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Yang Safia On Monday, October 27, 2008
1. Edward Cullen (Twilight Series)
2.Edward Cullen
3. Ivan (If you could see me now)
4.Jacob Black (Twilight Series)
5.Emmett Cullen (Twilight Series)
6. David (All American Girl)
7. Michael Moscovitz (Princess Diaries)
8. Prof. Snape (Harry Potter) **Weird I know
9. Edward Cullen
10. Edward Cullen (!!)

Comments: The list is a bit biased I think. :p
Yang Safia On Sunday, October 26, 2008
I am in shock. I have never (ever!) accepted any of my friends' boyfriends but what happened today, changed it all. So let me start by telling you guys how my day started...

Followed abah from behind as he led me to Bandar Sunway from Sg Buloh as our whole family decided to stay at our condo there and I had to go to college to meet my teammates to discuss bout my upcoming nuptials for families' class.

Arrived at college. Headbangs to FOB in the car for a good 30mins as I was there early. Was getting a bit dizzy from the headbanging so went to the cafe to get myself some coffee. Then headed to room 316 and was about to scream when Christina emerged, carrying all her wedding stuff. Spent the whole time learning korean and teaching malay while waited for Andrew.

Andrew finally showed up, panting and repetitively said sorry (we promised to meet @ 11am). Nushie never showed up. Rehearsed for cpl of times till 1pm.

Found myself back in the car and called Hawa whether she's home or not. Thing is, last friday I went out and ate at Pizza Hut with syera and she said something how we all should meet her bf, Paul who is a f-kin german!!!!!! Lucky biatch. Well, this is expected of syera since she juz got back from america and how she's a part of AFS now and has a tv show and all (Road Trip USA @ 8TV). I want to heret Hawa along coz NO WAY I'm meeting my friend's bf and them being a cpl and im the third wheel. No way jose. Called hawa and drove to her house.

Arrived at Awe's house and lepak at her house for awhile and waited for Syera to come over so that all of us cud go n pick up Paul at the KTM station. Lepak for another half an hour b4 syera got a call frm Paul. Honestly, I was rly rly nervous coz...I mean, wat r u goin 2 talk about with a mat salleh? I had a gut feeling that it's goin to be sooooooooooooo akward. and i dun like akwardness.

Arrived at the KTM station. My nervousness affected my driving. Nuff said. Syera said, "Okay gals, juz look for a mat salleh." And he emerged. A tall lanky guy came out of the midst of malaysians and smiled warmly at Syera. He entered the car and I admit, I was kinda nervous but we all managed to say our heys. He was kinda quiet but I like him since he didnt say anything bout my driving. Okay, I did say... "Uh excuse the malaysian wit the bad driving skills." and he said, "It's okay. I'm used to it." Touche. Throughout the journey, I was crapping some stuff how he wont mind ait if we all talk in malay sometimes n he said he didnt as long as we dun say bad stuff bout him and i was complaining how i didnt like kopitiam food but we ended up there anyway since Syera said we should show the guy a piece of local zest or whatever. So we ended up eating our lunch at Old Town White Coffee House. Blargh.

People shamelessly ogled the couple, a malay girl wearing tudung holding hands with a mat salleh. Had to admit, it was kinda funny to see the shock in their faces. So we settled at our seats and ordered our food. Before the SILENCE descended on us, I--Yang being the outspoken one said, "Alright, I dun want us to be akward so Paul, what do you know bout me?" And the guy grinned, "well...the only stuff I know bout u is that you go to the same high school as syera and you guys like to talk dirty. practically all the stuff we talked about that nite in the conf." I laughed and said something like "sry i was bein bitchy that nite in the chatroom." Paul has brown-reddish hair and blue eyes and he wears glasses. Luckily the conversation flowed nicely for our first meeting and we made jokes...all four of us. We talked about how desperate Hawa and I are since we're single and seeing the two of them together is like UNFAIR. Syera said, "Basically, we're all juz picky girls...we dun want to settle with just a typical malay guy." Then we listed down why we hate malay guys to Paul who just like, "u guys r not setting a good example to me as a foreigner. in fact, u guys failed as a malaysians." Pfft. Neways, hawa said that she'll juz save herself for Japan and look for guys there but....WHAT ABOUT ME?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!!!! tak pe la....couple je la wit some malay loser while my friends score with foreign guys.

After we ate, we sent Syera and Paul to the KTM station coz they are goin to meet Qi, the host of that tv show about somethin. Paul said somethin like, "we promised at 4pm but its okay, we just go there at 4.30pm coz we're in malaysia. malaysians r always late." I cant agree more. Then he said how Malaysian are sooooo good at making excuses why they're late. I agree on that too until the three of em pulled that on me, saying how im good at making excuses. Cet.

