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Yang Safia On Thursday, July 31, 2008
Oh.My.God. This is like the one time ever you're going to catch The Yang Safia gushing over a girl. SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUTE! N by the way, I'm not gay or anything but I cant believe I have a friend who is so cuuute. Believe me, Im not the only one who is like this. There's like 2 other ppl in my Sunway gang who acted like fangirls over this cute person. And her name is Nadya Yuris. Yes Nadya, if you happen to find my blog yes. I'm talking about YOU. =p

Nadya is from Indonesia. That's practically all I know about her...except that she's a nice girl. And not to mention huggably (is dat even a word?) KAWAII!!!

Today Nadya is exceptionally kawaii since its BLACK&WHITE day where all CIMP students r encouraged to wear black or white or BOTH. She looks like an anime character...more like an anime boyish waitress character. She's pretty peeved dat everyone called her a waiter. *cough*udolooklikeonetho*cough*

*Nadya just being nice layan-ing one of my crazy antics.

*She rlly looks like a waiter tho. Ironically when she came to our table she was all like, "Wan to taste my mooncake?" And started serving us.

*Nadya has like the COOLEST hair EVER. This is one of those rare moments she tied her hair.

*Nadya eating her mooncake. See see that small piece shes eating? Ha, the rest she let us eat la. So baik this girl.

*Sry made you tilt your head 2 the side a bit. Uh, I don't know how to rotate the pic. (=_=) Nadya looks so cool in this pic!!! Picture courtesy of Rini who managed to catch the moment.

So this post is a tribute to a new friend and a hopefully long lasting friendship~! Cheers.

Right...gotta get back to work. Have to read some pages or Mr Pelland will kill me tmrw. (=_=)

Yang Safia On Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Yesterday was a relatively bad day for me. Hell, it was for everyone in gang that is. And also to my bffs who are in Uitm rite now txt-ed me that they're having a bad day. I don't rly want to get into details on what happened but what can I do rite? Like the old Malay saying, "tak de rezeki..."

So...! I just want to share with you lot what depression can do to ya....especially if you're under 20years old and probably prone to psychotic antics.

Example 1: Here you can see Natalie expressing her anger.Here's her hand crushing a tin can. FYI, that was my drink. =_= I didnt even get to finish it. *sniff sniff*
Here's the product.

On the other hand for some people (aka me) find eternal peace by stalking deliciously hot guys thanks to the help of a gay, I mean guy friend.

That's him standing. Zulfan told me he's from Russia. *sighs*

That's him sitting. Crap, I think he knows I'm taking pics of him. =_= His name is Roma btw. Zulfan said he's kinda slow so too bad. (=_=) Actually from the place hes sitting to my place is rly close just dat this stupid camera of mine cant zoom in properly.
So yeah, if anyone feels like sharing their own solutions on how to make yourself happy, feel free to do so. Damn, why do I feel my english is rly crappy in this post? *bites tongue*

Yang Safia On Friday, July 18, 2008
I guess it's been a long time since I posted an actual entry here. I've been busy if you haven't noticed, with college and getting used to things. So that explains my absence but I bet you haven't even notice it. :p

So just to tell y'all about my new life in Sunway's been two weeks now since I've started my classes and yes, I guess my life is sort of different from your average local Malaysian college life. Obviously the facilities here are in great shape but that's why we paid so much money right? It all comes down to that and of course to pay all those Canadians lecturers. I wouldn't say I'm leading a REAL uni life since my program pretty much is like high school only the Canadian kind and oh yeah, one word. International. I got the privilege to meet people my age who came from every parts of this world and as much as it is can be really shocking too. I may be local but in this program, I'm every bit of foreign myself since I'm sort of the minority in this program.

Anyways, I'm proud that I now have friends from Bostwana, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Maldives, Jordan, China and etc. (^___^)

If you're wondering what subjects I'm taking for my first semester...there's three of em.

1) English For College (I'm just at the intermediate level, the advance level is called English For Uni which I refused to enter! (^__^))
2) Individuals and Families in Diverse Society (In other words, sociology)
3) Mathematics for Data Management (I hate this subject but I have to take at least ONE math subject. It's either this or advance function and calculus)

So yeah, I friggin love my English and Socio classes tho I don't rly enjoy the homework and assignments we have to do. My body is set to vacation mode so it might take awhile to get it up and running like usual. (=__=)

Yesterday my English teacher, Mr Tan said that he wanted us to create a blog as our assignment. Hell, I have to admit I was ecstatic but the rest of the class didnt agree so it's still on hold. PS: If you're really evil like you claimed to be Mr Tan, I suggest you give this project a go. *grins evilly*

**I doubt I'm going to use this blog for my class assignment since I said a lot of bad things which could result in deducting marks. Unless Mr Tan doesnt mind. :)

Another thing I would like to add here is that a friend of mine in my MDM class (Ayesha if you're reading this, yes it's YOU) stumbled upon this lowly blog of mine. Well, if you still want to be my stalker like you said yesterday...GO AHEAD ECAH! In fact I'll have more readers and that means more comments I hope.

Well, I have to get ready first class starts at 10.30am today.

Till then,

Yang Safia On Sunday, July 6, 2008
Alright. Short post right now. I am now currently typing this post in Sunway College. Yep, first entry in sunway baby!!!

Okay, I have class at 1.30pm and that is roughly 20mins or so.

I dun think I'll be writing the post about my second day of orientation since I'm so malas right now.

Till then

Yang Safia On Thursday, July 3, 2008
I guess the title of this post says it all. I have nothing much to say except that Sunway is okay. Since I'm in the Canadian International Matriculation Program (CIMP) I get to meet a lot of international students. And I have to say most of my friends are chinese-Indonesians like Zulfan and Yurith. Nice people and Zulfan is a nice guy while Yurith is sooooo cute!!! I just love her name. Funny thing is, everyone just assumed that I'm chinese or mixed blood. Thanks to my name.

I have one friend who sticks though and she's an ex-Assunta girl. Rozanne her name. I asked her why her name is with a Z instead an X and she said, yeah people asked her that tons of times. If her name is with an X I want to call her Roxy. =3

My first friend (tho I never talk to him after that) is Brian. He was wandering around here and there and we made a few eye contacts but neither one of us were smiling. Maybe because it's so early in the morning. But I managed to break the ice. The shirt he's wearing intrigues me though. It says, "I'm Still A Virgin". =____=

But what I like most about my program is the lecturers! Majority of them are canadians and they're very friendly. I was put into a group and the lecturers in charge of my group are Dr Z ( we call him dat coz his name is so hard to pronounce) and Ms Tricia Devlin (I heard Dr Z calls her Ms Devil). Ms Devlin is one crazy lady and I can tell she's a fun one and Dr Z is one lazy dude who talks like a russian Mafia. Gotta love that accent!

I did my english placement test and lets just say it's a bit harder than the one I did in UIA. I hope I did well...tho I dont really care anymore. I'm just too tired at this point. Basically my day consisted of running up and down the floors to find the freaking library and comp lab to settle some stuff. Thank God I have Rozanne with meh since she's the one with the sense of direction.

Well, I'll post another post about Day 2. Hopefully...

Till then,