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Yang Safia On Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I figured I could do a favourites post where I share with you things that I've been loving this week. Aside from my attempts to keep this blog alive since I'm honestly swamped with essays right be honest I haven't been going out of the house much. So nothing exciting to report! =_= Anywho...these stuff are pretty random. Quite general actually.

Oh well.

Favourite Photo of the Week

I know it's pretty vain of me to love a picture with my face right smack in the middle but I love how Mark/Vivian managed to capture the moment. I was just BS-ing (90% of the time I do speak BS anyways) with friends at Golds Awards but the shot made it look as if I was discussing world peace or something. :P

Favourite TV Show of the Week

How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 kicked off last week and it was awesooomeeee! I don't care if people say how overrated this show is because this is THE TV SHOW OF THE GENERATION! This whole show freakin define my Uni years and 20s. It's like Friends to the 90s generation. HIMYM is that to people of my generation. I have never met anyone (from Otago that is) who does not watch HIMYM. (Jie Ning, if you're reading this. SHUT UP!)

Favourite Music of the Week

I discovered Rizzle Kicks through my good friend, Divanesh who posted this first video on Facebook. I was really dying at that point and I needed a pick-me up. Rizzle Kicks represents a style that I really love in music. I may not seem like it but I.LOVE.RAP! Especially smart rap as in they actually tell a message or just freaking smart. I love how they're very witty with their lyrics. And how cute are these guys!!! >_< Also it's very british. Got all the slang and accent going on so that totally stimulates my geeky language-driven brain. Note: Expect to be really really tongue tied when you first listen to Rizzle Kicks!

My favourite cover from them. It's so soothing and uber cool at the same time. RIZZLE'S RAP IS SICK!

Anyways that's it for now. I would love to do a favourite book of the week section but I have none. So far I've only read boring literature (yes modernist books....I'm talking about you).

Looking forward to the weekend!!!