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Yang Safia On Wednesday, September 30, 2009
A bit play with John Mayer's song right there. :)

Anyways, I am definitely swallowing up my pride and I am pretty sure there are going to be certain parties that are going to be embarrassed but hey, I'm not so thanks for feeling embarrassed on my behalf.

You see, I have my own room and obviously I sleep alone and I hate it if people want to sleep on mine. Unless you're one my gfs and we're having a sleepover so thats an exception. The thing about me is that, I have a lot of stuff on my bed. I sleep with a lot of objects that people usually dont sleep with. =_=

Since I'm so free, I've decided to observe what I have on my bed.

Let's GO GO GO~!

**My bed, an overview**

**Where I sleep**

**Meet my boy Joe**

**My pink jacket**

**My handbag**

**DVDs: more specifically Super Junior and FT Island's concert DVDs**

**Books. But I've been lazy lately so I've been reading a lot of mangas**

**An essential. My MP3 player**

(Support homegrown products!! lol)

**This brooch set I got as a present from my dad**

**My fav. grey shirt**

**My laptop**

You might go, wtf on me but I can tell you that most of the stuff there are essentials and I have to have them with me, even if I go to bed. Tho there are things that I don't know how it got on my bed but hey, it's there and it's not lost! SO that's good news~!

I am most creative (I write most of my stories and now finishing up my 1st novel) when I'm on my bed and I know I'm going to miss it severely when I move to New Zealand. In fact, this is going to be my last time using it since after this, my room will be Adam's and I'll have no room! I know what you're thinking, it's like they're kicking me out.

I do feel like that sometimes. (=___=)

But someone told me, "Don't make a place your home, a home is wherever you are" so I guess I'm going to take that advice! >__<

My bed is a wonderland................~