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Yang Safia On Wednesday, March 28, 2012
The first time I heard of Lex's Coffee, Adeline (a coffee addict) described it as the best coffee in Dunedin. Now at the time I only drink coffee socially so you have to understand I don't have that much experience. I dabbled at other coffee joints and they were alright. I don't remember my first time trying Lex's Coffee but I knew it was amazing. It's what kept me getting more and more of this deliciously made coffee. Lex's Coffee has a ZINGGG to it. Yeah, that's the best I could do to describe its perfection. Normal coffee doesn't usually affect me, meaning it doesn't prevent me from sleeping nor has it kept me up in class. But this perfection has the perfect blend of tastiness and a kick of caffeine. 

I love Lex's Coffee so much that I asked Lex himself whether he'd be interested to sit for an interview for my blog. And he said yes!

For most Otago students, you would know that Lex can usually be found at Union lounge but due to the renovation that's been going on right now, he has moved to the indoor pathway next to Central Library. Lex has confirmed that this move is permanent.

The Interview

Yang:  Let’s start the interview. So, how long have you’ve been making coffee?
Lex:  18 years.
Yang:  Wow that’s a long time. How did you start? What made you get into the coffee business?
Lex:  Basically I wanted my own business and it’s quite simple to get into. And I’ve kept it pretty simple.
Yang: Did you have an interest in coffee when you were young?
Lex:  Not really. I do enjoy drinking it but no. I just did it just to own my own business. I mean you don’t have to think too hard or work too hard.
Yang:  Then where did you learn how to make coffee?
Lex: Up in Auckland.
Yang: Is there a name of a cafe or...
Lex: No. It wasn’t a cafe. There’s this guy...Um, Allpress.
Yang: Oh Allpress (one of the coffee brands in NZ). Is it like a training thing?
Lex: Well he was roasting it back then and he taught me. This was when I was much smaller. It was 18 years ago.
Yang: Wait, so how long have you been making coffee at Otago Uni?
Lex:  18 years. I just came up to learn back then and straight come back here.


Yang: In your opinion, what does it take to make a great cup of coffee?
Lex: Just follow the steps.
Yang: I mean some baristas believe in the amount of milk you put in or the beans—
Lex: Well yeah but I guess it’s all about the timing. You gotta do it right, follow the steps and mind your timing.
Yang: Why do you choose Allpress?
Lex: It is the superior blend. It is consistent and it’s good.
Yang: Now the last question. Out of all the coffee in the world, what’s your favourite?
Lex:  Just a flat white.
Yang: Why? Why not a macchiato or...?
Lex: Nah...just a flat white with a little bit of milk.
Yang: Kinda describes you maybe? A simple guy?
Lex: Yeah. I’m simple.

 Lex has helped Otago students get their caffeine fix for 18 years

After interviewing Lex, I leave with my usual order and enjoy one of life's little blessings.