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Yang Safia On Saturday, May 8, 2010
Anime and manga have always been a guilty pleasure. I am obsessed with it while growing up and despite my current age, I still do watch and read them. Of course, how I act doesn't really show it and I admit, I am embarrassed to admit this. Aside from that, I have never been to an anime convention before. Despite my busy-ness with OMSA and my studies, I decided to attend New Zealand's first ever AnimeCon.

The most awesome thing about it was it was held at my university and it's near so yeah...

There are a couple of cosplayers and I only recognize like three of them. There's a rikku, naruto and other characters from naruto...

I know this one! It's Kikuchi Byakuya from Bleach!

My loot from the Animecon.

For Adam:

For Shira:

For my sisters:

For me(!):

So I basically went there, perusing the stalls and watched Ponyo. Stayed there until 12pm but I got really tired and dizzy from the food fest so I had to leave. I regretted for not going to the cosplay contest but I was too tired. >_<