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Yang Safia On Friday, September 24, 2010

/Miss Yang/

Hello children. It's been awhile since I've given you guys an update on my life. Or more like, what's been on my mind. You see as usual, I've proven to be my father's daughter since I've been busy...with a lot of things. But this post is not about my crazy workload or what I've been doing; it's about how I spent my first raya sans family (Damn. And I thought Raya fever is out of my system!) and how we made things work!

I read my father's blog the other day and he was talking about how skyping with me during raya would be a norm for the next few years. That got me going through all the raya pics that he sent to me and found the two where I posed with my parents (sadly, separately). His entry also got me thinking about what matters in life the most. I may sound like such a jerk for saying this but it hasn't been long since I realized how much my family meant to me. And hoo boy, it took me a LONGER time to admit how awesome my siblings are (of course, they couldn't be all that awesome without me teaching them how awesome is like. ahem.)

As the old saying goes, "You won't know how to appreciate unless they're taken away from you."

Well it wasn't like my family was taken away from me but it was more like I had to grow up. And find my place in the world. Pursue my dreams and all that schazang. And that requires me to get out of the country which is awesome and all but...not having your family with you sucks.

Although to be honest, my Sunway days were quite frustrating because I was still at home and usually people my age are already out of the house. And sometimes I get the feeling that my mom was not all that happy of having me at home. She gets frustrated sometimes but I understand though. She's just worried that I'm missing out. I, myself was frustrated that I was home with my parents and I felt like I couldn't do anything. At one point, I was like "Where's the life?" and I couldn't do what I wanted to do because of my family was there.

To put it bluntly, I felt like my family was pulling me back.

Now before you guys take out the pitchforks and stab me to death, hear me out first.

I needed to get out of the house. Get out of the country even because I have these amazing plans about my life and I couldn't achieve all of them from home. I think my parents understood that. And that is why I'm in New Zealand now.

Obviously there are perks about living alone. You can go out whenever you want. You can eat and do whatever you want without asking for permission. You can go on amazing trips with your friends without trying to come up with an excuse why you MUST go on this trip. You can do...pretty much anything lah!


There are the downside to this. RESPONSIBILITIES. Well for those who have been living alone, you'll know what I'm talking about. Bills. Bank matters. Money. House chores. Mail.

Suddenly there's no more breakfast, lunch, dinner (sahur!! >_<) on the table and you have to get your bum off the bed and drag yourself to the kitchen and cook. And no, Maggi can only last you for a couple of days. And that's when you realize how bad Maggi is for you and you'll realize why your mother prevent you from eating them when you're young and the only time you get to eat them is when your dad buys them because he wants to eat it for himself. You will also realize how fridge doesn't restock itself but requires you to get your butt to New World and do your own groceries (I don't really mind because it makes me feel all grown up hehe).

And suddenly you start thinking about making money la and how to create a great network la...Oh my God, I'm starting to sound like my dad!


I miss the ol' guy. ;(

But the biggest lesson being away from home has taught me was that how important these beings are. My parents. My siblings. And my cat.And my relationship with them improves significantly. I'm thankful that I have this opportunity to realize this. If I'm still in Shah Alam till now, I'm going to turn into an even worse spoiled girl who only thinks about herself and spend money like water. Thank god I'm outta there. :D

I guess for a relationship to improve, distance and space are all you need.

Before I end this post, I remembered what my dad once told me.

"Kakak, you go out and do your thing. Don't worry about us. And don't say you miss us and sedih-sedih. You know we're still going to be here. Just focus on your goals and BE PASSIONATE!"

Therefore, please attend ADB and check out 3K!


Raya made possible beeches! YEAAAAAAAH~!!

Mon Papi

Mon Mami

PS: That shot of my hair is just a glimpse of this look I've been rocking at home. To get that look. Just don't shower in the morning, wear a loose shirt, pajama pants and socks. And put your hair up in a topknot. You'll be the epitome of a hermit.
Yang Safia On Sunday, September 19, 2010

This is very sad. So very sad. The arguments and language God. Maybe the lawyer is good but just not very good with English. I was just blushing throughout and felt very embarrassed for the lawyer. They should get my ex-Lit tutor, HE PROLLY PWN-ED THE WHOLE CASE! Anyways, I know this sounds totally ignorant but the Tan Beng Hock case is still on? And why are they blaming the doctor? They should get straight to the point and catch the culprit!!
Yang Safia On Saturday, September 11, 2010
For the first few pictures, I'm as clueless as you are since I was not awake yet at the time. Rique was so semangat that he woke up early just to take pictures. That's dedication for you.

