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Yang Safia On Monday, December 19, 2011
I decided to go out and have coffee with the "gang" at the new cafe that just opened in Shah Alam called...

Coffee Planet is a coffee franchise from Dubai and according to the owner, this outlet is the first branch out of Dubai ever. Which is pretty cool. Considering that I ALWAYS go out and have coffee with my friends back in NZ, my coffee intake has been really low ever since I came back to Malaysia.  A good friend once said that the coffee is really nice and it is cheaper than Starbucks. That's why I decided to try out Coffee Planet.

Just to let the word out, I really do like Coffee Planet and that's why I'm doing this review.

Let's talk about the price for a bit.

When I said it is cheaper than Starbucks, I meant it a TAD bit cheaper. It is still quite on the pricier side for a cup of coffee but if you're really posh about your coffee, then I'll say you're paying your money's worth. I'm a mocha person and my goodness, the mocha is sooo good. Ever since I'm back in Malaysia, I realize we don't have that many good mochas out here.

Have you ever had a mug of melted hot chocolate before? You know how it's real nice and thick? Well I find the mocha at coffee planet is the same but the coffee taste is really distinct. Which in my opinion gives a real kick!

I've got a real buzz after a mug so that shows how long I've been without caffeine. :'/

The concept of this cafe is really similar to that of Starbucks. Nothing really different. Although I feel that they focus more on coffee, given their drinks menu. Their non-caffeine drinks are quite limited. Aside from that, I like the ambiance. Very chill and I love their choice of music. I recently got converted by my brother to become a Nujabes fan and I realized that this cafe plays nothing but Nujabes. Call it coincidence but a pretty darn good one I must say!

Shira ordering her food

Mocha Hazelnut

Me with my Iced Mocha. I've had my hot mocha before and I wanted something cold so I opted for this. Like I said, the caffeine kick is still there!

Shira at her second round of ordering!

My Roasted Beef Ciabatta

The bread is good! It's almost as good as Coffee Club's sandwiches!

Shira's Brown Nasi Goren with Roasted Beef. I'm surprised how good it was! 

Later Aniyah and Shaza joined us.

Shira and Aniyah

Shaza and Me

I realized it has gotten quite hard for us to get together now. I mean, if there's effort we can always meet up but given that we all have different schedules...I really do appreciate meet ups like this. Pretty easy going and chill. Just regular updates on each others lives. Although it's pretty funny how we seem to know what goes on in each others lives anyway.

I have exactly 2 months before I go back to New Zealand!

Also just to let you guys know that I'm going to start a new series! I've decided to do cafe/coffee reviews from now on. Although most of it will be done when I'm in NZ. I will call it my Coffee Diaries from now on! So STAY TUNED!


Cheesy choc said...

yupp. Should try the fettucini. It's superb!

Bo the Nerd said...

I live in Shah Alam and always drive in from of this place but yet to go. Need to make some time for it during the holidays after reading your blog. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi sofia.. May i know d name of d owner please. Wish 2 make an appoinmnt wiz him to propose the supply of our cheese. Tried few times meeting the manager but fail. apprciate if u cud email me d name TQ