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Yang Safia On Sunday, August 11, 2013
Best.Eid.EVER! This goes to show that Eid  is so much fun when celebrated at home! I'm going to let the pictures do the talking because I'm so tired and I have an early flight to catch tomorrow!

Day 1:

We spent our first day visiting relatives. We really went all out this year (by our standards la) by visiting 4 houses in a day! We usually do 2 or 3 but this, I was pretty much shaking out of exhaustion when I turned in for the night!

(Clearly the  pictures are not in order)

Day 2:

We played host to Jie Ning's family who came all the way from Cheras. Nings came all the way from New Zealand! She arrived that morning and I'm sure she was super jetlagged but proved to be a trooper! I mean she ate all that good food, she should be happy!

Pak Cik Aziz and family also paid a visit in the evening!

Day 3:

That day was a rest day so my mum and I went to Giant to restock on food because we have more people coming over the next day. My father and the rest of the siblings went to our condo to just chill. From what I know they played boardgames.

Day 4:

Today was an amazing day! My paternal uncles and their families paid a visit because we did a lunch thing. Food's great and the company's great as well! I even invited Syaffy to come over and we played The Last of Us. Later the evening, Syera came over just to raya but I don't have a picture of her. :/

That's it for a quick update on my Eid celebration! Tomorrow I'm off to London and Amsterdam so I will be MIA for more than a week! See ya!
Yang Safia On Thursday, August 8, 2013
Clearly this is way too late since the time I'm uploading this post is already the first day of Raya. For those who don't know what Raya is, in English we would call it Eid. Anyway Eid is a holiday that Muslims celebrate after a month of fasting. So that month is what we call Ramadhan. And Iftar refers to the breaking of fast at sundown.

Now that we've got that out of the way, this is how my Ramadhan pretty much went. First off it was great because this is my first Ramadhan in Malaysia after celebrating it by myself overseas. So it was nice to be able to celebrate with family and close friends for once. A majority of my Ramadhan was spent with family and performing the Tarawikh prayers after Iftar so I didn't get to hang out with my friends as much. I realize that it's getting really hard these days to have everyone's schedule align.


So I managed to plan Iftar with two different group of friends in one week before Raya! It was pretty boss alright!

First off I had a mini reunion/Iftar with my high school friends. These people we go way back as some of them I've known since I was 7! Now we're all off doing our own things and it's fun to just share experiences. We ate at this Balinese restaurant but the food umm....yeah, you won't be seeing me there anytime soon!

Aysha brought gifts from Ireland as she's on a summer break.

Portion was generous but the taste didn't exactly live up to it's descriptions.

One thing that me and Shira really enjoyed was this HUGE coconut shake!

About two days later, I had Iftar with my good friend, Syafiqah (aka Syaffy), Shira and two of my siblings, Ina and Adam at our favourite Japanese joint, Sushi Tei.

Crazy People



The Siblings

Sooooo many good food and the company was brilliant! We stuffed our faces with all these good Japanese food and laughed to the point I was asking them to stop! If I could relive this night, I would!