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Yang Safia On Sunday, September 29, 2013
"It's funny how we start off nervous and hating this alien. However once it reaches its end, you don't want to leave it. It's even funnier that you crave for that alien once you encounter a newer alien. It goes on and on. And so that's why we have nothing to worry about." 
Yang Safia On Sunday, September 22, 2013
 So we're going to start this final post about my trip to Amsterdam with some Rembrandt. We had roughly 40 minutes to go through about 300+ paintings before the place closes so...away we go!

PS: I took a lot of pictures but I don't want to bore you to death with paintings that probably won't mean much to you. :/

A painting of that time when that thing happened. :P

The next day, we woke up real early to catch our turn at the Van Gogh Museum. Everything was so pro because they had like these waiting terminals where you'll enter with groups of people. I highly suggest you to catch the earliest viewing time because it won't get too crazy! By the time I finished my session, the outside was PACKED with people waiting under the hot sun!

Terminal 4 peeps

Some of Van Gogh's salvaged art utensils.

Shira showing some mad drawing skills!

It took us roughly 2 hours to go through all the paintings and then it was time to hit the souvenir shop! Traveller Tip: There are actually two souvenir shops selling exclusive Van Gogh souvenirs. One, when you bought the museum tickets but the shop sells stuff from the Rijksmuseum as well. You won't get as many things inside the actual museum but still worth to check it out. Don't quote me on this but I find certain things are cheaper. If you decide to find more cool things, I definitely recommend shopping at the Van Gogh souvenir shop inside the museum. Both shops are official so it's not like one is better than the other really. I would say in term of variety, the shop inside the museum has more!

So um, we pretty blew most of our cash (by we, I meant me) buying the souvenirs from the outside souvenir shop so we paid our attention to these amazingly cool chairs. 

We start things off with proper shots la.

Then we got a bit creative...

The "I'm-trapped-in-Van-Gogh's-painting" pose.

The fugly Van Gogh's "The Scream" pose.

Typical Malaysians, we got ravenous so it was time for some noms.

Then we went to look for some Dutch cookies. If you've seen the video I posted up, we've reached that timeline right now.

I don't know about you guys but when I travel to a new place, one of my must-stop is definitely the supermarket! Not only you can stock up on food but it is one of the only places where it is most normal. Supermarkets are a great place to observe the locals and really get a sense of what a normal life would be at that particular place/city. 


We bought our lunch (and Dutch cookies) and caught a tram to Dam. One of my must visit sites (because of John Green) is the Begihnhof.

This window reminds me of the Window Scene from Romeo and Juliet.

Famous Dutch Bookstore

(I will do a bookstore review for this one!)

I find it quite easy to miss the Begijnhof because of the small entrance. Luckily we noticed the heavy flow of people coming in and out of the door!

So thoughts about the Begijnhof? It is surprisingly...small. Beautiful nevertheless but small and very cramped because there were a lot of people there. I read in Time Out magazine that people should eat lunch there and we couldn't find a seat! In fact, I saw no food signs around the area so I decided against it. We ended up eating lunch at the Dam square.

Weed anyone?

By this time, we walked way too much so I wanted to grab some grub. Actually by this time I was missing meat already so...

...we ate here. It was real near to the Sex Museum which I find amusing. Actually this was taken after our visit to the Sex Museum but I won't put up pictures from my experience there. I don't want to have pictures of penises taking over this post. =__= 

(Also there's a picture of each of us sitting on a giant penis chair. I'll leave that to your imagination...HAHA!)

By this time, we were looking for the location of the redlight district because we were planning to see some action that night. By action I meant to gawk at the prostitutes la. 

I can never get sick of the small pavement roads and the canals. I will live at this place at some point of my life!!!! I'm looking at about 2-4 day... *motivated face*

Just a pretty face by the canal.

Same area but now.... night!

Three things I found fascinating that night:

1) The infamous redlight district is actually very small.
2) Along the square, you will see coloured window displays with prostitutes offering different types of services (if you know what I mean).
3) A scene whereby I see 3 Chinamen bargaining with a prostitute. Them Asians love their discounts!

Next morning, we packed up and ready to leave for London. Here are some shots I took of the street where we stayed. The thing I love about Dutch buildings is that they seem to have this protruding piece of wood on top of their buildings. I think it is some old lever device but it's so pretty!!! Shira and I got excited everytime we passed a building with one.  

BEST BOOKSTORE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! I WISH I CAN BUY EVERYTHING BECAUSE THEY HAVE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! I actually went here twice and there will definitely be a full review of this place!! I have tons of pictures of what's inside!

The rest of day before we made our move to Schipol Airport was trying a bunch of local delicacies. By a bunch I meant two kinds. =_=

First of was this pickled herring. If you don't like cold food, I would say skip this one but you're missing the taste of culture la. SO.GOOD. 

Now this is going to be a bit of a surprise for us Southeast Asians but the famous takeaway food here is not Chinese...but Indonesian! We finally found Kantjil before we left for Schipol and it was really weird to see Nasi Putih spelt in Dutch. Haha. I felt super boss la when I ordered because I pronounced it in the most authentic way la. Hehe. 

Note: Kantjil is not halal. So go vegetarian here you Muslim folks. 

And that's it! That's my amazing Amsterdam experience! I need to go back to that place and also visit places outside Amsterdam. The country is so beautiful and I love itttttt! In fact, I'm thinking of picking up Dutch. (The language and the men! ;P)