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Yang Safia On Wednesday, May 7, 2008
Okay, as much as this blog is dedicated to my works but since I'm procastinating, might as well dedicate myself in spreading the twilight love. I don't know if you know this but Twilight is being made into a movie and FINALLY, we can get a glimpse of this movie. You just click to watch it. For those who have read the book you can see a few familiar scenes from the book. Personally, it's how I imagined it. :)

I would love LOVE to put up a video but for some odd reason blogspot wont let me. Sigh.

Okay, you've watched the video? Right. Notice that the guy who played Edward is familiar? Yep, he's the dude who played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter; Goblet of Fire.

This is the downside of this movie (Twilight I mean). I don't like Robert (Cedric) to play Edward because...his face looks weird. Not hot. Initially they decided to use this french actor named Gaspard Ulliel (God, even his name is sexy. Try saying it with a deep voice. :p ) who is purrfect for Edward Cullen but some say he didnt make it coz of his age. *shrugs*

* this is the best pic I can get of Gaspard. (=_=)

Believe me, there are more awesome pics of Gaspard that made him looked like Edward. I'm just not good at finding em.

I guess I can get why they didnt choose him coz he's sooo cute! I mean, look at this pic...
The Cullen Clan

Hot or Not?

Robert is more brooding compared to Gaspard so I guess it's not that bad...

Now onto the heroine, Bella. They made the PERFECT CHOICE! I was totally against Emily Browing (chick from Lemony Snicket Series of Unfortunate Events) as Bella coz...well, look at her face! She's too pretty. In my mind, Bella is just an ordinary girl...pretty but not too pretty. I guess thats why many people can relate to her. So the character Bella is played by Kristen Stewart.

* Kristen Stewart. Age: Same As Me! (=_=) xde kaitan langsung kan?

The conclusion: I'm as fickle as any teen girls can get. I can simply change my mind that quick! So Robert Pattinson one thumbs up from moi.

Before I go, one last pic from the Cullen sibs.

*From left: Rosalie, Jasper, Alice,Edward and Emmet.

Yang Safia On Tuesday, May 6, 2008

YESH!!! Stephenie Meyer made it into TIME's 100 most influential people of 2008!!! I was literally causing cars to stop on the road when I found out since I was driving at that time!!!! OMG, if dat's not hot news I don't know what is. I just found out though, that there are some people who are slightly disturbed by the fact that Edward sleeps inside Bella's bedroom. I find it entirely normal and sweet. O_o Uh oh. LOL

I mean, Edward Cullen is perfectomundo. He won't do anything to Bella eventhough he said that he could give in to his desires (of drinking Bella's blood but whatever, he can have mine) but we know he wouldn't.

There! It's out in the open for the world to see not that its any mystery. *sighs* If only he's a real guy...Oh well. Back to reality.

1) As much of the hype of me going into Sunway College, I'm going to study in UIA instead much to my dismay. So y'all pray for me so that I'll survive with those...kind of people. Not my type really. Bye bye awesomely hot rich guys and parties. Hello Arabic lessons~! *note the sarcasm*

2) The only highlight of my life at the moment (and thanks to Hawa for being a good sport of driving me to the mall since I'm still shaken over my first accident) is that Stephenie Meyer's new novel, The Host is OUT! YES!!! It's here in Malaysia!! *does a victory dance* I was hyperventilating when I saw the books (and of coz I bought it even if I had to use my ever-decreasing money) at MPH. But beware tho, it's for adults but IDK what themes in there that suggested that this is for adults since I havent finished reading it yet (Chapter 2 baby!) but if you're a step. meyer fan, READ IT! For the lil kids...let your parents read it first and see whether they let you read or not. I know, it sucks but at least they bought the book so even if they didnt let you read, you can secretly read it. :D

The book cover.

Hot or Not?

MPH price: RM 61.90