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Yang Safia On Thursday, August 23, 2012
If you read my Wondermilk review, I mentioned that the cafe reminds me of a cafe in NZ. Well this is it. Modaks is a scruffy local hangout that oozes creative energy through and through. It's really famous among the locals here that it's really difficult to find a seat. You can just sit there for hours thanks to the relaxed and informal atmosphere.

The minute you enter the cafe, this is what you see. The cafe is small but filled with wonderful gems.

Art for sale. Modaks' walls are covered with art by local artists.

Hawa and I lined up to make our order.

Modaks is filled with quirky gems and that's what I love about this place. The food is nothing great (they make really nice cinnamon pinwheels though) but the whole ambiance makes up for it. Also this is a great place to just read, chill and people watch. Because I'm telling you, you get to see all sorts of characters here. Hipsters are the main demographic for Modaks. :P

Given its informal nature, some customers might find that Modaks is awfully cluttered. I personally like this kind of clutter (because I live in one) because it really fits with the overall theme of the place.

It was really cool that I got to bring the girls to Modaks. I'm pretty sure they had fun! :) I LOVE MODAKS!