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Yang Safia On Sunday, May 30, 2010
I don't know why but listening to Malay songs makes me feel closer to home. Surprised you didn't I? Yes, I actually do listen to Malay songs. Some are really good! Like Alif's Akan Tiba.

Bet you guys don't know what Otago means! Otago means between river and my university, living up to its name, is divided by a river. Mind you, when I first came here, it looked more like a big ass sewer than an actual river. Last week, it rained for like a week (non-stop) and the water levels in this river rose like super high and two crazy guys (otago students) decided to surf and kayak. Not only it was raining super heavily but it was below 5 degrees. And don't get me start on the wind...

And yes my friends, that is the famous clock tower that you'll see on every Otago University catalogs and brochures.
Yang Safia On Wednesday, May 26, 2010
If you have been hanging out with me, especially a bit too much, you would probably come across a couple of terms that I usually use. Especially if we're talking about our respective love lives. Over the years, my friends and I have come up with a couple of theories and today, I would like to share some of them with you. I have to admit though, some of them are pure GENIUS!

Mistress Syndrome

-AKA the other woman disease. People who suffer from this tendency will find themselves having problems to commit. In fact, even if they do enter a relationship; they will find themselves cheating on their partner. Usually the person with the Mistress Syndrome is aware of her behavior but finds it thrilling to be in an affair. This disease can be dangerous especially if you are thinking of finding THE ONE and settle down. People who have this syndrome have a fatal attraction to bad boys and find nice ol' guys plain. In fact, these people are known for being innocence-destroyers.

The Face Thing

This is by far my most over-used theory. I believe that suitable couples have similar facial features. It could be the cheekbone or their smiles. In fact, this theory is scientifically proven. To actually know whether you and your partner are perfect for each other, get a certified face expert (ME!) or just a very observant friend to analyze you and your partner. I am not saying you have to be from the same race or ethnicity because this theory applies to all! For example, I could easily be with a Black guy and the face thing will still apply. Over the years I have analyzed many couples' faces and I can actually tell whether they will last or not. I just love to do this at weddings but kids, you can even do it at home! Just observe your parents' faces and see whether they matched. My parents are the first couple I ever analyzed and the similarity is quite apparent. Let's say you analyze your parents' faces and they do not match; don't worry...these similarities can be subtle. You're lucky if you can come across very obvious ones. I can totally explain this from a scientific point of view but that will take too much space for this section. Let's just move on.

The Pool Concept

- AKA clarity concept. If you actually go back to my older posts, I actually talked about this one. Basically this one talks about your decision making skills, in terms of relationships la. There are three pools and each pool have different clarity and depth.

1) Swimming Pool : crystal clear. Not much depth. The clarity factor here applies to what type or characteristics you want in a partner. The details can be overwhelming and this is the hard bit, the depth factor here, applies to the availability of candidates. Seeing that a swimming pool isn't very deep, it means that the candidates of your choice is scarce. Basically what I'm trying to say, you're picky la.

2) Lake: murky. medium depth. I would say "lakes" are rational people. You sort of know what you want but you still have some space to let it be spontaneous. The availability of candidates is more than the pool one, obviously.

3) Deep Blue Sea: Dark. Barely clear. DEEP. I usually think people who are "seas" are fun-loving people. They're up for anything and would try everything. If you're a "seas" girl, you're going to have problems finding the one because you are considering THE WHOLE MANKIND! You don't know what you want and what's best for you. This can be VERY difficult. Good Luck.

FYI: I'm a swimming pool. ;p

JUMP Theory

-The jump theory illustrates your readiness to enter a relationship. This one too, has a water imagery. Imagine you're about to go scuba diving and the sea is the relationship; how prepared are you to jump into it?

There are three types of divers:

a) The OVER-prepared diver. Basically you put on every diving gear known to mankind (hell, bring an extra oxygen tank while you're at it) before you diving in and we're only talking about scuba diving in Pangkor here! The next thing you know, it's about the jump. Let's just didn't actually do it. Indecisiveness is your problem here.

b) The Prepared diver. Hey, it's just scuba diving at Pangkor reef; you just put on those goggles thingies with that tube sticking out; put on your swimming suit and you're good to go. So, do you make the jump? Yep, with a tiny thought first la. But you're good.

c) The Excited diver. Forget goggles, you probably don't even have your swimming suit on. Excited divers made the jump before the instructor says so. Very dangerous and can be risky. But you gotta love excited divers, they're all about fun!

