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Yang Safia On Thursday, May 28, 2009
At 1.35 pm today, I finished my last paper of finals, World Issues. For the past few days, I've been doing nothing but study on my world issues subject since as you all know, my super unproductive day EVAR had caused a major mental block when I sat for my Malaysian Studies paper.

I think it is already a known fact about my feelings towards CIMP. That stands for Canadian International Matriculation Program btw. For me, CIMP and I have always have this love-hate relationship but I'd like to say its more on hate. But you see, the thing with endings you cannot help but have this flood of memories that wash over you and make you realized how its not really that bad after all. Okay, I might not have the most swell time there but CIMP changed me and it changed my complete outlook towards certain things. And I am forever grateful for that.

After we finished our last paper today, all of us just embraced each other and say our farewells and stuff. I know I'm never going to see them again (since I'm not planning to stay in Sunway College for my degree) but I had the most enjoyable time in World Issues class. Theres my Yangness group (me, ayesha, darwin and jimmy) which we did a group hug where I'm really happy about(!), papi, saad, KENNY!!!!, hakeem, yanita, peng, bonang, sayuri and the list goes on. Judging from the names you can tell that we all come from totally different backgrounds but in that class, we all just unite (well, fight most of the time :p)!

So yeah, June 5th will be my graduation ceremony where I will be receiving my diploma so hopefully I have pics to post up here.

To my relatives who are attending Wan Yone (or Yone as most of you call her)'s wedding this weekend, am looking forward to see you all!

Yang Safia On Monday, May 25, 2009
Finished my first paper today.

It annoys the hell out of me when I know the answer but the word can never come out. That exact words...

Oh well, lets just hope I still get an A and possibly be on honor rolls. (Nerd Alert!)

Kenny, I feel like killing you right now. The fact that you're a nice guy made the probability of killing you higher.


Seriously. There goes my dreams of pwning World Issues. I only get 91%...

I went to Shaza's place today only to find Sara there! Whaddaya know...

We had a long talk about me as usual (feeds the ego yknow?) on how I have more girls finding me attractive (get your minds out of the gutter please) compared to the guys. I mean, the girls are more verbal about.

I think I have to make a point to the world that I am at the age where forming relationships are a possibility that I take seriously. Not that I never thought of it in school, just not as serious as now.

My problem: Apparently I give the impression to the guys that I dont need em. Meaning, I look too independent and not needy. Okay needy is not good but guys have these massive egoes that made them think that they should be in power and I'm just simply too intellectually intimidating. I can come off as too outspoken, direct and opinionated. Basically what Shaza and Sara are trying to say is that...I'm too aggressive. THERE! I've said it! Sheesh.

But I can already imagine what kind of person I want to be with and so far none of the guys I've met fit the bill. Thats what I told them but of course, it sounded like an excuse. Shaza told me that I should open up my prospects and make the guys look at me as a potential. Just because I'm not interested in them does not mean I should turn them off. (=_=)

Of course after this remark I got defensive and brought up their issues with guys.

First things first, the sisters do NOT have problems with guys. They're like this major guy magnets.

Sara's problem: Over excessive flirting and scandalous affairs with people's boyfriends made her confused on which guy she actually likes. To her, every guy is a potential. She's such a manipulative fox that she needs a guy who is as manipulative as her. Apparently the opposite sex cannot be as manipulative when they're in the prescence of SARA!

Shaza's problem: Indecisiveness. The trait I hate the most in her. Model. Seventeen's Covergirl. Popular. Nice. Every guys' dream girl and she has the mankind bowing at her. Her demands are not over the top, it's practically normal really. She didnt ask for a Chace Crawford (although one would be nice) and guys dig that. Too bad she cannot make up her mind about entering a relationship because shes afraid it might not work?

After addressing our own issues, Sara came out with a new metaphoric ideology (wtf?) to explain our situations.