Said our goodbyes to the sickeningly(no lah, they're rly sweet) happy couple. All of us exchanged hugs and shiz. After they left, Hawe and I got into my car and the first thing Hawa said, "Man, we need to get ourselves some good guys." Then we both went to SACC and ate at Secret Recipe. Both of us beat ourselves ovr a piece of cake each and toasted to singlehood. Then we ponder over a good 2hours on why we failed to get good guys and have guys like us. I mean, we're not exactly butt-ugly girls and we've seen uglier girls have bfs, but why no guys? I mean, in my opinion...hawa is damn hot. but why? me? im not even hot but im not uglytothepointofpukingatthesiteofmyface-kinda girl. well, i dun think so. SO WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morale of the story: Kepada adik2 di luar sana, janganlah berangan tinggi utk kawen (or hook up) dgn mat salleh macam kakak2 yg terlibat dalam cerita ini. Kasihanilah lelaki2 melayu di luar sana. It's not their fault that they're lame. Ahem. Believe me, desperation is not the way to go!

PS: SYERA/PAUL, if you're reading this...HAPPY WISHES FROM ME AND I'LL BE LOOKING FORWARD ON RECEIVING A BEAUTIFUL WHITE LINEN(SCENTED) CARD INVITING ME TO UR NUPTIALS. I know it's still early but hell, u guys r one helluva couple!!!
Yang Safia On Thursday, October 16, 2008
One of my best friends, Shira always complained how she has to babysit her nephew, Rizq and how hard it is to please him. But something that totally out of this world happened today...
I finished my classes at 4pm(as usual) and straight away cabut la. I'm the type that is very rare to stay back in college unless I have assignments to do. So anyway, I dropped by at Shaza's house to lepak ler since I'm sooo malas to straight blk rumah (another reason is to collect the RM12 she owes me). Sampai at her house, it was raining tho not that heavily like yesterday and had to use her toilet. Afta that she ajak yamcha since everyone in her house are like fasting. Gladly I agreed since I pon lapar gak.... =_=
Went to the usual hangout, the dim sum place where my frends and i lepak during weekends. Ate and shaza heret me to the reject shop where they're selling Michael Kors jeans. **jeles coz i have my own pair. who cares they're rejects coz it's MICHAEL KORS MAN!!!** We were having a true Sisterhood of Travelling Pants moment since she bought the same pair as mine until we saw Shira's brother, Syazwan.

We said our heys and I was actually about to cabut when he said, "Shira is actually upstairs at some boutique with my sister. Wanna meet her?" Then we followed him la
Okay, met her and after all the dramatic hugs and stuff she showed us her nephew, Rizq since Irene(shira's sister) was busy talking to the designer.
Rizq has these gigantic round eyes that can totally suck you in and once you're under his spell, you are powerless...Honestly, he's one weird baby coz when he set his eyes on me, he just kept looking. And looking...and me.

**Dah tue dah ko shira....truly muke cam mak chik. LOLZ. According to shira, rizq is sooo hard to please. Look at him, the way he pushed shira away from him and that raised eyebrow. The whole WTF-king face he's doing...priceless!!**

So as I was saying...he kept lookin at me ait? Well, I have this one pic somewhere...

**This is Rizq when he kept looking at me. Honestly, it kinda freaked me out...coz well, I'm nvr good with babies. In fact, I will try to stay away from them as possible. They freaked me out when the cry...

...but then, Rizq pushed away from Shira and reached for me. A complete stranger he never met before and it shocked all of us sooo much coz Rizq is generally a choosy baby. But thing is, Shira said Rizq has what it takes to be a playa since he likes pretty girls. Oh gawd, what does that tell you? *winkwink*

*look at his face, the way he rested his head on my shoulder and all. shira said he only does that to his parents!!! God, I love this baby!!! Hahahahah SHira, your nephew likes me better than youuuuuuuuuuu!!! MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!

(Pics courtesy from Shaza who was busy snapping away when this happened)

See that protective look he has in his eyes!!! OMG!! I love rizq. And yeah, the hand clutching the front of my shirt...well...>_> i dun think i can say it in here. Shira n shaza were making fun of it all day.

Then Shira n shaza went all out on how at least a boy likes me since the guy i like from college obviously likes someone else. *sighs* AT LEAST SOME BOYS STILL LIKE ME!! **tho they;re like babies but whatev.

*Muke terharu that at least some boys(babies) find me attractive.

