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Yang Safia On Wednesday, March 30, 2011
I managed to catch AVPM that's showing at Playhouse theatre on the day before class starts. It was a Sunday. If you've been reading my blog, I did a post raving about the original AVPM featuring Darren Criss.

What made my trip to Playhouse special was that it was my first time catching a musical and I was alone. I felt so...adventurous. Haha.
A cool brass design on Playhouse

This picture below is pretty much my everyday sight I see everyday from walking to class or going to town.

If you go further down this road, you'll see Otago Uni's library. This place is pretty much the central buzz for everyday student life.

Some pretty cool posters that you'll see around the area.

Me waiting to catch the show

The famous Captain Cook bus. It's just a landmark. I don't think it's operational.

This version of AVPM is entirely fan-made. It's not like the real cast came down to Dunedin because that would create a LOT of buzz. I mean, if Darren Criss were to come that'd be...mind blowing. :D

Minutes before the show starts. I LOVE OLD THEATRES LIKE THIS!

Okay! Now enjoy the pictures of the play. I was taking pictures like a mad woman ok!! It was... embarrassing because I wasn't really paying attention to the story. But hey, I'm a big fan and I can pretty much recite all their lines already!

The show's pamphlet.

To be honest, I had quite high hopes (don't ask me why because this show is fanmade) for the show but the first few scenes, I was a bit disappointed because they sort of miss the funny cues for the show. This musical is somewhat kiwi-nized but that's alright because it is to fit the Kiwi audience but I'm not a big fan of how the actors rushed through lines. Thus missing some vital funny parts. I don't know if it's NZ humour but I don't like it.

But the show builds up you see. Maybe the actors were a bit nervous so they kinda mess up the cues but it totally rocks after awhile. They seem a lot more comfortable and things are just great (the Hermione in this cant sing though). What strikes me as most interesting is how the characters sound so much like the real AVPM cast. With a slight Kiwi accent of course.

It was a pretty awesome night all by myself and just (LOL. My attempt to sound...intelligent.) What a way to kick off Semester 1!
Yang Safia On Wednesday, March 9, 2011
Earthquakes have been happening everywhere lately and it's sad to know that us international students are not that safe anymore. Yeah, that's what we have to deal with these days. No more language barrier or assignments problems, now it's how we going to deal with these major natural disasters.

Yesterday Japan was hit with a 7.3 and one of my best friends is studying there. In returning the favour, I decided to check up on her and we ended skyping till 2Am (NZ time). This lovely ah-moi down here is Hawa or lovingly known as Arima-san now. Haha.

Alhamdulillah she's safe and apparently no one in Japan got hurt (don't quote me on this!). She felt the aftershock but she's safe. Phew.

Okay, I'm not vain but my picture just happen to be bigger than hers!

Look Ma! I'm in Japan!! She took me around her house and outside too! Btw, that's me in the laptop being carried by Hawa.

Now serious news. I havent been blogging lately. Yes, I know that. To be honest things have been too hectic lately especially with my studies. I've been wanting to do a post on the Harry Potter musical I went to, 2 weeks ago. I took a lot of pics but as of late, it's still sitting on my desktop. :/ I seriously do apologize.

This is another update post and I think this concerns my loved ones. Apparently there will be 2 big earthquakes hitting the South Island on March 20th and late April. Most likely Christchurch. The person who predicted this said it's going to be bigger than the previous one and it's getting really dangerous especially in Christchurch and Dunedin. My biggest fear is that it's going to hit Dunedin and I can just imagine that the aftermath is going to be worse than Christchurch (given that we're a bigger city and more compact). The person who predicted this earthquake also predicted the earthquake in Japan and so far, he has been accurate.

My initial plan on the 20th is to just stay at home and hide under a table. But my friends are having none of it so the girls are proposing that we stay together on that day. I have yet to pack my emergency bag (Ma, I will do soon. Don't worry.) and I'm kinda iffy about leaving Dunedin. But seeing the circumstances now, I will most likely be fleeing to up north. Most probably Auckland. So far, that's the plan. Right now Alia is looking up for cheap tickets for us to get but flying from Dunedin is sooo expensive due to the mass influx of people from Christchurch moving into the city. My friends and I have decided to take a flight to Christchurch for transit and fly to Auckland because it is so much cheaper. It sounds risky but a 15 minute stop won't be that bad.

To my parents, please call me.

Further updates will be up soon! Till then, Ciao!