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Yang Safia On Sunday, May 30, 2010
I don't know why but listening to Malay songs makes me feel closer to home. Surprised you didn't I? Yes, I actually do listen to Malay songs. Some are really good! Like Alif's Akan Tiba.

Bet you guys don't know what Otago means! Otago means between river and my university, living up to its name, is divided by a river. Mind you, when I first came here, it looked more like a big ass sewer than an actual river. Last week, it rained for like a week (non-stop) and the water levels in this river rose like super high and two crazy guys (otago students) decided to surf and kayak. Not only it was raining super heavily but it was below 5 degrees. And don't get me start on the wind...

And yes my friends, that is the famous clock tower that you'll see on every Otago University catalogs and brochures.