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Yang Safia On Monday, June 7, 2010
I was all snuggled up with my blankets and comforter, ready for bed when my two flatmates, Malsha and Yejung came to my room to surprise me. They sang "Happy Birthday" and I blew out the candles. Then we moved the celebration to the living room so we can make as much noise as we want. Then we just catch up with each other until 2AM.

Yejung and Malsha with the cake

Winter arrived about a week ago and it has been sunny all along. That is until I woke up on my birthday to find out that it was pouring like mad. And you can just tell it was freaking cold outside with all the mist that came up. By the way, did I mention that my birthday is the same as the Queen's? And in NZ, it's a public holiday. I already made plans with a good friend of mine, Anna who wanted to take me out to town on my birthday. Seeing the weather was so bad, I was close to cancel when she texted me she was already in front of Korea House. We promised to meet up there and eat brunch (I've been craving their spicy tofu jelly) there. I was happy that we didn't have to cancel but boy, I put on my puffy red coat and braved the rain. And I regretted for not wearing gloves.

I saw Anna waiting in front of Korea House with a glum look on her face and she told me that KOREA HOUSE IS CLOSED! DAMNETH YOU PUBLIC HOLIDAY!! So at the end we had Japanese instead at Maki Mono. Anna bought me brunch as a birthday present and in a typical Yang Safia manner, I chatted non-stop lah through brunch.

Next, we went shopping. Ahh, shopping. My favourite sport. Anna wanted to teach me the art of Op-shopping (second hand shops, ridiculous prices!) around Dunedin only again to be disappointed because Op-shops are closed due to the holiday. DAMNETH! So at the end, we went to Meridian Mall and shopped lah. Hehe, I'm very satisfied. Turns out Anna is a great bargain-hunting shopper.

Like she found a cute top at Cotton On for $10! And it's so purrty! (>_<)

La-di-da, it's almost 1pm so we rushed to Hoyts (macam TGV la) to catch the 1pm show. When we actually got there, I sort of changed my mind la and said, "Hey, do you want to catch Prince of Persia instead?" coz I felt bad by forcing her to watch a chick flick. I think I've tortured the gfs back home enough with my chick flicks so might as well start now. To stop forcing ppl from watching it, I mean. Besides, I think blowing RM31.25 for Letters to Juliet is not worth it. So the our show starts at 3.20pm and we had about 2 hours to kill.

And it was still raining like mad outside. She suggested we grab a coffee and talk some more. Went out and braved the crazy Dunedin weather and looked for a cafe. There's one next to Hoyts but I've been there once with Yejung and Malsha and it's expensive la. And it was all posh and stuff. So we walked some more around Octagon until Anna found this small scottish cafe bar and omg, when I opened the door; the heat just embraced me like a soft warm blanket. Arghh...sedap.

Anna went up to the cashier and we found they have a bargain, Coffee+Muffin for $5. Very nice. Ordered our coffee and went to a small corner and chatted.

Watched the movie and I have to say...Jake Gyllenhall is sexy. LOL. Anyways, I said goodbye to Anna and rushed back home. Got home and found this:

Around 7pm, Tim and Jie Ning dropped by to make truffles for me as a birthday gift. So nice la of them since all of us are super stressed about the finals.

Pasta Malsha made for me and Yejung. She made it for us so that kiteorg x payah masak la since it's exam time. Med students dont have papers to sit for so she's free. So it was my dinner for that night.

One naked truffle

I was taping the whole process but I got a bored so I started to camwhore. Only a bit.


During this whole truffle-making thing ni, Sim my RA dropped by to give my a gift packet of DODOL for my birthday. HAHA! She also brought a birthday card and a chocolate bar from the Toroa Office. So sweet la of them. *teary*

I was actually afraid of having to celebrate my birthday alone like some poor loser but it turned out to be an awesome birthday! HERE'S TO ME FOR TURNING 20!! YEAH!!

Mama texted me just now and said she picked up my driver's license ordy. It's going to expire when I turn 25.


I think she's shocked that I'll be 25 in just 5 years time. OMONA!!! >_<