Louis Vuitton Concept

-This is a very new concept introduced by my good friend, Tim. (And you thought, it's by a girl.)

Tim quotes, "Every girl is a Louis Vuitton handbag. The only difference is whether you're an original or a knockoff."

If you don't get this metaphor, (aiyoo, try to keep up la) Tim is just basically talking about the woman's pride in a pursuit of a relationship! It's either you can get a guy by the classy way (the original la) or by tramping around like some slut (knockoffs!). Mind you, if you want to be an original; kena la jugak ada sale one in awhile. If you keep on costing a couple grands through out your life; you can only find yourself being the last season's fashion. Sad but true. So girls, THINK LV! Don't care la if you're the monogrammed one or the studded one ke apa; whatever it it with class yo!

SO these are my theories of the day. I probably make another list after some experimenting. Have a great night and sleep tight! Ciao~!

Yang Safia On Tuesday, May 25, 2010

...but I'm watching this instead. Oh so sinful! But it's soooo good~! (>_<) The OST, "It has to be you" is to die for.
Yang Safia On Saturday, May 22, 2010
Last friday I was given a chance to be a part of a panel of international students to talk to the Otago Uni staff. It was a function where the Otago International Office briefs the University's staff about dealing with International students. Basically, I let them study me. It was really cool because I was the only first year student there, others are like postgraduates or almost graduating.

I learned that the postgraduate students have it harder than us, seeing that there is less support for these mature students and how they have to face the culture shock all alone. It made me feel...a LOT better. Okay, that was mean but at least I get to listen to all of these different perspective in living in Dunedin.

One of the staff asked what I hate about Dunedin and I said, drinking. It was too much and especially coming from an environment where people do not drink; it was hard to accept at first. And then they asked what I love about Dunedin and I said, the service! As much as I love Malaysia and all, I just love the customer service here. They just totally pwn-ed us in that area. And this results in the staff laughing.

And then they asked this Saudi guy why Arab women need to have a man to speak for them. And it was really great of the Kiwis to want to know how to treat a Muslim woman (esp. the Arab kind) and after the Saudi guy answered the first question, I sort of stepped in and tell from my own perspective, seeing I'm a Muslim. LA-DI-DA and the after the whole thing was over, Debbie (one of the International Office people) treated the whole panel for coffee.

It was at this really fancy wooden house place on campus that I've always wondered what it is and it turned out to be a cafe where all the lecturers eat. FANCY! So I got myself a free Mocha and we all talked about cultures some more. During this time, I was a bit tired from waking up really early and not having eaten anything all morning so I just sneaked a few photos before listening to what the others have to say.

Seriously, I hate taking pictures for this blog. Like this one for example. I feel...weird and awkward. I mean, how do you bloggers shamelessly snap away like it's nothing? Don't you think people will feel offended if you just take their pictures? I THINK that the only way you can get away by taking pictures is by having a fancy camera. Like one of those DSLRs or something.

God, I feel like such a noob with my camera phone. LOL

Have a nice day children. Play nice. :)
Yang Safia On Thursday, May 20, 2010

Right after my linguistics lecture, I went straight home and frantically started on my parfaits. It's my birthday present for one of my closest friends here in Dunedin, Tim. Or as I would call him, Timmeh!

I wasn't very confident about making them this time because I used ingredients (more like brands) that I'm not used to. Thank God it turned out pretty well.

The messy part

STRAWBERRIES! YUM! Big juicy ones.

I made some for my flatmates too so yep, these are the almost finished product. And off to the fridge they go~!

The theme was parfait and tea. It perfect because everyone was just so stressed out this week, Jie Ning with her 35% Pathology test and Tim...being the hyperactive workaholic that he is and me, English stuff, clearly we needed this. And it was raining cats and dogs last night so it was just nice. I think winter is almost here. Too cold.

Jie Ning and Tim with their parfaits!

Digging in. 5kg weight gain is nothing! ;P

Birthday Boy!

Happy 21st TIM!! God bless.
Yang Safia On Tuesday, May 18, 2010
This goes to show how blogging is addictive. Or procrastination la. Pictures of OMSA food fest courtesy of Naomi Ting of which I ripped off from her facebook. :)

Ayam Merah yang macam hancur(?)