Me: I am like jumping into a pool. Where the water is crystal clear and I can see wat I want, only my range is so small...its nearly impossible. Basically, I'm not spontaneous enough. I need to open up and let different people who doesnt fit my criteria but might bring something new that can make me interested...? Huh?

Shaza: Like jumping into a lake. A bit murky and range is bigger. She cannot make up her mind.

Sara: Like jumping into the sea. Massive range and a lot of different people with potential. Its deep and dark so its all about try and error. Its really hard to settle down when you're Sara. Everybody is a potential!

So yeah, thats my epiphany of the day!

Disclaimer: The following picture belongs to PostSecret and credits should all be given to them.

*Gasp. Giggle. Rollover.*

Oh so scandalous!


Yang Safia On Friday, May 22, 2009
I'm sitting for my Interdisciplinary Studies paper this monday and I just wasted the whole day of supposed studying. But I DID attempt to study so that counts....I think.

Here is my almost detailed schedule of the day~!

7.10am - Mama called (as in using the cellphone) from downstairs to wake me up and suruh send my sisters to school.

7.45 am - Arrived home from sending sisters to school

8.00 am - Listened to's radio discussion on American Idol

8.10 am - Concluded that Kris's victory is actually a conspiracy and right away texted Shira about the said conspiracy

8.15 am - Realized that I have other important things to worry about.

8. 17 am - Look for my text book and notes so that I could start studying

8.20 am - Found my stuff only to be confused about my notes.

8.22 am - Texted Ayesha to ask what is coming out on the exam since apparently I cant even understand my own handwriting

8.30 am - With textbook in hand, I turned on the computer

8.35 am - Downloaded Soul Eater's last episode. Told myself that I'm going to watch this first b4 I start studying.

9.00 am - While SE is downloading, went downstairs to find food with textbook in hand

9.15 am - Attempted to read while eating. Failed miserably.

9.25 am - Mama suruh run errands for her. Told her I will do so after I shower.

9.26 am - Mama thoroughly explained the importance of me completing these errands = I should get my fat arse showered and do it pronto!

9.27 am - Sighed

9. 30 am - Complained about the weather at Mama and she agreed. It's TOO HOT!!

9.32 am - Made my way up to my room.

9.35 am - Played around with Facebook

9.45 am - Finished doing like ten quizzes on Facebook (Note: I have my textbook in front of me the whole time)

10.00 am - Watched Soul Eater

10.30 am - Finished Soul Eater! :)

10.32 am - Made mental note to text Ms Nancy to ask for current mark in World Issues class

10.35 am - Showered

10.45 am - Received orders from Mama about the errands

10.47 am - Drove to pasar Section 6

10.50 am - Bought two chickens and watched them get chopped

10.55 am - Bought Kosmo and NST

11.00 am - Read newspaper in car.

11.15 am - Pondered about the Perak issue since its coming out for the exam

11.17 am - Cursed the Malaysian Government =_=

11.20 am - Made my way to the dry cleaners to send Abah's laundry

11.30 am - Play with Ginger

11.31 am - Ginger tried to launch his fury swipes attack on meh but FAILED! :p

11.35 am - Asked Mama about the Perak issue and she told me about Zamry being the MB of Perak

11.36 am - Expresses my dissatisfaction towards the Malaysian Government to mama.

11.37 am - Asked which court did Zamry appealed to since Nazir got the OK from the High Court. Wondered how can other any other court coud overruled the High Court's decision.

11.38 am - Got ignored.

11.40 am - Made my way up to my room and read like two paragraphs of the textbook.

11.43 am - Expresses her dissatisfaction over the American Idol results on Facebook

11.50 am - Mama asked me to cut her hair coz its too long now

12.15 pm - Finished cutting Mama's hair. Teased her how she looked like Prof Snape

12.20 pm - Mama complained that her hair was uneven so asked me to trim it. Trimmed her hair in my room and now its all hairy.

12.24 pm - Found out it was a ploy of getting me to vacuum my room.

12. 30 pm - Finished vacuum-ing my room and was upset that I didnt get any studying done :(

12.35 pm - Fetched Aya and Ina from school

12.37 pm - Hear Aya complained how hard the Bio paper.

