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Yang Safia On Saturday, June 26, 2010
Celebration of the winter solstice in Dunedin:

Watch the second clip of the festival here:

Here are the pictures I managed to take, but it's so dark so you have to bear with me:

The celebration of the winter solstice goes back to the pagan times, during the Old English where they celebrate the arrival of winter. I guess it's similar to how we have certain tribes that pray for rain; for them they carry big lanterns to signify this.

And that night I found out something very interesting. Did you know that New Zealand is still colonized by the British? They don't have an independence day and they still have a Government General. Instead of celebrating independence, they have an event that is called Waitangi Day which means to celebrate the day they signed the treaty with the brits. Hey, you might already know this but I still find it interesting!

PS: That night, I have never seen so many children in Dunedin!