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Yang Safia On Saturday, June 12, 2010
Most of you might not know this but I have been writing 5 essays everyday for the past week. It gets really tiring and your brain just explodes (and my right-hand too) from writing too much. All of this, just to sit for one measly literature paper. Grrrr!

Anyways, you know I can barely stay in focus for like 10minutes when there's the Internet; I spent like half of my day studying and the other half, on Youtube. And after watching so many random music videos from Kpop to Justin Bieber to Jpop to Lady Gaga (yeah, I listen to a lot of Pop), I was struck with a new idea. In fact, I was inspired by this one particular music video (I won't tell you). It might just be my side project.

The idea:

A girl with normal everyday problems; part-time job, school, family and friends. She always walks by this old building on her way to school and part-time job. Okay, no biggie. But then she started to notice that there's a guy sitting on top of that building, with his legs over the top railings. And he's reading a small black book. The girl looks at the guy, wondering whether he's crazy but whatever la. For the next 3 weeks, the girl always sees the guy at the same spot, unmoving everyday.

One day, the girl experiences the worst day ever. She got fired from her part time job, failed her Maths exam and her parents announced that they are divorcing. She was crying on her way home when she saw the guy jumped. Lithely he landed in front of her and smiled.

"Hello, I believe your name is *insert name here*. With many regrets, I am afraid you have a month to live."

BAM! Ok, will you read this? If I actually make it into a novel, will you read this?


ayesha said...

BAM! Hells yess brooo.

ps: Yay, picky reader. FINALLY! :D

Yang Safia said...

i grew up lah. :D itching to write man only dun have time. rather than working on my novel, i have to finish my assignments!!!