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Yang Safia On Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I figured I could do a favourites post where I share with you things that I've been loving this week. Aside from my attempts to keep this blog alive since I'm honestly swamped with essays right be honest I haven't been going out of the house much. So nothing exciting to report! =_= Anywho...these stuff are pretty random. Quite general actually.

Oh well.

Favourite Photo of the Week

I know it's pretty vain of me to love a picture with my face right smack in the middle but I love how Mark/Vivian managed to capture the moment. I was just BS-ing (90% of the time I do speak BS anyways) with friends at Golds Awards but the shot made it look as if I was discussing world peace or something. :P

Favourite TV Show of the Week

How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 kicked off last week and it was awesooomeeee! I don't care if people say how overrated this show is because this is THE TV SHOW OF THE GENERATION! This whole show freakin define my Uni years and 20s. It's like Friends to the 90s generation. HIMYM is that to people of my generation. I have never met anyone (from Otago that is) who does not watch HIMYM. (Jie Ning, if you're reading this. SHUT UP!)

Favourite Music of the Week

I discovered Rizzle Kicks through my good friend, Divanesh who posted this first video on Facebook. I was really dying at that point and I needed a pick-me up. Rizzle Kicks represents a style that I really love in music. I may not seem like it but I.LOVE.RAP! Especially smart rap as in they actually tell a message or just freaking smart. I love how they're very witty with their lyrics. And how cute are these guys!!! >_< Also it's very british. Got all the slang and accent going on so that totally stimulates my geeky language-driven brain. Note: Expect to be really really tongue tied when you first listen to Rizzle Kicks!

My favourite cover from them. It's so soothing and uber cool at the same time. RIZZLE'S RAP IS SICK!

Anyways that's it for now. I would love to do a favourite book of the week section but I have none. So far I've only read boring literature (yes modernist books....I'm talking about you).

Looking forward to the weekend!!!

Yang Safia On Monday, September 26, 2011



Literature has always been my passion. I love the idea of timelessness that seems to be in these works. And over the years, my interests just sort of grew around it. I love reading about the classics, music and performing arts. And I'm lucky to be majoring in something that I love, I really do.


I encountered contemporary literature. For this semester I had no choice but to take up some contemporary literature papers since I've done all the "ancient" ones. You might be thinking, "Heh. It's contemporary how hard could it be?" And before I correct you...don't worry. I had the same thinking as well.

Often people are intimidated with literature because they might not understand it. The usual complaint that I hear is, "The language is too difficult." or "It's sooo boring." And I get it. One thing I learned in my lectures is that to "get" literature is to become a competent reader. To become a competent reader, you have to actually undergo some training. Nothing physical, obviously,but a training that requires you to shift your perspective in such a way that the way you read is aligned to how the author wants you to read it.

Of course I also found out that if you're well versed with a certain type of genre, namely the classics...literature would be a cinch. My problem when I first started this degree is that I don't read literature. And this is coming from a girl who reads Meg Cabot and Sophie Kinsella growing up. Luckily I'm interested so no matter how difficult the text is...I am willing to spend time on it.

Right. Enough digression.

I'm doing a modernism paper which deals with Joyce's Ulysses and a contemporary American lit paper. I got a heads up by a couple of lecturers that modernism is going to be tough but I didn't expect American lit to be so...difficult because well, it's contemporary. I've never dealt with contemporary literature before so it was difficult for me to adapt to it. Like trying to adapt my way of reading to it. Especially with Joyce (I've gotten a lot better though). Contemporary literature by every aspect is modern but modern is never simple.

Think about it. We live in a modern era and can we actually say that our life is simple? Far from it I'm afraid. You have all these external influences that disrupt your life which makes it really difficult to comprehend. And this basically applies with contemporary literature (CL). My biggest issue with CL is that the topic discussed is really complex in such a way you involve various philosophies and key human aspects like religion. Note that most modern literature reject the presence of God and mind you, it's really hard to sit in a lecture that discusses why God doesn't exist when all your life, you've been taught that religion is your foundation.

In terms of language, there's no thou(s) and thee(s) so that's one less problem for those who struggle with literature. ;) But then you encounter writing styles like minimalism where you probably encounter a chapter that only has one line in it and they expect you to understand what the author is trying to say. IT'S MADNESS! Especially when you realized that you have no clue what the book is about because the theme is so freaking difficult.

I love old literature (anything before modernist lit) because the times was a lot simpler and their problems are too. The topics are simple like love, friendship and family so it was easy to get. The challenge lies in the language but that's what I like. I love to see how people structure their words to make a sentence so beautiful...also the works are mostly lyrical. I guess I just love things that are of high aesthetic value.

Well what do you expect from a materialistic girl after all? :P

SO yeah...that's my rant. This semester is...a lot harder than the previous but it's okay. At the end of the day I'm happy that I got the opportunity of learning a new extension of literature. I'm starting not to HATE it as much but I really do prefer old lit.