12.38 pm - Asked her to shut up, resulting into a fight

13.00 pm - Arrived home

13.15 pm - Ate lunch while watching TV

13. 17 pm - Reasoned to myself that I should start studying

13. 20 pm - Found out that Moulin Rouge is on at Star Movies

13.22pm - Saw Ewan McGregor and got stuck watching it

14.15 pm - Cried when Nicole Kidman died

14.30 pm - Surfed the net while studying

15.00 pm - Downloaded Kris Allen's Heartless and Adam Lambert's Cryin

15.15 pm - Eyes grew heavy

15.20 pm - Decided to read about the Malaysian Constituion on the bed, figuring it would be more comfortable rather than studying sitting up

17.00 pm -Woke up from Mama calling me to follow her pick up Ina and Aya from tuition

17.03pm - Convinced her in the car that I was INDEED studying

17.04 pm - She didnt believe me, said I was too quiet

17.15 pm - Fetched Aya

17.30 pm - Fetched Ina

17.40 pm - Arrived home

17.50 pm - Watched some random stuff on the net

18.15 pm - Transferred all the stuff I downloaded into my Mp3 Player

18.30 pm - Sang along to Kris Allen's version of Heartless while waiting for Adam

18.45 pm - Sang all the way home. Thought I was pretty good since Adam didnt complain

19.00 pm - Studied

20.00 pm - Drove the sibs to their Kendo class with the parentals in tow

20.30 pm - Arrived at Shah Alam Mall with parents

20.35 pm - DVD shopping with Abah

20.40 pm - Made my way across the DVD shop to the tudung shop where Mama was at, and got two scarves.

21.00 pm - Hung out @ Old Town's

21.10 pm - Food arrived and talked about my plans after CIMP

21.20 pm - Texted Ms Nancy about my results

21.22 pm - Asked Abah about the Perak Issue

21.23 pm - Got ignored

21.25 pm - Complained about Malaysia

21.27 pm - Mama said I should just be a politician then. Later she took it back saying that I will not have any privacy

21.35 pm - Rushed to fetch the sibs from their Kendo class

22.00 pm - The sibs finally emerge!

22.10 pm - The sibs boasted about themselves (vainity apparently runs in the family) in the car

22.10 pm - Arrived home.

22.13 pm - Played with Ginger

22.20 pm - Exchanged Kris Allen's songs with Aya

22.30 pm - Laundry duty

22.35 pm - Annoyed Ginger for fun

22.50 pm - Started writing this blog entry

SO yeah, thats how my day went. >_<

Yang Safia On Friday, May 15, 2009

Two words. EPIC. WIN.

It is soo much better than The Da Vinci Code. So much better!

I mean, I didnt get the first movie and this one has Ewan Mcgregor in it.

Who knew a priest garb can make him look so smexy? *hyperventilates*

Conversation between me and Claudia that made me curious about this movie:

Me: I'm going to watch angels and demons today!

Claudia: Oh my god! You're watching that?!

Me: ????

Claudia: Oh wait, you're muslim. Can lor...

Me: Psyeah.

Claudia: My christian friends are all boycotting the movie. I'm sooo watching it this weekend.

All I have to say now, no wonder Christians hate it. :p

Although they did say something that I entirely dont agree

"Excuse this imperfect religion as its people are imperfect too."

From my point of view:

"Religion is supposed to be perfect because it has to guide the imperfect people to the righteous way."

Movie Rating: 9/10

Yang Safia On Thursday, May 14, 2009
...Marianne Dashwood~!!

Who is she? A character in Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. I did a quiz on "Which Jane Austen Character are you?"

You are Marianne Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility! You are impulsive, romantic, impatient, and perhaps a bit too brutally honest. You enjoy romantic poetry and novels, and play the pianoforte beautifully. To boot, your singing voice is captivating. You feel deeply, and love passionately.

