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Yang Safia On Friday, March 26, 2010
And to Japan she goes. All the best, Hawa. I think I've already said what I wanted to say on our last brunch together. Ganbatte!

Picture courtesy of Facebook.

Okay, on to more current matters. I finally got my hands on professional looking pictures of the drama practice. Pictures courtesy of Naomi Ting who happily snapped away as we continued our grueling rehearsal.

Disclaimer: Pictures not mine. I ripped them off from OMSA's Facebook page.

My 3 Abduls

Abdul Wahub

Abdul Wahib

Abdul Wahab

Director yang macam stress?


awe said...

interesting~~ wish i cud watch ur version of 3 abdul.. =)

mai zar said...
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nincompoopzz... said...

ehem2.. gambar camera aku ye~!! hehe