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Yang Safia On Tuesday, September 1, 2009
I'm turning 20 next year and I have about ten years to complete this list. Growing up with a father like mine, it's no surprise that I'm quite a planner when it comes to my future. Or in my dad's dictionary....we call them, goals.

SO! I have these goals that I would like to achieve before I turn the BIG three oh!

1) Go bungee jumping

2) Go backpacking with Shaza (Korea, Greece, Taiwan, Japan....)

3) Go on a road trip round Malaysia with my girlfriends

4) Learn how to ride a bike

5) Go skydiving

6) Become Dr. Yang Safia ;p

7) Have a stable job

8) Go watch L'arc en Ciel live

9) Catch Jason Mraz live

10) Watch Super Junior live(!) note: possibly marry one ^^

11) Watch a live orchestra (MPO pon jadi)

12) Written a book

13) Take up piano for fun

14) Can speak Mandarin

15) Lose weight (this gets a bit old... >_>)