I am Marianne Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Yang Safia On Tuesday, May 12, 2009
It went alright I guess.

Although I could've done better.

If only the two in my group are not talkative.


Topic: Community Service for colleges and universities.

I do have an upperhand since CIMP practice this thang.


But I wonder why the invigilator is smiling at me?

Oh my god.

Could it be that I'm that awesome?
Yang Safia On

It is the title of the manga (dunno what manga is? where have you been?!) I've been reading for the past couple of days. It consists of 13 volumes of which I devoured all in um, 3 days.

I'm amazed how i can be such an otaku sometimes! :)

So Koukou Debut means High School Debut.

What is it about? (It sounds like a typical shoujo plot and I've come across this manga loads of time before I actually picked it up (ok more like downloaded it) and start devouring)
In middle school, Haruna was such a sports freak that she never paid attention to being a feminine girl although she's very into shoujo manga and romances. Now that she's in high school, her goal is to fall in love. However, all the magazines and fashion tips she got from media are not exactly helping her; resulting her looking like a freak. Imagine combining all the good stuff you see in mags and wear it all at once. Disaster ait? So she went to this public place where supposedly you can get hit on by guys and found herself practically ignored. Until she met this one guy who helped her retrive her shoe (i cant remember why. haha). She noticed that he's hot and everything but the guy looked uninterested and commented that she looked like a freak wearing something like that in public. Then Haruna vowed that if she ever sees that guy again, she wants him to be her coach. And guess what, that guy turned out to be her senior at high school. His name, Yoh. A few events later, Yoh agreed to coach her and his only rule is, "Don't fall in love with me. I hate girls."

I was really bored that day so I gave the series a shot lah. Until I found myself getting addicted to it. =_=

I really like the plot because somehow, it's very realistic how the mangaka portray a life of a couple. It's not dramatic to the point its so annoying like you know when you watch korean soaps and you go, "My GOD just tell the damn guy you didnt do it lah!!! SO easy!!!" Minus the whole misunderstanding shit. I love Yoh and Haruna (especially Haruna) because they are so straightforward, not too much lah to the point there's no that suspense element.


Scene where Haruna confesses to Yoh:

If its a typical drama, it prolly go on and on before she actually confensses. For koukou debut. it only happened in a couple of pages. Within the same volume!!!

The main reason i love it is because how i can relate to most of the problems faced by Yoh and Haruna (am i talking from experience? lol ;p) So yeah, in real life...little problems like a simple misunderstanding about spending extracurricular activities with (just so it happens) another girl does not mean it should last up to several volumes. Resulting in a very emotional feud between the couple. No. No. No. :)

I mean, lets say you tak puas hati about something, dont tell me you dont discuss it with someone? =_= Talk about it. For sho its going to fix the problem.

Since when im Dr Phil?

Anyways, the manga scans I posted up there are not mine and a huge thanks to the scanlanting group who translated it for the mass.

They deserve a noble prize.

For world peace.

Ta! Gotta study for my MUET test tomorrow.
Yang Safia On Monday, May 11, 2009
Way back in March, my malaysian studies class had a mock syariah court hearing for two days.
The case goes like this (I changed the character's names to their actors' names so its easier for me to type lah):

Adam and Rini had been married for a couple of years. Now they are fighting over custody of their two children, Dania and Daniel (I created their names! Dun ask the reason of the name, it was an impromptu decision. Thx Ayesha~!) They have lived seperately for three years now with Dania with Rini and Daniel with Adam. Rini is working from home where she baked cookies. Adam owns 3 restaurants. Rini accused Adam of abusing her and not giving her nafkah. Before the seperation, Adam confessed to marry his childhood sweetheart, Dian. Rini has a close relationship with Syahriz and thus, accused of infidelity by Adam.