Fun Fact(!) : Did you know that modernist literature actually covers from 1900s-1920s! SO think twice when you enroll to a "MODERN" literature class! :P

PS: Just finished writing my American Lit essay! It's on death and surprisingly the words just flowed nicely! I wonder what does that say about me...

Yang Safia On Sunday, September 25, 2011
Meet Silvana Omar from Germany. I think her voice is just divine. I've decided to share two of my favourite covers from her. Also, standby for some pretty wordy posts coming your way...I've got some drafts up but I will get around to complete them after I'm done with my assignments. Should be soon! Till then, enjoy some good music. :)

Yang Safia On Thursday, September 22, 2011
So this literally happened about 3 hours ago. I rushed home right after the event+dinner to edit and write this post! Ahem. Let's start.

The spring air was cool and the flowers are looking more fabulous than ever. It had been really cold these past few days despite the sun. But the evening was just...perfect.

The Golds Awards is this highly prestigious event where the University honour students and clubs that have contributed to the arts and culture in Otago. OMSA got to be the finalist of this year's Society of the Year award for the third time running. We won the title last year so we were stoked to become a finalist again.

SO yeah....beautiful spring evening.

Cherry blossoms everywhereeeeeeee and what's waiting under the tree?


Imran and Mark won the individual award due to their contribution to arts and culture scene here. They 100% deserved it! I'm so happy for you guys! :'D

From left: Imran and Mark all schnazzy in their suits to receive their award!

Me and Imran

The whole OMSA executives were there at the formal event. Not just to support these two but we just want to know who wins the club title!

The event was held in the council's chamber at the Clocktower. Pretty schmancy event, pretty much all the important people were there. God. One thing you should know about me is that I.ABSOLUTELY.HATE.FORMAL.EVENTS like this. Take me to a formal yeah, I rather stay at home. Seriously.

Me and Mark!!

Ms Chua Yee Min - OMSA's Secretary II

Shaz! One of my good friends. I'm sure you've seen her around this blog!

ARGHHH JIN LIN!!! *fangirl scream* I don't know what but I love working with him!! He's OMSA's treasurer so he advices me on money stuff. SO yeah. Anybody who gives me worthwhile advices are good in my book.

*SIGH* I know. I need to have a close up picture of myself because I am that vain. Well...I maybe vain as a person but I do not like being in front of the camera! Video-wise yes but I HATE TAKING PICTURES!

Yes, Yang. We totally believed you...after how many pictures of yourself plastered in this post!

In front of the entrance of the Clocktower

So we finally part our ways and my god, I was hungry. I didn't exactly had lunch and I thought it was going to be a dinner thingy but no, they put us in a room (which we have to stand btw!) for two hours without proper dinner! LOL. I sound like one of those cheapskate people BUT I have a complaint that I need to make!

The finger food in that room was AMAZING but how come the waiters never come to me?! I ASK YOU WHY?!! (And don't you dare say because I'm fat and they're trying to help me lose weight because I will murder you...)

SO yeah...spring evening. I've been eyeing those cherry blossom trees for weeks now and how I want to pose with them. But I'm always in my ugly clothes (or looking a lot less cute) when I see them so...what to do? Also it's kind of pathetic to camwhore all by yourself and I'm kinda shy to ask my friends to take pictures for me. IT'S COZ I HATE POSING OK! >_<

But um...yeah. Enjoy my night spring collection photos.

PS: The 2nd picture is my favourite! I wanted to make it my FB display picture but I think that will scare off any potential suitors so...I chose the last one instead. =_=

Yang Safia On Tuesday, September 20, 2011
We had the Mahsuri and Intenational Cultural Night after/appreciation party roughly about two weeks after the show. My whole concept for the night was to just sit back and relax while watching the show (edited by our Mahsuri's official media officers) together. I love to see the cast's reaction from watching something that we have worked on for the past 6 months together.

And yeah, we had an abundance of good Malaysian food on hand so that was amazing!

The thing was, I went through a period of post-Mahsuri depression and I missed seeing my actors' faces. I missed having a reason to see them and just hang out although it is kind of hard to shed off the director role after all of this. (I try being more like a friend now. I really do. :'D ) I guess that's why I love doing theatre because you get to work with a group of people (with and without problems) and work towards this common goal. I like this concept very much. In a way, it's a very family-like situation and out of all the groups I worked with on this project, the actors are the closest to me. I see them every week for the past 6 months so to stop seeing them suddenly was...a shock for me.

That's part of the reason why I wanted to have this party because I was turning into such a corn ball. I missed them! :(

Me and Eric. Ignore Jie Ning. =_=

Chris! Don't be surprised if this guy starts speaking in Malay to you because he CAN! Awesome actor!

Danny (lighting guy) was um...having fun by himself with the pillows. Haha!

