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Yang Safia On Monday, December 22, 2008
My byoooooootiful brown sweater!! It shrunk out of the wash!!! Why?

Checked the friggin tag and it said, "100% wool".

Damn it.

How la?

I only wore it once and this happened.

Hmn...tho I still can wear it but a bit ketat la. Tried ironing it and strecthing it...


PS: I never really paid attention in HomeEC class so tips are greatly appreciated. :(
Yang Safia On
For most people who know me, I'm a sucker for romance novels. A huge chunk of my teen years have I spent reading em. And any normal phase, I grew out of it. I've read from Amanda Quick to Susan Elizabeth Phillips. In fact, I read sooooo many romance novels that no novel surprises me anymore. SO I stopped for awhile lah...

Romance novels are famous for their steamy love scenes ait but uhh...idk bout you avid romance readers out there but some novels only revolved around these scenes. Gawd, its so annoying like yknow, talk. tease. have sex. and it goes on and on till the end of the book. So i guess thats why I stopped reading em la.

Over the years(or months?) I find myself craving for a good romance novel. Not the contemporary kind but the historical kind. But then again, i dun want to waste my money on buying some typical romance novel la (and also the ones with covers that have a naked couple with silk wrapped around em). But the other day, I gave myself a shot by buying one of Julia Quinn's novels.

The reason I bought her novel is because of it's cover.

It looks fun, quirky and light. None of that steamy shiz. This book above is actually my second Julia Quinn book and the one Im currently reading. (And also the cause why I'm broke). I bought another one of her books because the first one I totally finished it in one day and it was awesome! And funny. And sweet. And witty. And...I should stop.

SO if you find your situation with romance books the same like moi, go ahead and give Julia Quinn a try.

Till then,


And oh crap, I only have like 2 weeks only till college!!

Yang Safia On Sunday, December 14, 2008
Despite my weight-gaining over the hols problem and current financial state, things have been going quite great so far. Yeah, I gained like a total of 6kgs over the course of 3months after losing around 10kgs before I started college...okay, TMI! Everyone been knocked off their saddle at some point of time in their life....Right! That's beside the point.

Let's focus on something that are been going right in my life for once.

Two days ago I finally completed my 10hrs community service. The first day I tutored the kids at Rumah Aman, I wanted to quit ordy but Mama kept telling me not to give up (now I know why teaching is not easy) so here I am...a free liberated person. FREE FROM ANY COMMUNITY SERVICE! NOW I CAN GRADUATE PROPERLY!!

For those whose been missing whats been goin on in my life to this day, I've been teaching the kids at Rumah Aman (an orphanage) English. There are 5 of em in total. 3 of em are 8 year olds, 1 seven years old and 9 years old. Teachings primary schools kids are really difficult as you have to come up with games to make them pay attention to you. Like my mom said, "Kids have very short attention spans so you have to keep them preoccupied or they'll wander off". And the fact that these kids are in detention does not help. I mean, why r they in detention in the 1st place? Obviously they did somethin bad ait? And why did the principal told me to be careful n very garang with em? Huh? HUH?! Obviously somethin is wrong ait? Hooboy was I in for a great time.

Before I ramble off, I'd like to thank Shaza for resquing me so many times during my teaching gig there. YOU ARE TRULY THE GREATEST FRIEND THAT EVER LIVED. YOU DESERVED AN AWARD. God, that may sound a lot coming from me but she did helped a lot. Waking up in the morning to receive a frantic call from me *insert children's maniac laugh in the background* demanding to be there ASAP and to actually show up with a smile on her face is really something. So Sha, YOU ARE TRULY AWESOME!

My second day of teaching actually went well and the kids behaved and I started to enjoy myself but there were some days that r actually bad when the kids acted up. I had to sit down with the principal once since he wanted to know how I was doing and shiz n I was surprised that some of the kids that r considered problematic to them actually behaved rly well in my class. Mr Khalid (the principal) said, "I think he likes you." Gawd, tear-worthy moment there.

*From left: Rizal, Fadhil, Amirul, Waiquidin & Izzul

*I mean, nampak kan they're vry naughty? (^_^)

*The boys with meh on the last day of class.

I actually refer myself as Kak Safia but as time passes by, they started calling me Teacher Safia. Gawd, I know this sounds sappy but that actually meant a lot. Despite their naughty antics and unnerving behaviour, they're actually very sweet in a conniving way. At the end of the day, I find myself falling in love with them. There are times when I think they're very sweet like the time when Izzul nak beat the other boys sape dpt salam me first and he did it through the window despite that it's too high for him. And the time when I jz got out of my car and I can hear them screaming my name from their bedroom window and actually seemed happy that I'm there. I mean, biasanye klo cikgu tusyen dtg umah, mesti kite sume like really lazy ait? Not these kids...And lastly when they kept asking me when will I come back despite the fact I'm only there for my 10hrs community service... *sniffsniff* Man, this is turnin into a really sappy entry.