Okay! Enough being sappy, screw the guy i like anyway. Hmph. Anyways, I love this baby! I'm even starting to act all pissy when SHira sang to rizq this,

Oh hot damn , this is my jam

Keep me partying till the A.M

Yall don’t understand ,

make me throw my hands

In the ayer , ay , ayer , ayer , ay , ayer

I was like, "Shh! Dont say the word *whisper*Damn*whisper* to rizq! I dun want him to end up all corrupted like you!" Gawd, I'm that protective ordy.

If you dunno what song this is, it's some Flo-Rida song.

Meeting Rizq truly made my day~!!!

Yang Safia On Monday, October 13, 2008
It's only Monday but the way I see it, it's going to be a bad week for me. Hell, I have three research projects that I have to complete by this week and two of em r due this monday and another one due on thurday. *sighs* So, I'm taking a break and mind you, this is a pretty random entry.

Reason my title involves a certain cocoa powder and milk.

I have a friend...lets call her A and A has a bff, let's call her S. Sometime around 2006, A had broken up with her boyfriend, D for the second time over a little misunderstanding and this affected A greatly. Hence, she went to S's house for a shoulder to cry on. S was worried that A's condition was getting waaaaaay too hysterical and also the fact that S's mom might suspect something is up so in order to shut A up, S dragged her friend to the kitchen and made her this wonderful yet simple creation, milo mix with milk! A who never tasted this great invention drank the mixture and immedietly stopped crying. She asked for another glass but S refused to make some more using an excuse involving A's body mass but that's another story. The bottom line is...GIRLS (or guys) OUT THERE, SCREW ICE-CREAM!!! THIS WONDERFUL MIXTURE IS THE NEW INVENTION FOR HAPPY FOOD!!!! If YOU just broken up or get your heart broken, nurture your tender broken soul with this happy food!

*Heaven~~~!!! It may look unappetizing but believe meh, the result ish awesome!!

Moving on!!

I'm going to explain you ways to win me over....(wtf, vain much?) If you see me in a bad mood and you feel that you want me to do something for you...PAY ATTENTION! Gawd, this is soo random. =__=

5 Ways to Win Yang Over

1. Start by sweet talking to her. If this fails, move on to way no.2

2. Stop commenting on her driving skills. *if u havent been driven by me, this prolly not work.

3. Present her with a mixture of milo+milk

4. Hug me *if idk you, u prolly die if u try this on me

5. Start talking about Twilight series and Edward Cullen. *guranteed to work. ;)

**even better, dress up as edward cullen and ask me to marry you. FOR SURE, I'll be won over and you have me under your control~~!

**Guten Luckens**

** Yummeh. Pls do ignore the messy background.
Yang Safia On Sunday, October 12, 2008
Again, i'm procastinating from writing my Raya entry. Thing is, I know I'm goin to write a lot about it and the pics and all...I'm juz not in the mood. *shrugs* However, I had a pretty eventful weekend...with all the Raya spirit and all.


Apparently my cousins from my mom's side decided to pay a visit for raya so my mom went all out on the food. (Note: NOT AN OPEN HOUSE! IF YOU KNOW ME PERSONALLY AND WONDERED, "WTF! YANG DIDNT INVITE ME TO HER OPEN HOUSE! LET'S KILL HER!!!" PLS DUN KILL ME) She cooked laksa and I HELPED! *grins proudly* Anyways, a bunch of my close gfs decided to come over oso so we had fun...To those who cant make it, it's okay hons. I totally understand. Wani: It's ok since u haf class n all. Syera: Fak u. I invited u ordy n of all days to register for driving license is the day i invited u to eat at my hse. (>__<)

Initially a lot of us wanted to go beraya to all of our friends' hses only dat we realized that most of our friends are away for college. We're the only ones who are still in shah alam in a regular basis. Hawa: Comes home every weekend coz she studies in UM. Me: Sunway College. Need I say more? Shaza& Shira: Uitm Shah Alam.

Hawa suggested dat we shud all go beraya to Pn Sahariah's hse (my form 5 history teacher and my form 3 bm teacher) but I said, "over my dead body." Okay, dat sounded harsh but you have to know that the lady f-kin hates me (ovr a certain incident happened when I was in form 3)!!!!! I'm serious!!! So we didnt end up going beraya to anyone's hses.

*Shira lepaking in my room while reading a certain yaoi manga (NOT MINE!!!!) that contains very explicit contents. "Good stuff", she said.

*Hawa reading another explicit yaoi manga (also not mine). This is while we're waiting for shaza to come over.

SO while my friends got a bit steamy with the mangas, I, Yang who wanted to watch Mamma Mia so much suggested that instead of beraya-ing, why not we go to Pyramid and watch teh movie? Shaza who came a few minutes later bursted my bubble by saying, "I ordy watched the movie n who the hell suggested this idea? Mane korang punye raya spirit?!" Then she paused and looked at me, "Yang, it's you isnt it? Knowing you, this idea has your smell all over it."

