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Yang Safia On Sunday, April 22, 2012
May is fast approaching and the library is starting to get crowded. My face is breaking out. A sure sign that my body is telling me that I am super stressed out. Even though emotionally I'm quite dandy. I'm not freaked out...just yet. Late April-May is assignments for us Otago students and this is the time when deadlines are just weighing down on our shoulders. Amidst all of this chaos, it is also the time for us to start studying for our finals in June.

I checked my schedule and realized that I'm a book behind on all my classes. I know I should be freaked out but I kept telling myself that I'm not exactly alone on this one. Even though people might say I'm deluding myself but honestly, I have to work on my essays and READ my assigned novels at the same time. I don't know how I should handle this! Between sleeping, eating, house work and researching, where do you find time to read your assigned readings?!

Okay, the guy next to me just banged his head on the table.

Stress I tell you.

Anyways I am not complaining! I am in high spirits! Whatever life throws at me at the moment, I'm sure I can handle it! Things are fine!!

I kept on thinking about my sisters who are studying Medicine and Dentistry. They have it a LOT harder than me so yeah, I feel I shouldn't complain. Besides I'm doing what I love so it can't be that bad!

The reason why I wrote this post is just to explain myself because this blog is quite outdated. I have yet to put up the posts I promised and many new and exciting things have happened in my life! But they are all on hold after I'm done with assignments.

Yeah. I've been traveling. I decided to put up this picture as a preview to my exciting adventures here in New Zealand.

Talking about traveling, I was pretty much stressed out before my trip to Wellington. I couldn't come up with anything remotely interesting for my essays. I was dry on ideas. But after the, I'm excited to start working! I have so many to write about and discovered new angles to take on my essays. I guess that's the exciting  bit about my Arts degree. The answer is not restricted to only the books I read.

Enough of this rant. I've got to get to my lecture now.

Till then,

Yang Safia On Wednesday, April 11, 2012
I just got back from my Easter roadtrip. Here are some of the pictures of the trip. Aside from the colourful filter, this is pretty much what you see in all its real life glory. I'm glad that I've been to the these places. Note that these pictures are not in order. I'm in charge of the videos for this trip so expect a vlog coming your way. The video will be in order. For now enjoy these pictures taken by Erlinna!

Travel Sequence: Dunedin-Lake Waihola-Bluff-Invercargill (City+ Queen's Park)-Dunedin

Autumn is here

Bridge of Balclutha

Lookout point at Bluff. You can get a 360 degree view of the whole place, including Stewart Island.

My room at the B&B, The Lazy Sailor at Bluff. I had the most amazing sleep ever!

Rose Garden at Queen's Garden, Invercargill

City Square, Invercargill

  Sunrise at 7.30AM. View from our balcony at the B&B

At the Bluff's Port

Happy to be at Lake Waihola!

Dunedin at Night from Signal Hill

At the top of Stirling Point, after a 45-minute hike.

I had an amazing time. It's back to reality now. Time to hit those assignments! :/