Oh fancy. There was frost everywhere.

That's Adeline and me, getting ready for our Doubtful Sound cruise.

I distinctly remember this part because I found it so exciting when the cruise entered the mist. It reminded me of Enid Blyton's Famous Five scenes. Like how the kids suddenly discovers a mysterious lighthouse or something. Of course I was letting my imagination run wild and scared the shiz out of Adeline. Like how a ghost might pop out or we could get lost in the mist,etc.

The Giraffe Strip. Due to the heavy amount of rain that Fiordland gets everyday, the rain eventually causes a landslide on one of the mountains and voila (!) a landslide scar that looks like a giraffe!

To be honest, I'm not much of a scenery-lovin tourist, so I was pretty bored at some point of the trip. The views were amazing but my eyeballs just rolled to the back of my skull when the guide started talking about water generators. I know my parents would love listening to this but nope, not for me. I'm a more culture, museum going type of tourist.

A first look of Doubtful Sound! A sound occurs when a river/water pathway occurs between two mountains.


You don't know how many times I've fallen asleep on my blanket. Dah la I puasa summore, no sugar and it was freaking cold. SO yeah, that's why my face looked so bloated.

We were lucky enough to get a look at some of the animals in DS. Seals and a school of dolphins! No penguins though.

Konon comel face.


The whole trip was not all about the cruise. We actually get on and off the ship and get on a bus to look around the area. One of our final stops was at this underground generator thingy. I was too tired to pay attention and they were talking about mining so lagi lah I don't pay attention.

The trip pretty much took the whole day and by the end of it, I was pretty much relieved to get back on my own two feet. I needed a walk. And I was feeling ravenous and so we went to camwhore a bit at Lake Manapouri before iftar.

Adeline and Giant ME!

Back at the backpackers, Rique and Adeline took over the preparation for dinner while they let me rest. Wah, so nice. :D We had steamed veggies, honey-ed salmon and mashed potatoes. Very simple but soooo good!

And that's the end of Day 2! I'll just let you guys enjoy the 2 panorama that Rique took!

Toodles! ^_^
Yang Safia On
As you all know, this raya is a big change from my usual rayas. This is my first time being away from family and I had to celebrate it alone. It was all good but it was really hard for me to get into festive mode because of my assignments. So it wasn't much of raya (I didn't even hear the takbir because I KNOW I will cry and will be terribly homesick so I spared myself the pain lah) but I made an effort. Despite the ridiculous workload, I threw somewhat a makan2 (not an open house because it was really small and not everyone is invited or anything, just close friends) just to have that raya spirit.

Anna and Ben picked me up today and we went grocery shopping and after that Ben dropped us off at my place. So that we could start cooking DENG DENG and Nasi Impit.

I've never made nasi impit before and the first try was a major failure. I almost gave up on it when Anna asked me how it looked like. I described it to her and she said, "Oh, it's like making cheese huh? Only easier." Then Anna started making nasi impit. Like right then. And I was just standing there, waiting for her orders.

Yeah...the irony.

The chilled nasi impit. SEDAP!!

Fried beef strips. Just half way through the making of deng deng.

It's good to have such an enthusiastic cook!

We started cooking at 11Am and it went on until 6pm. Anna looked amazing in my baju kurung! So cute~! And Tim and Jie Ning who couldn't make it surprised me and Jie Ning got me oranges and chocolates!! Aww, so sweet la!

Anna and Jie Ning


Naomi and Sha

Just so you know, the deng deng and nasi impit were a HIT!! Daebak!

Natasya and Saila

The cutest mentor alive

Me and Sha


Baju kurung girls!

Mark said this is the Vice Presidents Shot! Hahaha

Big Helpers of the DAY!

Obviously how can I NOT have a picture with my partner in crime, Ms Bock!

Eryanie and Yang

Me and Chua


Kamil who looks so cute with the new haircut! Finally! :p

My personal favorite. Don't you think it looks like those old couple pictures of your parents if you black and white them? Sze Ying and Kamil!!
We were all shocked of how they looked surprisingly good together!

I'll continue with day 2 of GSR after this. Just wishing y'all a happy raya and maaf zahir dan batin!

Now back to essays. Cheers!