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Yang Safia On Friday, June 4, 2010
After the conclusion of my first project, Mission Idol; I have started with a second one since January of 2010. Due to the big transition phase I went through a couple months back, I have sort of neglected this next project. But today, I'm a bearer of good news and I hereby declare that W.Family is back on!


Sera Wu is the CEO of W Entertainment, a talent agency that has a growing reputation in Korea. Her first big project raked in millions of dollars and it is safe to say that Sera is one successful lady. Aside from that, Sera is a mysterious figure in the Korean public eye. No one knows how she rose to become one of the most prominent figures in the Korean entertainment business in a matter of years.

That is pretty much what outsiders will say about Sera. However, she has a different persona within the walls of W Entertainment. She believes in the power of family and created a family system for her company (which will bring readers to question about her own family). She is loved by the people in her company especially the playful, Minki.

Currently busy with her upcoming talent project, everything is going according to plan until her fateful encounter with a person from the past. This forces Sera to face her past and confronts her sole reason why she built W Entertainment.

Expect action, drama and a lot of idols in W. Family!

Okay, I tried my best writing that synopsis and it's not as dark as it sounds. W. Family is pretty much a light read, not far from my usual style. Although I would describe this project has a little more depth compared to MI and a bit more serious la.

W. Family sets in Korea and Malaysia.

By the way, I love Sera's character due to her dual persona. Personally I can relate to her on the basis where people judge her as this cold person when in reality she is not. But at the same time, it is also her fault la because that is the front that she chooses to portray.

You can check out W.Family here.

Support me! (^___^)

*Excuse the crappy writing, apparently I don't know how to write today.