And I'd like to share a very nice pic of my most 2 faveretest ppl I like to lepak with and terribly miss one of em and one I dun miss so much since I see her like everyday. =_=

*God the pic is sooo old now when I think about it. I still have that dreadful haircut (was in my rebel stage but dunno how to do it so I showed it on my hair. Believe me, my mom was not impressed.) Shaza's hair was still straight and Hawa...I MISH YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! Forgive the non sequtor. Ok the pic is not old. It was taken last late April I think. We were still holidaying dat time. No college. Finish SPM. God, life was soo much simpler that time...
Yang Safia On Tuesday, January 13, 2009
This post is basically the summary of whats been goin on in my life since the last entry. Now that I've started college (my last sem in CIMP!!!!!!!!), life is back into its hectic pace. Tho now I can go back oh-so-early and hinggap sumwhere like Sha's place and wherever. Eventhough the assignments r piling up like crazy so screw la wat i jz said. (=___=)

Happy NEWS(!): my financial status is back and running. ok, not much running la since im trying to save up.

Ok lets rewind waaaaaaaay back to Jan 4th where Shira came over to lepak at my hse. God, it's soooo hard to see her so as tradition, everytime she comes over...kecoh la rumah.

We spent the whole day in my room watching Junjou Romantica. (A jap anime tho it is strictly 18++) Siot je.

Heres the pic of the anime. Im not goin to xplain why it's 18++. Paham2 je la. HOHOHOHOHO! YAOI!!!!!
Then we both went to her hse plak so that I cud get some files from her and shiz. GOD how much I missed her messy room.

And then we camwhore....

**This pic is dedicated to all the mak cik kepochis out thurrr. Ada muka kepoh tak? Hoho

And many more...

The next day, the rest of the Yang sistas+Adam(who started HIGH SCHOOL!) started their 1st day of school while beta boleh tahan laze around la.

What I'm taking in my last semester for CIMP~!

Period 1 - Communication Technology Lect: Mr Patrick McMaster

Period2 - World Issues & Geographical Analysis Lect: Ms Nancy Sutter

So yeah dats basically it. Tho theres a LOT of work.

I had to wake up really really early everyday....but i guess thats the price u have to pay if u want to balik early. *shrugs*

But might I juz point this out.

Mr Boucher is the bestest CIMP director evrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

The reason? Secret first la. I'll tell when I get the result. *grins*

Oh! oh!!!

I did this:

**Picture courtesy of Yang Sabrina who I might just add; suck at taking pictures.

So meg cabot fans out thurr, The last installment of Princess Diaries came out on Jan 9th. Im currently reading it and might i say.....AWESOME NAK MATI!! MICHAEL MOSCOVITZ I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! Hes like my ideal guy. Like in real life ideal kinda guy!

**Teh book ish awesomeeeeee!!! Ppl been saying that the ending is absolutely c'est magnifique!!! Of coz Idk since I havent finished it yet but Im almost at the end so...I KNOW ITS GOIN TO BE AWESOMEEEEEE! I KNEW SHES GOIN TO END UP WITH MICHAEL!!! SHE HAS TO!!!!! OMG--
Jeez I need to stop with the caps.
Shaza n I been discussing how we terribly need a Michael Moscovitz in our lives....well, mostly I do. Shaza is sort of roped into it.
So that's basically whats been goin in my life.
Now I have to go and draw the frickin map of Malay Archipelago for IDC.
Till then hoes,
Yang Safia On Friday, January 2, 2009
Hey guys. I noticed i've been MIA a lot lately so sorry for that if u've been wonderin wth happened to me for the past cpl of days/weeks. I mean the last time you heard of me was when I was mourning about my sweater!


I'm wishin y'all a happy new year (i fell asleep through the countdown) and if you've been smsing wishing me happy 2009 n i didnt return the favour; I'm sorry. No credit la. Beta amat pokai rite now. SO HARPY 2009 N GOD BLESS!

XOXO (lol gossip girl much?)