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Yang Safia On Monday, September 14, 2009
SO far, my life is very routine-ic but i like it. Just going day by day doing nothing but fetching up my sibs and running errands. And oh yeah, going online. And finishing up my first novel.

A few days ago, my package from Otago Uni arrived and today I went to pick it up with my dad. Oh God, I HATE HATE HATE settling stuff about my uni. I mean, I'm looking forward to moving there but oh the forms I have to fill and the documents I have to get certified!!!


I have like 5 forms to fill up for my visa and not to mention I have to get a medical checkup. Not at any hospital, at some unknown clinic in PJ! ARGHHHHH!!!

And then I have to sign up for this mentor program thingy I'm joining, look up for plane tickets, check out some accommodation for my family for their one week stay in NZ, go find a car, photocopy tons of documents, take passport size pictures (coz my last one made me look like a friggin terrorist) and a bunch of other stuff. And of course, prepare for raya.

I would love to put this off till after raya but being me, I hate procrastinating my work. Okay, only important stuff like these lah.

And did you know Dunedin is a scottish town? Aigoo....that means I'm getting a scottish accent lah. ARGHHHH!!!

So now, to divert my attention from actual work, I'm making more mix CDs and obsessing about Hongki.

I even made a "Yang <3 Hongki" fake tattoo on my leg.

And I think I have performance chemistry with my sis, Ina coz we're planning to make more videos!

Look forward to our "Sorry Sorry" MV.

And currently we're planning to make video of us lip-synching to a trot song. YES, TROT!

And I'm crazy about tecktonik right now. If only I can dance it lah which I cant.