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Yang Safia On Wednesday, September 30, 2009
A bit play with John Mayer's song right there. :)

Anyways, I am definitely swallowing up my pride and I am pretty sure there are going to be certain parties that are going to be embarrassed but hey, I'm not so thanks for feeling embarrassed on my behalf.

You see, I have my own room and obviously I sleep alone and I hate it if people want to sleep on mine. Unless you're one my gfs and we're having a sleepover so thats an exception. The thing about me is that, I have a lot of stuff on my bed. I sleep with a lot of objects that people usually dont sleep with. =_=

Since I'm so free, I've decided to observe what I have on my bed.

Let's GO GO GO~!

**My bed, an overview**

**Where I sleep**

**Meet my boy Joe**

**My pink jacket**

**My handbag**

**DVDs: more specifically Super Junior and FT Island's concert DVDs**

**Books. But I've been lazy lately so I've been reading a lot of mangas**

**An essential. My MP3 player**

(Support homegrown products!! lol)

**This brooch set I got as a present from my dad**

**My fav. grey shirt**

**My laptop**

You might go, wtf on me but I can tell you that most of the stuff there are essentials and I have to have them with me, even if I go to bed. Tho there are things that I don't know how it got on my bed but hey, it's there and it's not lost! SO that's good news~!

I am most creative (I write most of my stories and now finishing up my 1st novel) when I'm on my bed and I know I'm going to miss it severely when I move to New Zealand. In fact, this is going to be my last time using it since after this, my room will be Adam's and I'll have no room! I know what you're thinking, it's like they're kicking me out.

I do feel like that sometimes. (=___=)

But someone told me, "Don't make a place your home, a home is wherever you are" so I guess I'm going to take that advice! >__<

My bed is a wonderland................~

Yang Safia On Wednesday, September 16, 2009
My sister and I would like to take this opportunity to say, Maaf Zahir dan Batin but us being US, we're going to do it...SUPER JUNIOR STYLE!

Click here to watch the original version.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!
Yang Safia On Monday, September 14, 2009
SO far, my life is very routine-ic but i like it. Just going day by day doing nothing but fetching up my sibs and running errands. And oh yeah, going online. And finishing up my first novel.

A few days ago, my package from Otago Uni arrived and today I went to pick it up with my dad. Oh God, I HATE HATE HATE settling stuff about my uni. I mean, I'm looking forward to moving there but oh the forms I have to fill and the documents I have to get certified!!!


I have like 5 forms to fill up for my visa and not to mention I have to get a medical checkup. Not at any hospital, at some unknown clinic in PJ! ARGHHHHH!!!

And then I have to sign up for this mentor program thingy I'm joining, look up for plane tickets, check out some accommodation for my family for their one week stay in NZ, go find a car, photocopy tons of documents, take passport size pictures (coz my last one made me look like a friggin terrorist) and a bunch of other stuff. And of course, prepare for raya.

I would love to put this off till after raya but being me, I hate procrastinating my work. Okay, only important stuff like these lah.

And did you know Dunedin is a scottish town? Aigoo....that means I'm getting a scottish accent lah. ARGHHHH!!!

So now, to divert my attention from actual work, I'm making more mix CDs and obsessing about Hongki.

I even made a "Yang <3 Hongki" fake tattoo on my leg.

And I think I have performance chemistry with my sis, Ina coz we're planning to make more videos!

Look forward to our "Sorry Sorry" MV.

And currently we're planning to make video of us lip-synching to a trot song. YES, TROT!

And I'm crazy about tecktonik right now. If only I can dance it lah which I cant.

Yang Safia On Wednesday, September 9, 2009
G-Dragon hails from YG Entertainment (as in Yang). OMG COINCIDENCE MUCH?!!! Btw, dont you dare go "is that a girl?" like my dad unless you want me to KILL you. Yess, I do kill.

Some of these captions are from G-Dragon's songs.

***My name is Gee Gee Gee baby baby. GD GD baby baby!***

***Too fast to live, Too young to die***

***You want fame, playing this stupid little game? Check ya girl's phone, it's mah face on the frame!***

***Our bond is tight!***

Okay, who am I kidding? Ginger is such a diva. Only when he's asleep I can hold his paw like that.
Yang Safia On Saturday, September 5, 2009
A video of how my sister and I would propose to all 13 members of Super Junior. We did this only in one take because we're that SUPER awesome. Song: Marry U by Super Junior.

Terer right we sing in Korean? ;p
Yang Safia On Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Okay, before you jump into conclusions, I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED! not yet la...have to wait first. BUT I'm so in love with this song that fo sho it's going to be on my wedding playlist. You see, I was never the kind of girl to actually dream her dream wedding when I was a little girl due to the constant abuse of marriage done by my lovely uncles (yes you, ayah ngah and ayah lang!!!!) that I'm scarred for life. Until a few years ago I became open to the idea.

Click here to watch the video of Marry U. (WATCH IT PEOPLE!!!) I love love the rap part.

I don't care if most of my guests x paham this song. I sorang paham pon cukup la. I firmly oppose of playing any traditional wedding songs (yg, selamat pengantin baru song UGH!!!) because its MY wedding so I GET to do whatever I WANT!

The songs that's going to be played will be songs that my groom and I love. :)

Until then,

Selamat Berpuasa :p
Yang Safia On
I'm turning 20 next year and I have about ten years to complete this list. Growing up with a father like mine, it's no surprise that I'm quite a planner when it comes to my future. Or in my dad's dictionary....we call them, goals.

SO! I have these goals that I would like to achieve before I turn the BIG three oh!

1) Go bungee jumping

2) Go backpacking with Shaza (Korea, Greece, Taiwan, Japan....)

3) Go on a road trip round Malaysia with my girlfriends

4) Learn how to ride a bike

5) Go skydiving

6) Become Dr. Yang Safia ;p

7) Have a stable job

8) Go watch L'arc en Ciel live

9) Catch Jason Mraz live

10) Watch Super Junior live(!) note: possibly marry one ^^

11) Watch a live orchestra (MPO pon jadi)

12) Written a book

13) Take up piano for fun

14) Can speak Mandarin

15) Lose weight (this gets a bit old... >_>)