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Yang Safia On Wednesday, March 14, 2012
 Ever since I first saw it on a rainy day; on my first day in Dunedin I knew it was love. It was really love at first sight for me. Scribes looked so magical back then...even now to be honest. If you're a book lover and ever find yourself in Dunedin, Scribes is a must stop. I love the smell of books, especially old books and as most of my friends complained, Scribes reeks of it. There's always a tingly feeling I get every time I find myself in Scribes. The possibility of finding a rare book or even a first edition of a particular work is very...exciting.

Over the years that I've been here, I've developed a close relationship with Scribes. This is where I buy my school books and find materials for my research papers.

From here on there will be a lot of pictures. I tried my best to capture the magic in Scribes. I kept telling the shopkeepers and my friends of how it reminded me of Ollivander's shop. It is simply magical. :D

 First thing you will see the second you enter Scribes. Some people can get overwhelmed with the amount of books but I.JUST.GET.EXCITED!

 Michael, one of Scribe's shopkeepers. I've developed quite an interesting friendship with him. He tells me stories about the shop and its customers. He knows all the books I have aka my small library in my room and gives me the best deals on books. He also has turned me into quite a book collector!! Try to drop by when he's around. He'll help you through and through.

 A rare look of what goes on behind the shop. This is where they keep all the rare books that are just waiting to hit the front shelves.

Scribes's owner, Richard has a very interesting philosophy regarding his shop. How he manages Scribes shows pure commitment and love for books. I'm not going to tell you what his philosophy is...that's for you to find out if you ever come to visit Scribes. My only clue is that I can bet you that NO ONE in Malaysia will have this philosophy.

Missed a day of classes because of flu.:(

Special vlog post in the next post! Stay Tuned!