I looked her and gave her my, "Cant blame me" look. I'm not much of a raya person, so sue meh. ^___^

And then we're off!!!

*On our way there, Shaza took my phone and decided to camwhore wit the rest of the girls while I, Yang stressed ovr the traffic jam.

My friends insisted that I invite my college friends too (not dat i dun want to juz dat my gfs' level of enthusiasm about meeting them worries me.) But I did invite them but thx god they cant make it coz who knows wat Shaza n Co would do to em. *sniggers*

Luckily the line wasnt that long but mamma mia was kinda late so we decided to watch the house bunny. It was a fun movie only I cant laugh most of the time due to my need to piss so bad (not dat yall shud know bout this... +_+) sometime during 30mins the movie had started.

A few hours and a toilet break later, we find ourselves at sushi king. Hawa n shira who are known to be avid japanese food lovers while shaza who wud eat anything and me who wont eat anything with eggs and raw stuff in it (n cucumber!) were quite a scene at the restaurant. The waiter asked whether we ordy started working since the three of us r in baju kurung so we had to explain our situation to her. We ate and caused quite a ruckus among the staff when all of em r confused when we asked them to split the bill. Ahh the dats another story.

Shaza n I needed another toilet break n during dat, Shira and Hawa tried to divide the cost of the bill. It was vry confusing n of coz me, who doesnt like numbers stayed out of it. Because of that, I ended up having Shaza giving me RM4. *shrugs*

And then the girls wanted to SHOP! (god i sound like their mother)

*Shira and me camwhore while waiting for Shaza who was trying on a dress and Hawa was somewhere behind us, lost among the clothes.

After that we all decided to balik and after dropping Shaza off (we all sempat lagi exchange citer hantu in the car), I decided to Raya at Hawa's house for the second time. That time it was around 8pm and Hawa's mother tgh msk SOTO!!!!!! So I stayed for an hour eating soto and talking to Hawa's mom about my future. Her mom is a dean of Chemistry at UM so she knows a lot about stuff...and now I'm worried. Shitz.


It was a relatively relaxing day. I ate a LOT tho. Woke up around 9am and realized dat I fell asleep in Adam's room. He was sleeping nxt to me n had the nerve to pop one eye open n asked whether I drooled or not on one of his pillows. The nerve of that boy. Ignored him n played video games till my mom popped her head in asking wat we wanted to eat for breakfast and i played till about 11am(?). I showered n got dragged off to my dad's office with adam to help him move a couple of stuff in his office.

And then, the three of us went to eat lunch at my uncle's house. I think he's having an open house but maybe its just an intimate lunch thingy between friends n family. Ate lots and went back home n fell asleep again in adam's room. Woke up around 6pm and felt FAT so I went to run on the treadmill for 20mins.

Oh yeah, there's no pics mase kt ayah ngah's house but I think u cn find some at his blog. If you're lucky, u cn see a pic of me pigging out.

That's about it...Monday awaits...I'm goin to die now. Cheerios!!

Yang Safia On Friday, October 10, 2008
ok, im actually procastinating from doing my homework but this got me thinking....

sometimes i feel my dad forgets that i'm actually a girl. well, physically it is THAT obvious (ideal woman? ahaha ayesha is an ideal woman!!!)

some few examples that i can rmmbr...

a) forget that im a girl that thinks about guys
b) made me wear his clothes coz they dun fit anymore
c) leave me outside in the dark and close the front door. exposing me to the dangerous world out there where r@pi$ts roamand simply not safe for a *gaghawtgag* girl like me.

Im sure most ppl have heard of this song by Sir-Mix-a-Lot = Baby got back. rmmbr the opening when this one gedik girl went, "Oh.My.God Becky...look at her butt. It is so big..."

My sibs n i got this freaky idea that in our family we should have our very own preppy/jock names...and so, our alternative names were created!!!

Abah = Paul (this was sooo random)
Mama = Jessica (again random thx to me)
Me = Leslie (ngahahaha, lolz)
Aya = Jennifer
Sabrina = Lindsay (Lohan?)
Adam = Becks (guy version of becky. again thx to my awesomely great mind!)

*eats a choki choki*
Yang Safia On
That pic on my profile...yeah, dat is one of my raya pics!! my post on raya will come up soon. dun rlly have anything to say coz feeling like a huge headache coming. but i rly like that pic coz its with my fav dah-ling cousin, Natasha. LOVE HER!!!

ps: tasha come la to kak safia's hse. meh raye! XOXO