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Yang Safia On Tuesday, July 28, 2009
As you all know, I've been on hiatus for awhile since my internet connection was out for almost 2months. But I'm back, with loads of stories to tell!

First off, Al-Fatihah to the ever-great Yasmin Ahmad. Her passing was a big shock to me. I'm sad that I didn't attend her seminar in Sunway back when I was still in CIMP. You are my inspiration and my dream is to be as great as you. Insyallah.

Second, as most of my friends are done with their foundation studies by now, many of my best friends are going overseas. The first ones to go are Kavitha and Muvin. Kavi has been one of my closest friends evar and I miss the days when I just lepak and talk with Kavi. I love listening to her dramas and it's like watching a Bollywood movie. I love my Indian friends, they're like soooooo dramatic. It's sad that Vash cant make it on that day when we had that farewell outing for Kavi. (pics witll be up soon!)

Now for the good news on my part, I GOT ACCEPTED INTO OTAGO UNIVERSITY IN NEW ZEALAND~!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY~!!!!!!!! Actually I got accepted into all the universities I applied to which are, Victoria Uni, Waikato Uni and Otago Uni. But after thinking long and hard (thanks Ma!) I decided on Otago. :) God willing, I'll be flying off in February.

Life as a college student, you know that you are constantly broke. If not, you've just lost a wonderful yet sad part of youth. I'm just saying.

What better way to lift the burden on your pocket by offering to cook as your friend's house.

Step 1: Offer to cook lunch at your friend's house (in my case, Hawa's)
Step 2: Made it sound super fun thus you managed to trick your friend into lending you her kitchen and her food.

*Me at work; more like cutting apples as the rest cook

*Tuan Rumah Hawa

*The Food!!!

*Syera hugging me while I was trying to get my Mozart on

*Waiting for the food!!!

*Me and Hawa


*For memories sake, we took this picture exactly like the one
we had in 2007. Now 2009 yo.
Thats the lowdown for today. Bye twits!
Yang Safia On Wednesday, July 8, 2009
For these past couple of weeks, it has been really hard for me. I have to deal with multiple deaths that are just sooo hard. First of all, I never really had to deal with a death that actually affected me but now it has started.

On the 24th June 09, the kitten that my family saved died. I named her Chombi and it was sooooo hard for me. Because it seemed so healthy the day before it died.

The next day, I bet you guys know who died. I got a call from Shira saying that MJ had died. I thought I was dreaming coz well, I was sleeping. Until she told me to watch CNN and yeah, it was clear that he's gone. For those who know me, I bet you know how crazy I am about MJ. It took me days to actually comprehend that he is gone. *sighs*

On July 7th, the day Michael's memorial-I discovered that my pet tortoise of almost ten years died.

I refuse to elaborate furthur because it's hard. You might go, "they're just pets and you dont even know MJ!" First off, I never dealt with death before and all of them played a role in my life. Although these deaths will prepare me for the real thing. So thats okay. I welcome it. Anyways, this post if a tribute to these three. I love you guys soo much and I still cry for you.

May Allah be with you Michael. And to Chombi and Kiko, without a doubt you are in a good place right now.

Rest In Peace.