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Yang Safia On Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Don't know what I'm talking about? Go here.

I probably give it a chance since it's free and all. Lol, jual mahal la plak.

Real blog updates coming soon!
Yang Safia On Friday, March 26, 2010
Today is supposed to be my off day but I got Class Rep training to attend and later I met up with Mark to edit the songs for the drama. And at the same time, it was such a nice day. They say it's the hottest day ever but it's only 26 degrees. Being the Malaysian that I am, that's nothing! I do love the heat the sun has to offer! I hope everyday is like this.

I sat for two hours straight at The Link and as I stretched myself I discovered this angle.

Mark whose taking his work seriously
Yang Safia On
And to Japan she goes. All the best, Hawa. I think I've already said what I wanted to say on our last brunch together. Ganbatte!

Picture courtesy of Facebook.

Okay, on to more current matters. I finally got my hands on professional looking pictures of the drama practice. Pictures courtesy of Naomi Ting who happily snapped away as we continued our grueling rehearsal.

Disclaimer: Pictures not mine. I ripped them off from OMSA's Facebook page.

My 3 Abduls

Abdul Wahub

Abdul Wahib

Abdul Wahab

Director yang macam stress?
Yang Safia On Wednesday, March 24, 2010
I had a pretty busy Monday this week and I just finished my last lecture when I got a text from Natasya.

This is how it went...

"So...I was just reading a copy of the latest issue of critic (something i almost never do, mind u) n guess whose name appeared on top of a book review? ;) it was a good 1,2 Congrats!"

By that time, I was already hyperventilating because I thought it was going to be published next week!!! I rushed home and checked my mail and voila!

Name in print

So I bet you guys must be curious...what did I actually write? Of course my work got edited and I was sort of upset because they changed what I wanted to say but it was all part of the process I guess. =_= Here we go~!

Book Review by Yang Safia

Skim brings the reader into the world of Kimberly K. Cameron, a 16 year-old Japanese-Canadian, who lives with her divorced mother and attends an all-girl Catholic school. Oh, yes: Skim, as she's known, is a witch. Rather, she's trying to be one. When a boy kills himself, Skim's world is turned upside down by unlikely events that lead people to believe that she is too suicidal. Matters become complicated as her relationship with her teacher turns awkward when romantic feelings are involved; her friendship with her best friend, Lisa deteriorates; and she discoveres unexpected friendship with a girl from school.

So far, so cliched. But Skim isn't your typical teenage angst graphic novel. Self discovery, suicide and sexual exploration are discussed with surprising sensitivity and finesse. Skim slowly grows and develops, forming her own views on these matters, and the reader can't help but feel like part of this developmental process. It's a moving and inspiration transition she undergoes, from being submissive to being gutsier, with newfound inner strength. Like many good novels, Skim's ending leaves us hanging, leaves us wanting to re-read it again and again, just in case there are hidden messages to be deciphered therein.

But of course, graphic novels are not all plot. The art isn't typically manga-style, as you might expect from the author's and artist's (and main character's) ethnicity, but it's very well done. So, if you find fat novels tedious or simply do not have time for them, but are looking for a short and meaningful read, Skim's a good choice.

Okay, moving to more pressing matters. The drama I'm directing is finally taking shape as the actors have improved immensely! Oooooh, I'm so relieved. I just hope they keep on improving until the actual performance.

Director's notes

Till then, Ciao!
Yang Safia On Saturday, March 20, 2010
BBQ event. We woke up early to barbeque the chicken and in was done in the cold!!!!!

It's that cold. We had to warm ourselves by the grill.


People getting their food

In the kitchen

Then yesterday I went to Persada's Sports Event. Persada is a club specially for sponsored students from Malaysia. I went to the event to scout talent for my drama. It went well I suppose.

Right after that, I went to Warehouse Stationery to inquire about my printer and straight away went for the drama practice. Two hours of grueling rehearsal later, I went straight to the dance practice to see where the dance team are at. Results: I'm impressed.

Dance Studio, Mojos

So my day ended around 5pm where I dragged my feet all the way back to Toroa. I was so tired and my right foot got swollen from an infection/blisters so I was in much pain. Tapi still semangat and cooked my dinner. Then ate it while skyping with Shira.

