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Yang Safia On Wednesday, September 24, 2008
yes, the title of this post says it all!!!

I, Yang Safia is getting married on Oct. 6th and before you start taking out your pitchforks and start hunting my whole family, I'm getting a girl. To a korean girl to be specific. And I'm the groom.

Okay, okay hold on to ye picthforks...I'm not GAY and come on, I'm not seriously getting married! This is actually my new sociology project and we have to pick types of marriages we want to work on and plan a wedding. My team took the most typical one which is the American wedding.

so now this is where my rantings start. Looks like I wont be having a peaceful raya after all since I have THREE BIG PROJECTS and a wedding to plan during this hols and all of these are due when college reopens. *sighs*

btw, I'm in charge of the wedding invitations so people, help me out here. If you have any nice ideas on wedding invites but make sure its simple--I'm not exactly good when it comes to handicrafts--drop a comment.

GAWD, i cant wait for holidays!!

RAYA RAYA RAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sings the balik kampung song*

ps: my men out there, if you have a blazer roughly my size and you're willing to lend it to me, HOLLA! I need a suit since I'm the groom.
Yang Safia On Saturday, September 20, 2008
I think it's the same thing as tag only idk, some ppl call it meme. Correct me if I'm wrong but anyways, got loads of pics and stories to tell but the pics r in my cell n im too lazy to tell those stories so...for the 1st time ever(!), I'm doing a tag or a meme or whatever...

Ps: Got it from Anisah's blog. She didnt tag anyone since she doesnt believe in favoritism which is so cool of her! I'm tagging whoever is reading this and has a blog!

5 things I can find in my bag

da question is, which bag? LOL

Okay, this is for my gigantic olive green handbag:

1-my purse

2-my ENG4C and HHS4M files

3- my cellphone

4- car keys

5- graphic calculator for MDM4U

my 5 favorite things in my room~

1-my comfortable bed (where i spend most of my hours on it)

2-my computer!!!!!!!!!

3-my books (where you can see all over the place)

4-my shinaii (aka my kendo stick) ps: in other words, a real bamboo sword

5-my laptop (tho I'm hating it right now)
Yang Safia On Thursday, September 4, 2008
1) Stop Swearing (screaming the f word repetitively down the hallway is not good)

2) Stop hating people

3) Stop being depressed (especially on Mondays)

4) Lay off the chocolate

5) Be more SINCERE

6) Stop being so judgemental

7) Start to write for once

8) Stop driving like a madwoman

9) Stop screaming at other drivers

10)Learn how to park the car properly

11) Be more religious

12) Stop caring who your friends are

13) Smile sincerely more often

14) Smile more often

15) Stop crushing on your sociology lecturer

16) Start saving money

17) Stop shopping

18) Start reading all the short stories for English and lay off the Twilight for once

19) Stop being rascist (u were nvr one so what gives?)

20) Stop obsessing over guys (Guys at Sunway r not even good looking. Just join the Singles Club. End of Story)