My Diva No.2 - Zariq. My very own bruno mars! He's one of the lead singers for Mahsuri.

Hafiz and Khairah (dancer)

From left: Eric, Me, Kaidi and Loh!

Some cast love. This is the type of naughtiness I had to deal with every rehearsal with the actors. The majority of my actors are guys and my god, they can be children sometimes. They would literally play tag and run around the studio. They caused me to pull my hair numerous times but never fail to make me smile. :)

Jane and Diva No. 1 - Fadzrel. He's one of my divas for Mahsuri. His deep soulful voice made Anuar Zain's Lelaki Ini his own.

Me and Sarah (Mahsuri!). She surprises me with her retardness constantly but her professionalism is...amazing.

Michelle Vincent. Beautiful girl with a beautiful voice! She's one of my lead singers as well.


The OMSA committee was supportive as always. I get the feeling they knew it was kinda my night so they ended up organizing the whole thing! So NICE! Imran Fauzi and Jin Lin Wong, you guys are awesome! Despite all the shit I say/give you guys sometimes. :P

Mahsuri on big screen

Exactly how I imagined it to be :)

Yang Safia On Friday, September 9, 2011
It was such a beautiful daaaaaay todaaaaaaay!!! This picture above was taken by me at Octagon, as I made my way to the annual 24 hour book sale here in Dunedin. Lucky enough, this year's sale fell on the same day as the start of 2011's Rugby World Cup. New Zealand is pretty much synonym with the All Blacks, their pride and joy, so everyone's gathered for the opening tonight (well NOW, as I'm writing this post). The place just had a good vice since people of all ages just gathered to join in the excitement.

I took this picture of the kinder kids because I overheard the excited teacher explaining the importance of rugby to the kids. Seemed like the teacher used the field trip excuse just to join in with the fun (or trying to nab some last minute tickets). :P

This is the Regent theatre where the book sale is always held. Too bad it falls on the same day as the Rugby cup because not many people (according to Natasya) showed up.

This is my first time going to a book sale so I was pretty much pumped. Apparently in previous years, the books were placed not just on the stage but around the vicinity. It was a pretty low key book sale lah.

But that doesnt stop from people bringing huge bags and grab all of the books. I saw a really really really old lady dragging a huge bag of books. The bag is even bigger than her!

Books! Books! Books!!

I didnt grab anything because I already have something specific in mind but I didnt find it. I'm looking for a copy of Nobakov's Lolita.

I got a bit lightheaded from the books and people so this is taken when I was just resting at once of the red seats in front of the stage.

Much later after the book sale, I was hanging out with Secret Club at Meridian Mall when we were lucky enough to catch a flash Haka that's been taking NZ lately. IT WAS FREAKIN AMAZING!!!! I LOVE HAKA!! I LOVE FLASH MOBS!!! HAKAAAAAAA!!!

For a girl, you just go weak in the knees from watching the Haka. I personally believe (what the heck, all of the female population in NZ think the same too!) that Haka is freaking sexy. It's just hot. Besides, it's amazing how much respect people have for Haka here. People can do haka and the traffic will stop. Dont believe me, youtube it. It's everywhere!!

My personal favourite flash haka! <3

Yang Safia On Sunday, September 4, 2011

I woke up with HOPE that the dendengs this year will be a success. I've never cooked it while fasting so I'm a bit worried. Hence, I'm relying on apek and amoi to taste it for me.

We prepared the ingredients the day before so the whole cooking process was chill. I didnt want to get sentimental over this raya so Tim played his Nicki Manaj playlist while we cooked. Haha. The dude is into Nicki Manaj so much it was...shocking.

Amoi showing one of her rare smiles. :P

The ever happy apek

After boiling the beefs and setting aside the stock, we're marinading them with sweet soy sauce.

Dunedin has been awesome lately. I think we've finally gotten out of our winter so spring is coming and my god, the days are so sunny! And surprisingly hot sometimes. I LOVE SUNSHINE! This is a view from my balcony.

Always assuming the role of "pengarah" (director), I direct lah. With the cooking.

Hammering the fried (marinated) beef to soften them up before cooking them again.

Time to eat!!! We found A&W rootbeer at this Asian shop and we got a bit excited. Iftar time!

We burned our tongues. Turned out that I cant trust apek and amoi in tasting because my god, the dendeng is H.O.T!! Of course the finger pointing turned to me because I was the head chef but this blog post is my space so I'm telling this story in my own interpretation!! >_> I was a bit generous with the blended cili kering....but generous is good! I want more flava!

I blame JIE NING for saying it's already nice and TIM for saying it's already sweet! Hence, I put more chili coz I need to balance the flavour wat!

Anyways, this is the least bit of raya stuff I'm involved with this year because the next day we're off to Queenstown!

I ski-ed on pagi raya. Like a total badass.

But that's another story. ;)