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Yang Safia On Wednesday, August 8, 2012
First off, let me make myself clear. I am a pirate. I'm not proud of it but let's keep in mind that I am a poor student. And I have a few valid reasons that would justify my actions. Ahem.

a) I'm a poor student.
b) Some of these books are not available in NZ and Malaysia.
c) I don't trust online shopping.
d) I'm leaving NZ in less than 6 months so I can't afford to have a lot of stuff with me. Just the thought of moving is stressing me out!
e) I'll be honest. Some of these books are not what I would spend my money on. I'm only going to read it for the sake of curiosity. Cheap curiosity. ;) 
f) Did I mention I'm poor?

Also I'm still doing my collective book haul video. This post is somewhat like a prelude to that. I've been collecting these e-books since the start of the year. 

I'm really excited about this particular book!

I personally think this cover is just amazing. I'm excited to read this book when I get the chance. I managed to get to the first few chapters and so far so good! I find the introductory chapters quite heartbreaking. Besides seeing that I'm taking Greek Mythology right now, I'm all about the Classics!


Alison Alison said...

There's this book which I really want to read but sadly the bookstores in KL don't sell..Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children,heard it's really good n tim burton might be makin a movie in 2013:}..

Yang Safia said...

Oh they dont have it in Malaysia? Have you tried Kinokuniya? They tend to have EVERYTHING there. I've seen it in NZ but never really bothered to pick it up. It's a really popular book though. :)