Tim who helped me a lot! This guy is crazy!

Mark and Ken discussing admin matters

Amal, the nicest person I've ever met EVAR! President of Brunei Students Association (BSA)


One other reason why I love Brunei. Their desserts!

Teh Tarik Lads!

Adeline who became pro at Bihun Goreng and Ayam Merah in one night

Orang Makan

The Team! (OMSA+BSA= LOVE)

They are considered our big bosses la, THE ICC GUYS~!

Imran and Art

Yang Safia On Friday, May 14, 2010

Currently listening to Epik High's Lovescream while studying. Truly epic. This probably the last post until winter break. It's exam time now. Wish me luck.

Yang Safia On Saturday, May 8, 2010
Anime and manga have always been a guilty pleasure. I am obsessed with it while growing up and despite my current age, I still do watch and read them. Of course, how I act doesn't really show it and I admit, I am embarrassed to admit this. Aside from that, I have never been to an anime convention before. Despite my busy-ness with OMSA and my studies, I decided to attend New Zealand's first ever AnimeCon.

The most awesome thing about it was it was held at my university and it's near so yeah...

There are a couple of cosplayers and I only recognize like three of them. There's a rikku, naruto and other characters from naruto...

I know this one! It's Kikuchi Byakuya from Bleach!

My loot from the Animecon.

For Adam:

For Shira:

For my sisters:

For me(!):

So I basically went there, perusing the stalls and watched Ponyo. Stayed there until 12pm but I got really tired and dizzy from the food fest so I had to leave. I regretted for not going to the cosplay contest but I was too tired. >_<

Yang Safia On

It was so bad that I miss the actual video shoot. I was there in the beginning but my cold got worse so I had to go back. >_<
This video was shown during the Malaysian Night before my drama was staged. So that's why is has the enjoy the show at the end...

I JUST HATE IT HOW THE VIDEO IS ALWAYS CUT OFF!! does anyone know how to fix this? Better yet, just click on the video and watch it on youtube. :(

Updates on OMSA food fest will be up soon!

PS: Abah, I have no part in editing or making this video so I don't know! ;P Might as well cakap awal2.
Yang Safia On Tuesday, May 4, 2010
I'll be cooking for 200 people.

Mama will be so proud...and she thinks I can't be domestic. (^__^)
Yang Safia On Saturday, May 1, 2010
TINZ stands for This Is New Zealand and it is a term introduced by Christina, Head of Toroa. She told me this last night, when I was called to see her. Mind you, I wasn't in any trouble just that she wanted to see me how I was doing. I admit, this week is one helluva ride for me because I was soooo bummed from the whole failing thing. Anyhow, this post is actually a list of things I noticed that you can only find in New Zealand (or any other country that's not Malaysia la I guess).

Things that can only happen in NZ:

1. People write ads or messages on roads with chalk!

2. Supermarkets here have an optional checkout counter where you can check out things yourself!

3. Apparently you dont have to weigh your apples or whatever, you can just put it in a bag and still they can check out it for you. (in supermarkets)

4. They provide clips for you to tie your plastic bag that you put your apples, carrots, etc in. I find this is a such a waste of plastic since whats so hard to tie those plastics?!

5. The traffic system here is very weird. The cue for the car to move is the same as the cue for you to walk. Funnily though, the cars will wait for you to cross. can see old ladies (80-sumthings) swear on the street but they can be so sweet at the same time.

7. i find this very odd. PEOPLE HERE LIKE TO WALK!

8. healthy food is the cheaper option. (i notice in breads la)

9.girls here wear barely there clothes in below 5 temperatures!

10. getting a smaller room is actually a good thing.

*One of the many pictures Syera spam my skype with. Yes Syera, you and Paul look very cute together. And I will surely visit you guys in Germany...kalau aku ada duit la. (=_=) But for now woman, dream on~! You guys focus dulu on becoming lawyers and then bila dah power, boleh la represent me if I get into any trouble... hehe. And then, in 2016 or something bila you guys buat wedding toast, jangan lupa who got you guys together...ME!

Since I've uploaded this picture up, now I can delete the one in my lappy without feeling like a bad person or something!

Till the, bye!

PS: i'm done with my hamlet essay!!