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Yang Safia On Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm going through a challenging phase in my life right now. Deep down I know this is just transitioning period for me but I am still blue. I am human after all. But I must persevere. I need to continue playing this game called life. I will never quit. I am strong. I will continue playing.

Yang Safia On Thursday, July 26, 2012
Excuse the double chins.

Yang Safia On Saturday, July 21, 2012
I'm blessed to have made such amazing friends. Ever since coming to New Zealand, I've known this amoi roughly around my first two weeks here. It was somewhat funny how I was friends with her boyfriend Tim (who remains to this day one of my closest guy friends) first and then I got to know her. She was quite judgemental at first (maybe she was thinking "Who la this girl so baik with my bf?!) but let's just say after a glass of bubble tea, Ms Jie Ning Choong is totally on Team Yang. Coz I'm cool like that! :P

Anyways, I'm all sentimental like this is because I found this excerpt of our Skype session and it made me miss my favourite amoi!! I wish you're here so we can paint the town red with our mak cik tendencies!

JN: Oi! Listen to me! You better lose weight ah!! Do you hear me?! Do you want to die?
Me: Ok ok. Yeeer....I hear you.
JN: You don't look like you're hearin me! Dont think I dunno ah! I saw you makan those cupcakes with your friends! Aiyo Yang...think about your future la. You have to be thin! Skinny! I want you to be skinny! You got exercise? Did you do Sai Tim Yam's regime for you?
Me: I did la. To be honest, not as much but I tried. Thing is, I twisted my neck.
JN: Thats becoz you do wrong!, think about your back la. You want to break your back when you give birth? Like in Breaking Dawn!
Me: (WTF in my mind. we talk weight now she talk bout giving birth...) Um...I don't mind breaking my back if my baby daddy is as hot as Edward. 
JN: Aiyoooooo what to do with you!

PS: Ganbatte Nings!! Let's work hard on this last leg of the race!! Finish your internship proudly, get married  and then faster move to Malaysia!!!
Yang Safia On
My friends came to New Zealand periodically because their exams are all a week apart. Shaza was the first one to arrive so we decided to spend about a week at Queenstown. We took a bus there and it was about 4 hours. Mind you, at the time it was really really cold. Shaza pretty much got to experience the worst of Dunedin winter. I was really cold myself!

The familiar view as you're approaching Queenstown

We stayed at Nomads Backpackers and omg it was comfortable!! Personally I'd like to say that backpackers are not usually the place you would go with your family since most guests there are young people and they can be really rowdy. Shaza and I opted for an ensuite master bedroom because it is a safer option and the floor is quiet. 

After dumping our bags, I quickly brought Shaza to this awesome stall where they sell fresh seafood. Now I'm not a fan of fish and chips but THEIR'S IS TOO GOOD!!!

Fresh steamed mussels!!! YUMS!!!

We had an early night that night because the next day, we went BUNGEE JUMPING!!!! I was really nervous but once I got to check-in, I think the adrenaline sort of kicked in.

Drama Queen

We took a bus to go up to the private site where we'll jump. The view was breathtaking and throughout the ride, they put on some adrenaline pumping music so that we wouldn't get nervous as much. Seriously, AJ Hackett is like the best company to go bungee jumping with because they are really careful with you. Everyone's a professional. Not surprising that they're the best seeing that they're the ones who pioneered bungee jumping!

Look at my face. I'm smiling but you can clearly see the fear in my eyes. This was taken moments before I jumped.


Shaza and I were extremely high after our jump. The pictures below were taken outside the centre, before our ride down back to town.

After our bungee jump, we decided to have lunch and explore the town.

That night again we decided to sleep early because the next day we went on the Lord of the Rings tour!! Our session was so early that it was literally right after subuh. I couldn't sleep much the night before because I was so nervous of my results since it came out that very day.

Videos explaining the movie sites will be up soon. My favourite part of the tour was definitely when we were having tea in Lothlorien. We were even given some actual movie props to camwhore with! It was sooo cold in the forest. I couldn't even feel my feet! It was -7 degrees!!

The props were surprisingly heavy!! It was like they're real weapons!

Well the pictures are up till here. Shaza was in charge of the pictures while I'm the video person. Judging from the abrupt ending of the pics shows that nothing interesting happened after this. Queenstown is a really small place so we got bored quickly. It was fun travelling with Shaza but at the end, we were quite anxious to get back to Dunedin!