*Porridge with loads of veggies and prawns + kimchi*

Yang Safia On Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Believe it or not, today marks my one month stay in New Zealand. I still couldn't believe this fact when I woke up today. So many things happened within this past month and certainly things have changed. A lot had happened and I couldn't be more happier to be where I am right now. Certainly not during my second week here, after my family left. I'm a lot happier. More confident.

I miss home terribly, everyday but I think I can manage my emotions a lot better now. My only solution to that is to keep myself busy, which I did. Currently I'm active in OMSA (Otago Malaysian Student Association) and I thanked Allah for letting me meet all these positive and interesting people. For the past few weeks, I've been tagging along to whatever event they were planning and finally, I've sort of landed a place in the committee. Being the first freshman to do so, so far.

In fact, I'm the current director for the big P.Ramlee drama for Otago's Malaysian Cultural Night. It's a lot of pressure seeing that seniors pulled an amazing performance last year and I decided to take up the job. Honestly, I'm excited but right now I kept asking myself whether I have enough time or can I even pull this off. I'm confident of my own capabilities but people are panicking around me.

Must. Stay. Calm.

And I'm a bit concerned on how people are going to perceive me seeing I'm a first year and everybody is a lot older than I am.

Putting aside my OMSA concerns, my studies are going quite alright. In Literature class, we've started on the sonnets today and my new lecturer is a fatherly man. He's big man with a big voice and has a lot of passion for what he does. During the lecture today, I can't help but think if that's going to be me in twenty/thirty years. Not the part being big and a man but whether can I be as smart as him in the next few years. Sometimes I get so frustrated for not being able to think critically enough or speak fluently enough like the rest. But I know, this is going to push me harder towards my dreams. I can make it.

I can right?

My least favorite class right now would be Linguistics 111. I have always known that I'm more the literature kind rather than the lets-learn-how-to-make-sounds kind. It is torture but it's not like I suck so bad at it so right now, it's still going good. Let's hope I can last for taking this subject for the next four years. Oh for those whose confused why I'm taking Lings when I'm an English major is because my minor is TESOL. Yep.

This is going to allow me to teach and travel at the same time. That's my plan for now. I want to travel to the East, particularly Taiwan, Japan or Korea and teach English there. Hopefully, I'm able to learn a new language too. Then after working there for a year or two, I'll come back to Malaysia and work on my Masters. Then my road to become an English Professor truly starts.


Now you must be asking, where do I fit publishing a novel into all that mess? Honestly I don't know. I've decided not to rush and if Allah and time allow it, it will happen. But for now, I'm just going to focus on my studies (that doesn't mean I'm going to stop writing altogether!).

But for now, pray for me that I can be the best and I hope things will go mighty well for you too. (^__^)
Yang Safia On Thursday, March 11, 2010
I had a quite fabulous time yesterday. Seeing that I only have one lecture and no tutorials, I anxiously waited for the SPM news from Malaysia. But due to the time difference, I had to go and help with the BBQ prep for this Saturday's event. Before that, Naomi invited me to her flat to see whether I am interested in flatting with her next year. Omona, it's too good to be true la. The place is fab. And it's near to campus and she has a car. Hehe.

Right after that, we both went to pick up Syahira, Adeline and Sean to go to PaknSave to buy things for the BBQ.

Then we had to drive around to pick up things from various places like pots and pans and Naomi sent the three home before bringing me to Rainforest for dinner.

Lamb curry with rice. Overpriced but the most decent food I've ever had since coming here.

Roti canai, Teh Tarik and Rojak were on the house.

Right after dinner, seeing that we were both late for rehersals; we rushed to Club and Socs to find everybody there. And it was really cold yesterday. I had to wear my jacket and all.



My Script

Tim as P.Ramlee

Right away after practice, it was already quite late and we were all tired. It was then Adeline suggested we all go and get some bubble tea before going home. And we DID! I have to admit though, the bubble tea place at Sunway is UNBEATABLE!!!

So yeah, that's what happened. CONGRATULATIONS TO AYA FOR GETTING 10A's in SPM! You totally deserve it. :)

And so I bought a little present for my sisters la. I'm saving up money to buy my family and friends' prezzies. Right now, all those that are left are Abah, Adam and Mama. :) I still couldn't find a good one.