Main Witnesses:

Me as Adam's mom

Dian as Adam's childhood friend

Taufiq as Rini's brother

Syahriz as Rini's best friend

Aishah as Rini's business partner and friend

Judge: Imran


Rini's Side :
Ayesha and Assistant lawyer, Zaim

Adam's Side:
Azree and Assistant lawyer, Anne

Psychologist: Zulaikha

Since my class is filled with very emotional people, it is expected for the hearing to become very heated. In fact, all of us stayed in character really well and we became really emotional lah. Let the fighting begin~!

Ayesha and Zaim discussing before the hearing

Anne yang always camera-ready. Azree and Adam busy going through the details

Ayesha briefing Rini before the hearing

Adam's side lah yang paling emo skali. Adam annoyed after a few betrayals from other witnesses and me looking emo jugak?

Adam proving his innocence! Tuan Imran looking um, very judge-like?

All of us after the long court hearing, we became friends again? Sort of LOL

The lawyers and Tuan Imran

At the end of the day, it was great fun! Moral of the story, KAHWIN TUH SUSAH. TAK YAH GATAL NAK MENYEBOK KAHWIN AWAL2!

Wow, way to go in rejecting the idea of marriage Yangness!

Disclaimer: I ripped those pictures off Zaim's FB account. THANK YOU ZAIM!

Ta, hoes!

Yang Safia On Sunday, May 10, 2009
H1N1 coming at you!!!
It's swine flu, beeches!

Wah! So ke ai wor...

Mad Scientists

Ebil Rabbits

Yang Safia On
More shenanigans by moi and friends from World Issues class. Thanks to Ayesha for hauling her Apple everywhere she goes so that she can satisfy my camwhoring needs. Yes, I'd like to think that I'm THAT important.

Ayesha went cannibal on Kenny

What was that flash of dark?

It's DARWIN!!!!

Jimmy's sexay look, Ayesha's Whiskers Ad Look and Yang's prasan HOT look

I tapped that >_<

Me, Ayesha, Jimmy,Dark Darwin, Saad and mah test paper

Darwin, Me, Ayesha, Papi and Jimmy

Yang: Konon pay attention kat Ms Nancy. Ayesha: Poking Saad

And then we brought the Mac to the cafeteria~!

Fo Sho

Me: Kura-kura face, Ecah: Kanak2 Ribena & Jimmy: Ngantok!
Mah Ugly Face pwn-ed the picture!
Made you feel college aint a good idea aint it?
Yang Safia On Thursday, May 7, 2009
Recently, I've had epiphanies like a LOT. And most of them are bad habits of mine. I think it would be really interesting if I list all of them.

1) I tend to write a lot on my hand. It's like my personal note pad. I'm soooo getting cancer.
2) I swear a lot. (lagi2 sejak masuk college)
3) I'm vain. And i KNOW it.
4) I'm self-centered.
5) I often portray that I care a lot but actually I dont unless it has something to do with me (or beneficial to me, etc)
6) I have an amazing ability to turn the story about something to a story about ME.
7) I like to make mom jokes. AND I BLAME AYESHA FOR ENCOURAGING ME. (why la you have to find it so darn funneh?!)
8) I hate people who are better than me
9) I will not be friends with people who I feel can threatened my capabilities.
10) I'm a bitch
11) I'm easily intimidated which explains my whole me-agaisnt-the-world attitude
12) I'm sensitive
13) I'm fickle
14) I'm financially challenged
15) I'm not articulate which annoys the hell out of meh
16) I eat like a LOT
17) I'm moody
18) I dont smile a lot
19) I'm lazy
20) I call girls (friends, relatives,etc) bitch in my head all the time, even when they dont deserve it sometimes.
21) Camwhore. (I blame Ayesha)
22) I like attention
23) I'm such a gossip
24) I badmouth people sometimes. so UGLY!!
25) I have anger issues
26) I'm sexist. (I just realized that I refuse to read books by a male author. In fact, other than school books, I've never read anything from a male author!! whoa!!)
27) A bit rascist. But who doesnt la?
28)I can hate a person for no absolute reason
29) I'm shallow
30) "I only have 10 bucks left. Good enough to buy your mom for the night!" (see, i told you it was bad)

All I can say...