Anyways, the last day of my community service is also the day I got my 1st semester final results and ALHAMDULLILAH! that I got all A's.

English- 84%

Math For Data Management- 81%

Families- 86%

I was literally over the moon when I got the results. I mean, I didnt expect to get A for math. Honestly, I am sooooooooooo grateful. Alhamdullilah.


I'm thinkin to run for Vice President in CIMP's student council. I dunno how im goin to do it and im rlly worried about it actually. But wish me luck and pray for me peeps! In fact, this is embarassing to admit but I rly hope I get to be the valedictiorian for the next graduating batch. Let us all pray ok? Alhamdullilah. Seriously, i cant stop saying that for days now.

Anyways, I know hols r almost over and i've been rly busy but tmrw the fam and me r goin on a holiday. hell, we all deserve a break.

AND BTW, A IS IN LURRRVE!! LIKE FINALLY MAN! I tot she has like an ice cold heart from the way she kept rejecting guys who kept asking her out (i mean, gud for her la since all those guys r losers neway) But now she cant stop gushing about this Malcolm guy she met mase dia pegi camping. I wonder how la the future for our family? Will my future nephews/nieces r going to be mixed race or what?

More importantly, when will I meet a decent guy myself? LOL I blame Twilight for making me single. In fact, Shaza n I r making a shirt from dat statement. We're damn serious.

Okay, one more piece of news. It's about my cuzin actually.

He txted asking me to name all the hospitals i know in selangor. I replied with 3hospitals i only know. then he asked any specialist punye tempat i know. i tanye wat kind of specialist but he wont tell. things sounded a bit fishy so i asked him where is he now n whether his frend is in a hospital. then he replied that hes trying to get rid of his ex n he told her that he has brain cancer n hes goin for surgery like tmrw. the ex is already on her way to KL n he needs a hospital like ASAP. seriously, he needs to lay off girls for like a year n thats the most immature n lamest excuse i've ever heard in my life. TALK ABOUT DRAMA.

Oh well, at least ppl actually tried to create drama in their life while I kept complaining about my lack thereof. (=_=;;)

Yang Safia On Saturday, December 6, 2008
As the Aidiladha approaches, I've been busy...finding the friggin Twilight OST album!!!!


I have found it!!!!!!!


Found the last copy at the MPH in Subang Parade. Got the friggin last copy! LOOOOOOOVE all the songs and I found out that the song i like the most from the movie was sung by Rob Pattinson! How weird is that?

Note: Twilight has been invading my normal entries and I NEED to get back down to earth real fast! Sorry peeps!!

Yang Safia On Thursday, December 4, 2008
Upon the fact that I cant wait for CIMP to finish and start a whole new life after it, I still have to complete my community work service thingy in order to graduate. Luckily I (and rini) landed a community gig at Rumah Aman (an orphanage which formerly was my kindergarten).

Honestly I wasnt rly looking forward for the whole cleaning the toilets and wiping the windows shiz but luckily the headmaster there was all, "There's nothing much you can help around here. We pretty much got it all covered." But then he needed someone to tutor these 5 primary school boys on math and english. So i jumped on the wagon right away coz that's obviously sooo much better than doing chores. Hence, I'm goin to teach english while rini is goin to teach math. *sighs*

Im kinda worried...since they're 8-9 years old and apparently all 5 of em r under detention. So that means one thing..."DEVIL CHILD!" "DEVIL CHILD!" ish no lah...i was juz kidding... =_=

tho the headmaster reminded us to be very garang on them.


Maybe I should make them cupcakes! To win them over and shiz... >_>
So maybe i shud prepare em during breaking dawn
coz it's going to be sooo twilight nice then.
And I'll serve it during new moon and midnight sun.
And I bet it will all eclipsed away quickly.
Pshaw, I dun even know how to heat the oven to make the damn cupcakes. Hehehehehehe, I'm juz using it as an excuse to write these awesomely twilight nice SM's i ripped off from my aunt&cuzins' blogs.
Yes ayah ngah. I've joined the rankings of your wife and kids. BE VEEEEEEEERY AFRAID (and confused). Maybe we shud start our own twilight coven or sumfin.
Yang Safia On Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Yesterday I watched my second round of twilight with my sisters and their friends. Have to say I enjoyed it tremendously compared to my first time coz I guess...I was less criticizing. Now I cant wait to buy their soundtrack and get em on dvd! W00t!!!

Blew like a huge chunk of my barely existant money on Sabrina's birthday present. Tip to big sisters out there; NEVER EVER LET THEM CHOOSE WHAT THEY WANT. I mean, even if you try as hard as you can to make them choose something from the 50% off pile, it'll never work. SO now....I prolly be living on scraps people throw at me. I'm broke!!!

I'm going to start doing my community work sometime around this week...planning to drag either Shaza or Shira (or both!) to do it with meh. Nothing is better than doing duh dirty work with ur besties. *coughcough*

As a wise awesomelyhotntallnmrsedwardcullen2be girl once said,

"I wipe your shit and you wipe mine, that's what friends are for!"